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Think Big

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There is a general perception that good teams separate themselves from bad teams by doing the “little things”. They always throw to the right base. They don’t overthrow the cut-off man. They get their sacrifice bunts down and don’t make mistakes on the bases etc….. I’m not convinced. My guess is if you watched a number of last year’s playoff teams throughout the season they would be guilty of all of the above just about as much as the Cubs or any other team. In reality the best teams gain their advantage by doing the “big” things better. They hit, they pitch and they catch the ball. The reason why the Cubs are 4-7 is because they haven’t hit much and they’ve kicked the ball around to much. The starting pitching has been pretty good. The end of game relief has not. Winning teams tend to outplay their mistakes. When you win the bad stuff fades into the background.

This is not to say that the “little things” don’ t matter. Playing the game the right way can help elevate an undermanned team. Teams who lack firepower can hang in there by being better than average in those facets of the game. That’s why Dale has focused so much on the fundamentals. The margin of error for his club is very slim.

On another front: ┬áIt’s been a fun, albeit cold wet and dreary first week at Wrigley. Mr Cub, Fergie, Tony “O” and the cast of Second City have all been by to sing the stretch. We found a place to live and the Chicago food scene has delivered as always. If you’re looking for great Indian food,try Marigolds in Andersonville.


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1 Comment

  • Barry

    I believe Sveum tells his players when they mess up, but apparently it goes in one ear and out the other, as they continuously make the same mistakes over and over. Sveum needs to discipline his players. If they don't advance a runner on second by hitting to the right side, or if they swing for the fences instead of merely trying to hit a sac fly, the Cubs would have probably won a couple more games. Sit Castro down if he fails to advance a runner in scoring position. Until Sveum disciplines his players, they will continue to play unsound baseball.


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