Live stream of Jason Van Dyke trial in Laquan McDonald murder case

Chicago police to assist in Boston investigations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Police Department is sending five detectives and one sergeant to Boston Friday to help in the ongoing investigation surrounding the bombings at the Boston Marathon and related overnight incidents.

The Chicago officers are heading there at the request of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

Earlier this week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy offered their counterparts assistance as needed.

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  • Caligula

    The last cops you want to send to a serious investigation are ones from Chicago. Bumbling idiots of the Midwest.

    Show above is the usual stock photo of some of the more goofy.

    • I.C. Idiots

      No wait…maybe they are horrible at catching ganbanging thugs but when it comes to young Chechens, they could be experts. Little did we know that they have just been assigned to the wrong position for many years and now it is their time to shine. ; )

  • John

    Send to Boston? For what? Coffee and doughnuts? They can't even clean their own turf! They'll mess up things at Boston instead. Bundle all of them and send them to the DMZ to sit and watchover the Korean dictator take a dump!

  • Tom

    WTF they need to solve crimes here and not get in the way of the 10,000 law enforcement officers there now, they probably drove in the Blues Brothers car with the big loud speaker on the rook

    • messyjacksonjr

      maybe chicagos finest can learn a thing or two from a real police force,they found their suspects in less than a week

      • Northern Illini

        Amazing how anyone could say such things when these officers are going to help those in need. Whether they are from Chicago or anywhere else. I respect that they would do such a kind act and try to catch these jerks that should be taken out right away.
        Im sure if you had a problem and you needed help from a chicago cop they would help you. Who are any of you to say anything about their PD?

      • Caligula

        We are very observant and notice incompetence when we see it. I don't live in Chicago anymore and for good reason. You can not defend the indefensible bud… nice try though.

  • kirby1414

    OK – so Chicago is sending CPD to help out in Boston – – How about CPD asking for help in Chicago to round up and take down ALL of the gang banging killers that are taking Chi hostage??? Chi NEVER asks for help – the National Guard – other Police Departments….They insist that they have it under control – – Look at the numbers -they DO NOT have it under control – – they have NO control at all!
    Sooo – – – Go help Boston, and then have enough SENSE to ask for help here in Chi – – Before it gets any worse than it is….If that's even possible~

    • Caligula

      It's very simple Kirby, the CPD and Emanuel administration do not care about the gang problem. Never have and never will. The only thing they like about the gang problem is photo op opportunities when there is a high profile killing, i.e. some little kid or the like. Any one that thinks otherwise is delusional.

      • Fed up

        I agree about Rahm not caring, but I know a lot of CPD gang officers that really do care about the gang situation. The problem is the citizens of these neighborhoods not wanting to talk to the police. Their hands are tied.

  • Sable

    In case it’s not obvious Chicago is a war zone in itself. CPD has their own cases to solve and apparently not enough manpower to solve them. Not to mention we are the highest in wrongful convictions because of corrupt individuals. I think Boston will do just fine without scooby and the gang