State lawmaker addresses letter to gay constituent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Republican state lawmaker is addressing a letter he sent to a gay constituent about same-sex marriages.

Rep. Tom Morrison, of District #54, received an email from Kathy Betts, who’s a lesbian and has been in a committed relationship for nine years. Her email urged him to support the legalization of gay marriages in Illinois.

Morrison responded by saying, “If one male and one female is discriminatory, then isn’t the limitation of marriage to just two people discriminatory, too? There are men who would like to marry two or more consenting females. Would you define their relationship as marriage, too? Could a man marry a consenting 9-year old girl? Why not? To refuse them would be discrimination. Again, where would you draw the line?”

He adds, “If you say a man and a 9-year old girl in marriage is absurd, then I would point out that only 20 years ago or so it would have been considered absurd that two men or two women could marry.”

Betts didn’t like his response.

“My reaction is angry, trivialized. He’s comparing same-sex marriage to things that aren’t same-sex marriages. Apples and oranges. He’s comparing it to polygmay and marrying a child,” said Betts.

“I personally answer those emails, and I write in a conversational style. And in this case, my original email, it looks like I’m getting burned by it. And my gut reaction is, well, I guess I’m just going to have to send out those bland emails that say nothing,” said Morrison.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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  • Rebecca

    She's angry because he compared her loving, committed relationship of 9 years to child rape. That's not reality, that's hate.

    • debra_v

      And James, you have full knowledge of all of the basics of nature?? Hate to be the one to tell you this, dude, but people have had gay relationships for as long as there have been people. You should read up on history of the ancient world while you're at it. I think you'd find lots of interesting information about Greeks and Spartans that would simply blow your delicate mind about the basics of nature.

      People are just people. People love and want to be loved. People in a loving, committed relationship are a part of families and communities and marriage plays a significant role.

      Treating people whom are gay as "less than" is wrong and just, but it doesn't just hurt them. It hurts them, hurts their families, and hurts their communities.

      Do you know anyone who is gay? Friends with anyone whom is gay? Even if you think you don't, odds are that you do. Why should they be treated as less of a person than you?

  • debra_v

    You idiot!!!! A 9 year old is a minor and cannot consent. You're denying someone else's rights by comparing legalizing a relationship between two consenting adults to pedophilia.

    There's your dose of reality.

  • Krystal

    Good Job Morrison, I absolutely agree with what your stance is, although I wouldn't have used the 9 year old girl example. But where do we draw the line. This world is starting to be a world of, if I can't have my way your violating my rights to do what I want!!!! Craziness. It's my right as an heterosexual woman to voice my opinion and what I feel. It's not fair that if we don't agree with same sex marriages we anger so many people, well can't I be angry, Because I am. I am raising 4 boys, and they are asking the question why are 2 men kissing mom or why does my friend have 2 mommies. Those are questions I shouldn't have to answer, in my opinion. I don't discuss homosexuality with my children and I have a 6 year old, he's a child and he sees something wrong with it, I don't teach my kids to hate anyone but a child an innocent child that has not been taught that this is wrong, questions it because he knows it's unnatural!!!!

    • TSD

      Krystal, you 6 year old child doesn't see something wrong with it, he sees something different, because he is used to being exposed to hetero sexual relationships.

      If the kid only saw brown dogs his whole life then saw a white one, what do you think his reaction would be? So just on that front you are looking way to into your 6 year olds "opinion" on gay marriage.

      I mean is your whole stance against homosexuality (which you are, as you mentioned not wanting to explain 2 men kissing to your kids, which has nothing to do with marriage), because you don't want to have to explain it to your children? Are you that lazy about raising your kids you can't say "some boys are born liking boys, some girls are born liking girls".

      Lastly, to the dense people that say being gay is a choice, I swear you all have to be closet gays, who are just think everyone wants to have sex with their own gender. I am strait, I CAN'T CHOOSE TO BE GAY, I have no physical, biological attraction to other men, it simply is not there. In fact the thought of getting down with another guy is pretty strait up repulsive to me. So when a guy (I am male, so my perspective) decides to literally swear off women and just be with men, I literally can't comprehend it, because I am incapable biologically of that desire. Therefore something has to be biologically different in them, for that attraction to their own gender to exist, because it doesn't exist in me.

      • Krystal

        Not Lazy at all, Maybe I should've made myself more Clear, I shouldn't have to explain to them why this is going on!!! Don't get me wrong, I talk to my kids about everything, I said I SHOULD'NT not that I DONT, there is a clear difference here!!!

        Your not born gay!!! It is a CHOICE!!!

      • Jcy

        So based on your last sentence we could also argue that you were not born heterosexual, it was your CHOICE!!!!!

      • debra_v

        Myself and a whole lot of people don't believe in what you call G-d. Your religion has no bearing on what is legally just.

      • jesse

        I agree with the person who said you are mentally ill. What is UNNATURAL is trying to interfere with the happiness and well-being of people who are not harming you

    • Krystal

      Lol, Your Clueless!!! So u hope kids are gay??? Yeah your crazy!!! They weren't born that way, and they weren't taught that this is natural. Sooooooooooo with that being said, you can hope all u want!!! IDIOT!!!

    • Law n order


    • Herman

      He doesn't see something wrong with it and he doesn't know it's unnatural, he knows it's different than what he sees at home. There's a HUGE difference. If you can't answer that sometimes people are different then perhaps this is a challenge for YOU, but it shouldn't be a reason to deny others the right to get married. Would you deny a woman a job in a predominantly male environment just because your child had never seen a woman do that job? Of course not, and this is just as wrong.

  • Amanda Cohen

    Krystal, we draw the line at consenting adults. What's so difficult about that? No children, no animals. It's not a slippery slope. And if you can't answer questions from your kids when they ask you about people they see who love each other, then you have no business being a parent. What's wrong with "They're kissing because they love each other?" And even if you want to raise them with the abusive notion that gays are "unnatural," your personal beliefs don't get to dictate the laws.

    Full disclosure: Kathy Betts is a friend of mine, and if you're going to try and tell me she doesn't deserve the same rights as your sheltered little family, then you are the sick one.

    • Krystal

      First I could care less about KATHY BETTS and who she is to you!!!!

      Second Abusive notion please, it's a Fact not a notion!!! Clearly you have beliefs to and yours is they deserve the right, mines is they dont! Whats so hard about that!!!

      For the record I didn't say I don't answer there questions, I said I shouldn't have to in regards to same sex couples!!!
      Not to mention in the state of Illinois It's NOT the LAW!!! And right now the dictation is that it's not happening!!! Marriage is RESERVED for one man and woman joined together!!!

      Your Sick!!!

      • Delilah

        you "could care less"? meaning you DO care? or did you mean "I couldn't care less"? You are a complete idiot. I have only been here a few years and my command of English is superior. its a shame anyone as stupid as you are was allowed to breed. They should have intelligence tests for prospective parents-then no one would have to read your dumb 'what do I tell my kid" comments

      • Krystal

        Ohhhhhhh I made a little mistake!!! Your foolish, get a life!!!

        Thanks for caring about my grammatical errors!!!

      • Delilah

        1. It is " you are" or "you're foolish". 2. I have a life. and an education, which you clearly lack. 3. Gay is not a "choice". People wouldn't "choose' to live in fear of violence by bigoted people like you. $. If your life is so full, why do you feel the need to take the time out to publicly hate people WHO ARE NOT DOING YOU ANY HARM!

      • mel

        Wow! This is the stupidest post I have ever read. It doesn't even make sense, Get some help, this intense hatred of people for something that doesn't involve you is unnatural. You are clearly a very disturbed person in need of mental health care

      • Krystal

        You sound like you need help, You see how all these post are in hatred of what I believe and stand for as well. But I bet it's ok for people to be mad, upset or angered by what I believe. This is my very point. Why can't I have a voice, is it fair for gays but not me!!! I am being hated for saying or disagreeing!!! SMH

      • mel

        You are being hated for being a bigot and believing that your belief system is somehow superior. No one has ever suggested it was unacceptable for you to be married to a man(he must be a saint to put up with a stupid. clearly unbalanced ****h)'.The rest of love our gay friends and family and wish them well. Why can't you?

      • Krystal

        I never said it was Superior, I only stated what I felt!!! Maybe you feel it's superior, because I never said such thing!! Your insane!!!

    • Amanda Cohen

      You do know that after being driven from Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's daughters got him drunk so they could sleep with him to get pregnant, right? If you're okay with that, and also stoning disobedient children and selling your daughters into marriage, then please go ahead and quote your bible as evidence of how your bigotry is justified.

      • debra_v

        Um, nope, not a freak or a sodomite and my caps lock isn't broken like yours is.

        Can I point out to you that you as a black man (you said so yourself) should appreciate how wrong it is to be a hateful bigot and deny other human beings equal rights and justice. You were denied and may still be denied fair treatment and equality.

        Why would you demostrate so much hatred to other human beings as you now do? Do you really think G-d would want you to behave that way? You can quote Bible all you want and scream "SODOMITES", but in reality, Dude, brother, fellow citizen, you're just persecuting innocent people whom have done nothing to you. You stand in judgement of other people whom have hurt you in now way and yet you point a finger at them an deny them justice. I happen to know a little bit of my Bible and I can tell you, sir, that's against the very beliefs you claim.

        Matthew 7:1 Judge not lest ye be judged.

        How about more love toward your fellow brothers and sisters and less judgement. G-d would want that, you know.

    • debra_v

      You can have your G-d, your bible, and your whacky religious beliefs, but they have no bearing on what is just, what is legal, and fair. Equal treatment under the law for all citizens straight or gay.

      Even equal treatment for you, Law n order, with a broken caps lock, standing in hateful judgement of what you don't understand and refuse to accept.

  • Dan

    I am a straight father of two 8 years old girls, not only am I not offended by SSM, I am in a full support of it. It is offensive to me that we have elected officials who still think like this. What is next? Maybe Rep Morrison would like all gay people to register and be put on a "list"?

    Rule #1: If you don't like Gay Marriage than DO NOT get one!

  • jerry

    Only a few hundred years ago, getting married at 12 was not uncommon. Times change asswipe. It's no longer socially acceptable to marry a 12 year old, but as you pointed out yourself, same sex marriages are no longer social taboo.

    You are a representative of the people. ALL of your people. You need to remove your own feelings from the situation and represent each of your constituents. You don't have to even DO anything to support her cause. Just don't be a douche. Writing a letter to one of them saying how wrong they are is just painting you as a head-up-the-rear bigot.

    Personally, I would have rather received a form letter than the insult you sent back.

    • tony

      I never said anyone who "opposes" homosexuality was a bigot. What I did say was that anyone (read: STATE REPRESENTATIVE), who by job definition is representing the people, would be ill advised to scold his constituents on the manner. It does paint him as a bigot.

      If you'd still like to put words in my mouth, fine. If the shoe fits…

      Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

  • MPWG

    I am a registered democrate and I agree with what he says. If a man and a man can marry or a women and a women can marry then why can't I marry more then one women… Think about it for someone who is bisexual… if we are talking about equal rights then what about a bisexual person who is inlove with a person from each sex does that mean we have to force them to pick between which one he can marry… thats not fair…

    I think marriage between a man and a women or a women and a man is the only way to go… good for you state law maker Tom Morrison good for you and that is coming from a registered dem.

    • debra_v

      So you're feeling a little maritally greedy wanting more than one spouse and you feel that justifies preventing gay couples being treated equally under the law to heterosexual couples?

      • debra_v

        Doesn't work that way. Equal treatment under the law is one of the basic tenets of the U.S. Constitution. Straight and Gay couples must be treated the same under the law whether you feel icky about it or not.

      • MPWG

        Not at all. I love my girlfriend/Wife of 16 years very much so and have a son coming soon. I do not want anyone but her. But my point is for the other people out there that that are bi-sexual and those that are morman should they not have equal rights too? I think if one so called "class" of people should be the exception then why not all?

        I am not for any of it but if it is to happen then it should be equally spread for everyone. So in my oppinion you get your right to gay marriage but then bisexuals should get their right to duo marriage and mormens get their right to poligomy… but again I would prefern the mormens not get poligomy and that traditional marriage not be hijacked by people that have have been proven to have a chemical abnormality in the brain they call homosexuality. Like bi-polorizm

    • rebecca

      bisexual doesn't mean unable to be monogamous. I assume you find more people sexually attractive than the person you're currently involved with. I would never assume that means you're sleeping with everyone you find attractive.

  • kirby1414

    All of here have a right to express our opinions…But, with all of the work NOT done in Springfield, by these elected people, I would think that they have far more important things to do – than worry about gay marriage. You know what? Legal – not legal – People are going to do what they want to do…and quite frankly, if it's not hurting me or my family – I really can't waste time on it. Just agree to disagree.
    BUT! LAWMAKERS: DO YOUR JOBS!! You're overpaid, under-worked and honestly, with the all that's wrong in Illinois – You have a lot of work to do! Get something MEANINGFUL done! You are all a bunch of lazy $$$ grabbling idiots!

    • debra_v

      People have been denied equal rights for themselves and their families for far too long. THAT is what this is about and this is an important issue.

      Here's an bonus tidbit for you… Gay Marriage will be a significant boost to the economy when legalized.

    • Rebecca

      Providing civil rights to the residents of IL is part of their jobs. The lack of marriage equality IS hurting people. Just agreeing to disagree leaves LGBT people as second-class citizens.

      • kirby1414

        Rebecca- You're right – and I know that it's an important issue. In my mind – honestly – Pass the bill – let people be happy…I just don't think that the government belongs in people's bedrooms…it's a decision people should make for themselves~

  • ayite

    the truth is: WE ARE LIVING IN A SOCIETY THAT IS HYPOCRITE. racism still exist but nobody wants to mention it, 21st century slavery continues but no one mentions it, gay people are out to stay, but it won't change some people views against it just as racism never went away! this structured society is experiencing a de-structure and people dont know how to deal with it because we've been indoctrinated too long…

    • debra_v

      Stop being mean to your Mother. Sure she makes you take out the garbage and clean your room but you shouldn't be calling her a "nagger". That's just disrespectful.

  • debra_v

    In some states you can lose your job if its discovered that you're gay. You do not get the same rights and benefits that married couples do, even if you've been with the same partner for decades. That's just wrong.

  • Steven

    The secular world will do what it will. God's will is clear about same sex marriage.
    What has the world come to when the gays can scold and get wrathful? Sounds like
    Sodom and Gomorrah in Lot's time.
    Oh Well! This is a point of view that I will always side with my reading of the OT, and will
    justify myself with that personally. The first thing gays want to know? Are you gay? The first
    thing I want to know? Do you believe in God or Jesus Christ? Great! If not do you believe in the
    crucifixion? Then you believe!

    • debra_v

      If you believe in G-d, then someone else's love for another human being has absolutely NOTHING to do with you and you should not be standing in judgement of them. It is between the two people and the G-d they believe in, not yours so butt the heck out and let them love whom they choose.

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