Man, 19, fatally shot hours before daughter’s birthday party

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago teen was shot and killed Saturday morning while the car he was riding in was stopped at a red light on the city’s North Side.

19-year-old Miguel “Mikey” Cancel was just weeks away from graduating from Taft High School.  Instead, his grandmother is now planning his funeral.

“He wanted to graduate so bad. He wanted to finally graduate and get himself together,” his grandmother Mirna Resto said.

Cancel was shot in the head and killed while in the passenger seat of a car at Irving Park and the Kennedy Expressway about 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

His brother Carlos was driving at the time with friends in the back seat.  They were just leaving a club when Carlos says he saw a man from another car come up to the passenger side window at the intersection and started shooting.

“After he was done shooting, my little brother just fell into my lap and in my arms and he was unconscious, just looking up in the air.  My whole body was just filling up with blood.  I could feel it dripping all the way down to my feet,” Carlos said.

Carlos drove to nearby Norwegian hospital.  His brother mortally wounded and another male passenger shot in the thigh

Though the family says it was an unprovoked shooting, Chicago police have a different account.  They say that another male passenger was taunting the shooter’s car, a dispute between rival gangs.   They say Cancel was a gang member.

His family says it’s simply not true.

“He said this city is controlled by colors, by the way you wear your hats and he was tired of it,” Cancel’s grandmother said.  “He was tired of driving down the street and not doing anything and somebody would throw a gang sign. And you can’t live that way.  These kids are just terrified.”

His grandmother tells me Cancel was looking forward to college in Florida and his 2-year-old daughter’s birthday party which was  planned for Sunday.

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  • Ina

    You people are sick. You talk about how he was a "gang banger" and he "deserved" it. WOW, you people are what's wrong with society. Being born into a Hispanic or Black family automatically makes you a target because that is the stereotype, most people want to drive away from that stereotype. Alot of people get caught in the cross fire, that does NOT make them a gang banger or affiliated with gang bangers. Just because you grew up in a wealthy family does not make it ok for you to down upon someone else. You are all saying sickening things about this boy, gang violence, but truthfully, are any of you actually willing to do anything about the gang violence? I bet you not. So stop feeling important because your "tax payer" money helps fund prisons, you don't know what the government really does with your money. Rest In Peace to Mikey Cancel, i'm sure many people loved you and will truly miss you.

    • maa

      Let me ask, so you don't have a brother, cousin, uncle or friends that are known gangbangers? If you do, have you talk to them about them being part of the problem? Because they are part of this problem, directly or indirectly. You have to start snitching on them, that's a start.

  • gilroque

    I can't believe everything i'm reading.we have become cold as ice.I grew up in chicago and in humboldt park.never,ever did i have a problem with gangbangers.yes i knew plenty of them but the respect they had for what i was trying to do with my life brought nothing but hand shakes and smiles.maybe because it was the 70's and 80's i don't know but they respected that i was trying.there's just no respect at all today,,AT ALL for student's who are trying to make it,sad.God Bless this young man's child and family Bless them all.

  • maa

    Everyone talks about gang problems like it is someone's else problem but yet they fail to look at friends and see that they are also part of the problem. It's a never ending cycle that we are part of whether we like it or not. We all know someone who is a gang member within our circles either be a bro, cuz, uncle or a friend. Yet no one ever tells them anything nor how they are part of this problem. We all think that our friends are the "good" gang bangers but we are in denial.

  • Benji correa

    What The hell is wrong with all Of You..mikey was In my gym class and he was a cool dude..he was a good friend and we’re all gonna miss him

  • Student

    What is wrong with you people? gang banger or not he is still a human being and a human being being killed is not okay. The broadcast clearly said that they don't know whether or not he was a gang member but you all take into assumption that he was. Unless you know him personally you have no right to judge him, he had his whole life ahead of him and he was working to make something of himself while here you are bashing on someone that isn't even living. He clearly cared for his daughter and he made a point to be there for her and just because he chose to go out ONE night doesn't signify that he's a bad dad, because just like you deserve one night to do something fun so did he. His night ended differently then it should have and instead of speaking ill of the dead why don't you grow up and show some respect. And what does being a part of CPS have to do with anything?! How does him being a CPS student suddenly make him a gang member because if that were the case most of Chicago's population would be overrun with gang bangers, and I take many of you that are from Chicago probably went to CPS schools. It takes common sense to know that being a part of CPS has nothing to do with gang affiliation.

  • kailani

    You guys wanna talk disrespectful about Mikey.? Shame on ya'll. Mikey wasn't a gang banger. He was a loving father, a good friend, and had a plan. How are you guys gonna talk bad about a young man thats leaving behind his family and friends. You guys dont know anything about him so who are you to judge?! That doesnt make you better than anyone.
    RIP Mikey.<3
    Katie lives through you

  • Jack

    I'm going out on a limb here to say he wasn't quite ready to change his life yet. Less than 9 months ago, he was charged with domestic battery. Doesn't mean he was in a gang, but sure does show prior evidence to violent behavior.

    This happened a couple blocks from my house, and although tragic, I don't want this gang violence continuing to ooze into my neighborhood. They probably drove down to the Norwegian hospital because they're from Humboldt park and had no reason to be up in here in the first place.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to ditch the car full of bangers following them because someone in the car said something stupid that they shouldn't have. Although he was a little young for drinking, if they just came back from a club it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume alcohol was involved.

    My condolences to the family, but someone should've prevented that kid from acting stupid. Now his daughters gotta suffer a life time without a father. And the cycle continues.

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