Girl, 16, critically wounded in South Side shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A teenage girl was shot in the stomach while walking in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

The shooting happened in the 7500 block of South Ingleside, Thursday afternoon.

Police say 16-year-old Sandra Fowlkes is in critical condition at the hospital.

The teen’s family says they just want answers.

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    • Jake

      We haven't seen the worst yet. Wait until this economy crashes its going to be crazy everywhere. White,black, asian, Mexican . just wait everyone is going to go nuts and there will be blood in the streets .Poverty is mental just wait until everyone get a little taste.

  • Dan

    Jimmy, please attend your English class. If you learned to speak that way in class… Your school deserves to be closed, too.

  • Wisconsinite

    So glad I don't live in Chicago and know I don't visit either. I will keep my money North of yor border. Good luck everyone there

  • Real funny

    And yet it is more white people on death row and in prison then black people one black person shoot’s another their the scum of the earth one white person kills at lest 40 at one time and their Just mentally disturbed lol now that’s tragic

  • Vendetta

    Not to be mean…, no forget that! This is what haps went you had a mayor like Daley, tear down public housing and let ppl free in neighborhoods with small gates. They don't know how to act! I'm sick of ppl running through our gangways, breaking into our cars, etc. I'm a black person that has lived on the southside for over 25 years and the area has never been like this. I hate to be around my own ppl, when they get section 8 and destroy a nice community. Just pathetic.

  • Trish

    Good think Mrs. O was here and is so respected…… much for her trying to make a change…….falling on deaf, greedy ears

  • Real Christ

    Indeed, more so called "Christians" gathered to judge the lives of others. Anyone help the poor lately? No? Just gonna sit on your fat buttocks and think you know what the world needs. What's worse is you claim to follow the teachings. You just pretend. One day YOUR judgment will come!

  • Murre

    Something like Irak,
    There is no difference between Irak and USA .
    The Mayor is interested just to make money giving thousand tickets to good people and making money , but about criminals and safety it is just joke for him.

  • Eric

    This is a relative of mine.. thank y'all for y'all prayers for her.. she is recovering, but I dislike the fact wend sardra she told me it took 30min for the ambulane to come also wend the ambulane came they was driveing around trying to find an hospital and it was a bumpy ride. they have to do there job rigth.thank us again for our prayers.

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