Gunman, 5 victims dead in Aurora shooting; 5 officers wounded

Community alert issued after 2 attacks on Northwest Side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police issued a community alert after two people were attacked on the city’s Northwest Side.

The attacks happened near the intersection of Belmont and Oak Park Avenues Saturday morning.

One of the attacks was a sexual assault.

Police say the attacker ran up to a woman walking alone, told her he had a gun and assaulted her.

In the second attack, the same man reportedly hit another person with his fist and foot.

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  • Jade

    This city is becoming a bullll shiiit !!!
    The mayor doesn't care about crime !!!
    Just about REVENUE , tickets $$$$
    Crime is nothing for him.

    • guest

      If no one has ever spoken the truth before in life, You (Jade) have just made that become a reality!!!!
      This City is full of crap & one minded…………….$$$$$$$$$……………….That's It & That's All….SMH

  • kirby1414

    Any kind of description – – or should we use the USUAL criminal description that we know…and is typical for Chicago's finest??

  • Jake

    You people better start packing some heat hell with the laws. The choice is yours do you want to be a victim to a thugs or rapist defend your self people . Last i check police can help you after the crime is committed or if you are still alive.

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