Police question mother, boyfriend in disappearance of boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police in suburban Maywood are still questioning a mother and her boyfriend as they piece together the missing persons case involving her 1-year-old son.

1-year -old Bryeon Hunter disappeared yesterday and his mother told WGN they were ambushed and beaten up before a group of men took off with the toddler.

Police have confirmed with WGN that the child is presumed dead.

For hours, divers and rescuers searched the Des Plaines River near Lake and 1st Avenue  as specially trained bloodhounds with the ability to detect submerged bodies scoured the area.  Paramedics and firefighters spent the better part of the day searching the water but have found nothing.

The three men baker blames have since been questioned and cleared by police.

The search for the boy will resume tomorrow morning.

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  • keke

    Right on! And if it so called happened in broad daylight like her lying self say it did. Come on now as busy as Chitown is somebody should have seen or witnessed something or heard her screaming when she and the baby got so called abducted and beaten. I think she is lying her way out of being the murderer for herself or her guy. My heart thoughts and prayers goes out to this baby who didn’t deserve this. Whoever beat the mama up bad like that probably beat that baby to death too. She just trying to cover it up. Such a horrible way to lie.

  • danielle franklin

    what is wrong with these sick people hurting these poor babies these kids dont ask to be here if u cant hsndle them please people stop having these kids my prayer goes out to this beautiful little boy god bless

    • Law n order


  • Kelly

    I totally agree with all the above comments! She either did it or her boyfriend did! How stupid can people be THEY ALWAYS GET CAUGHT!!!!!

    • guest

      According to facebook, she killed the child, had her boyfriend beat her up to lookl like "she had been accosted" and to make her story believable. I never believed her for a moment, because her story just did not make sense. She claimed that 2 or 3 guys beat her up then kidnapped Bryeon, she didn't see who they were nor couild she identify any of them, they threw her out of the car, kept the child and took off. BS!!! 20 minutes later, 3 names were posted on the news, they were picked up and questioned and everybody had an alibi. If she didn't want the child, she could have dropped him off at the fire station, police station, a church, school, or some other safe haven. There is a special place for folks like her who commit crimes against children.

  • heartbroken

    what makes me mad is the fact that she claims she walked all the way home…..omg she passed the maywood police station which is on 5th avenue as well as the library….bs…i am so sick and can't get the baby picture out of my mind

  • Georgie

    damnit I hit thumbs up because my old ass needs glasses! You are an idiot! All races of people have done horrible things to their children color has nothing to do with it. It is selfish people who have children without fully understanding how hard it is.

  • trinna

    Oh!! people what is the word becoming?? I 'm a single mother of 5 lovely children, and I will lay dwn and die for all 5 of my babies, before anyone hurt them.. This mother should feel like nothing to lie about smething so big. This is horrible… How could u do this to ur own child? or any child.. The pieces of the true store will be reveal. and whoever did this will be in prison for LIFE!!!! If this baby is dead I know he is in a better place with GOD… And to the mother" ur life is going to be HELL.." Why kill ur own son? U r in Maywood on 6th ave. a very busy street and I dnt believe this happen in the day light hours.. I must say….. American we have to keep praying for each others, and our nation… ppls r going crazy on drugs, etc..

  • Bella

    At the end of the day no matter how much we fight to avoid the "Race card" it will forever be used. This Precious little boy safety is what matters MOST… Just because "Trinna" ^^ has 5 kids doest NOT mean she is the problem. She may make more than you, anyone can sit and hide behind a keyboard the same people who are quick to talk down about others may very well be the MAIN ones receiving PUBLIC ASSISTANCE… YES I agree the Mother of Bryeon needs her BUTT BEAT but if she was of a different ethnicity she STILL would deserves her BUTT BEAT.

    • Michellr

      I agree race has nothing to do with this, unfortunately women and men have hurt there children in the past and not all are one race! The story the mother told never sounded right to me.

  • Lady T

    It is amazing to me that someone could do something like this to their own child. I have three beautiful children and would lay down my life for each of them. My heart goes out to little Bryeon he did not deserve this. I knew when I saw her on the news she was lying and covering for the same person that beat her A**.

  • Dig That

    So many comments, so many concerns, but most importantly all are concerned for Bryeon. Remember it is very easy to throw stones, speculate, and judge. What is needed is simply a watchful eye, love, and prayer. Whom ever took, harmed and or abducted this young child has cursed their own family for many generations to come. Let's remember to love our neighbors, look out for the child that seems to be alone struggling or down, and pay attention to our surrondings, because i assure you that young Bryeon was in trouble way before that day. With all the neighbors around Who Noticed.

  • christian

    MATTHEW 7:1 Do not judge, or you too will be judged, For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and the measure you use, it will be measured to you. — vs 5 – You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.
    just saying.

    • Tee

      Your statement is the reason why people do not go to church anymore! These people are talking about bad parenting that has resulted to a child hurt or even murdered. Don't use Christianity to disregard people when they are hurting, angry or sadden concerning sad situations such as this…..

  • Penny lane

    Pls keep the poor boy in mind and stop throwing blame till we know for sure. What if it was ur child and u were reading these post.

  • sharong4

    We all know there is a problem here. Pray for the child because God will punish the mother. She has no self respect. No mother should ever let any harm come to her child. There are too many people out here who want children that would be glad to take him in. There is no reason to harm a child. And if the mother sits back and let;'s her boyfriend, like so many do, harm her child, then she needs to be assaulted in a way that no one would ever want. Stop her from breeding, then maybe she will realize what she has lost. Let's pray that the child is found safe.

  • Myonie

    What really disturbs me about this mothers allegations is how she put the focus on 3 Latino guys kidnapping a Black child. Granted there have been some stones thrown from each side, however there is usually a common ground and respect that trumps it. I honestly felt that her allegations was going to pop off a "war". Thank you Maywood police for clearing that issue up. As for the mother, I keep reading that she or her boyfriend supposedly killed the baby because he wasn't potty trained. I don't know how much truth there is to that story especially since there's no news report/link to it. My thoughts and prayers are with Bryeon and I'm praying he's alive and well.

  • Guest

    Facebook is not the news. Please have some solid information from a news source, a police department or even the coroners office…not facebook.

  • Tara

    I think her boyfriend got pissed off, beat the sh*t out of her and killed her baby. He probably threatened her if she went to police and told her to make up a story. I think she aided in hiding the body. The real question here is what did her 4 year old see? Nobody is putting out there that there is another child in their household! He's in the custody of family members as of right now but if he were in the house, he knows something. Granted he's 4, a lot of children become key witnesses in cases like this. Also if she were on her way to the park from McDonald's, where was the 4 year old? I would bring both of my kids if I were going to the park.

  • deb

    It's not unusual, but there is something I apparently missed! What is the evidence the authorities have to presume that the baby is dead?

  • truegrit

    OK — SUMMATION TIME. If Lakeshia was taking Lil Cabbage Patch to McDonald's, who was taking care of the other child, 4 year old, Lil Man Man? Since Maywood is a Black area, why would some Hispanics tell her not to come around that area anymore? If the Hispanicis kicked and beat her butt, why would they drop her off back at the alley and keep Lil Cabbage Patch? So, my first thoughts was that Lakeshia is on drugs, she went to cop some more drugs or she had not paid for the drugs and Lil Cabbage Patch paid the price. But, now my thoughts are, Baby Daddy/Boyfriend/Pair of Britches beat the ish outta Lakeshia after he killed Lil Cabbage Patch for peeing all over the floor, wall, everywhere but the toilet and told her that he would kill her if she told anyone. So, Lakeshia threw Lil Cabbage Patch into the river to cover up the savage beating. And know this, a black eye don't black for at least 24 to 48 hours. Lakeshia got those bruises on Monday and waited until Tuesday to concoct a story.

    • guest

      not true always, black eyes can appear after as little as 3 hours, i saw enough domestic disputes and auto accidents where they had black eyes to know it doesn't take that long in all cases. one woman her eye was red from busted blood vessels, by the time we got her to the er the entire right side of her face was black and blue and red, two hours to cute her out of the car and an hour to stabilize and transport.


    I've been following this story since I first saw it on the news two days ago. I must say I feel as if I knew the child. My heart is broken and I do not understand who and why someone would harm a child. Children rely on their parents to keep them safe. I have to adult children and two grandchildren and there is no way that I'd waste time seeking help if they were in harms way. I just don't understand! I don't expect to ever make since of it

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