Cops: Recovery mission to continue today for Maywood boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The search for a missing one-year-old boy from Maywood will resume today.

An Amber Alert was issued Tuesday for Bryeon Hunter.

His mother told police they were on their way back from the park, when three men beat her up and took the boy.

The men she identified as the suspects were questioned and cleared by the police.

Now, officers are interviewing the child’s mother and her boyfriend.

Police say the boy is presumed dead.

They are now calling the search a recovery mission.

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  • smd

    You are a very ignorant person!! You are given an opportunity to comment on the subject at hand yet you choose to speak on race. She will have her day of judgement and so will you you rascist pig!!

    • Gee

      not only that how do you get kidnapped they let you go but they still have your baby and you don't get outta the car screaming and hollering for help instead you stumble 5 to 6 blocks away before you call police

  • kirby1414

    This story just get sadder and more disturbing. If the "parents" killed this baby they deserve nothing less than death themselves – – an eye for an eye – I believe that. This was no accident – it was premeditated – they planned it – made up a story – had people searching for the baby – fake crying on TV.There are so many of these – – Casey Anthony being one of the most famous – media wise. There are no answers – except that these less than humans should be serverly and justly punished. If she didn't want the baby -drop him off at her Mother's – a friend – a church – SOMEWHERE – but, don't KILL him. As a parent, the #1 job you have, is taking care of and protecting your child (children) .
    This is so very, very sad….

    • Jan

      Excuse me, but well educated middle and rich class individuals do the same crime. What does receiving government checks have to do with this story? And you are assuming that this family is on government assistance. And even if they were so what!!!!!

    • mymy5441

      kirby1414 I agree with you I think the boyfriend killed this baby and the mother is covering I think he is the one that beat her up to. As it rain and thundered last night I remember them saying someone told them that the mother threw the baby in the river I thought to myself OMG he's out there dead all by him self all alone and it just made me cry. I hope they find the child alive but if not please punish the people responsible.

      • kirby1414

        Thanks – I also think that this started earlier than the 'mother' is saying – – Take a look at her black eye – – I was in a car accident a few years ago – hit my head, etc. My eye didn't turn dark and black (like hers) for about 24 hrs. plus…
        It's amazing to me what a woman will do to have a man in her life – this case, the one a few days ago where the 'man' smothered the 6 mo old for crying -he wanted sex – the one a few years ago where the 'mother' drowned 3-4 kids because the boyfriend didn't like kids – it goes on and on.
        Animals take better care of their babies than some parents…

      • LuLu

        Kirby, I agree and was thinking the same. Her eyes were not going to turn that dark within a few hours. That was some overnight stuff going on. I have seen people hit or had accidents with eye injuries and the eyes do not turn that dark until the next day or two.
        I believe her boyfried beat her – beat and killed the baby. He most likely told her if she talked he was going to kill her. From what was described of her injuries, she was beaten badly.
        I hope they rot in hell!

      • mymy5441

        they do it is so sad every time i look at this little baby i just want to cry his eyes are screaming WHY MOMMIE!

  • MrCrabs

    Who can do such a cruel and evil thing to an innocent child? There is no punishment of the face of this earth that could fit this crime.

    • Nene

      We are living in Revelations. Luke 21:9 referring to events preceding the Coming of Messiah, "Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines here and there; there will be fearful sights and great signs from Heaven." People hearts will grow cold and callous. People will become unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self … brutal good gossips haters irreconcilable love lovers malicious not of self-control slanderous. I pray for all mankind.

  • anon

    Her or her boyfriend did something. He looks abused, you can see it in his little eyes in the picture. God bless his little heart.

  • anon

    Wow get a grip. Its a figure of speech. What’s wrong with you? Did you get bit by a dig this morning? Take It easy OK? It will be alright. Lol

  • Sharon

    my heart goes out to the people who loved this child, cause it is obivous that the mother didn't. there is no excuse for any kind of abuse toward anyone, I don't think that the child is alive and even if they mom have some kind of mental illness someone knew. Shame on all of them who saw that it was a problem and did nothing about it, cause I sure there were signs.

  • mymy5441

    Law n order I beg you and all others not to respond to such ignorance that's how they win….that person has no morals or sympathy for this baby so let's just pray for the ignorant and let them be with their demons…this is a place where we can air our feelings about this case not our religious beliefs. but you are right ….

  • judith

    this little boy looks amazingly
    like my grandson. i cried so much yesterday just thinking of his sad looking eyes.why, and how could anyone do anything to harm a little one year old child??



  • truegrit

    WGN — please update this story. You are using the same info from 2 and 3 days ago. True reporters would be at the police station or have contacts. We need new info on this child.

  • granny of 6


  • jennifer

    and to think there are child welfar agents in every town city and country whom could have placed this child in a safe home.

  • key

    I would've GLADLY taken this boy into my care since the parents didnt want him. I hate to see stories like this. This is sooo sad. NO CHILD deserves this.!! *crying

  • LmB

    Please give updated info on this story! Yes, it has been a difficult day, but this is still important! Where are we in searching for this child?? LmB

  • Nene

    I think the police thinks the mom and boyfriend did something to this baby and trying to cover their tracks. God help us we are living in revelations. I pray the baby is unharmed and is found safe.

  • Renae

    You are so very true,if the grandmother didn't know her own child and she should've seen all the signs of that baby being mistreated. But I hope and pray that the WITCH gets everything she have coming to her, WHERE'S THE BABY FATHER???

  • Renae

    You she had everyone thinking that she really got beat down and how is someone in a 2 door sports car going to snatch you and your baby? She had plenty of time to SCREAM to get the attention of people's outside. Remember it was 2 to 3pm and I know she could've gotten some help. I didn't rest at all that night because I'm a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2. Just thinking about that poor baby that didn't know any better gave me the CHILLS. I hope she's not protecting her boyfriend. But no we can't judge her but I know for sure she's going STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!

  • tennessee1776

    It's so sad that this day and age we can't love our kids, they don't have a choice of who they come into this world to, if she didn't want him she should have left with someone who did, sourdersmeone had to see the signs, that is why I tell my kids everyday I love them, the parents should'nt have three hots and a cot for the rest of their sorry lives, but HELL don't want them so what should we as a society do with people who kill helpless children?