Caught on tape: Shots fired, store owners fight back during robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Logan Square shop owner and his family members fought for their lives last night during an armed robbery which was caught on tape.

62-year-old  Louis Quizhpe  was shot at nine times by a man trying to rob him.  He was hit once in the right inner thigh, the bullet barely missing an artery.

Two African American men came into Louis’ souvenir shop in  the 2200 block of N Western Ave looking for cash.  One of the men pulled a gun on his Louis’s nephew while the other walked behind the counter to get to the register.

The gunchi-surveillance-video-man-injured-in-logan-square-robberyman fired at Louis but shot his accomplice accidentally in the upper body.

Louis grabbed a bat and started swinging as the gunman continued to fire.

Louis hit the gun wielding robber several times in the upper body and the head. His brother-in-law threw a stool and then a fire extinguisher at the suspects.

The men are reportedly in their 40’s, one about 5’10” with a gray goatee.  The other is 6’1 or 6’2 and walked with a limp.

No one is in custody at this time.

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  • fly4vino

    This is one of the bravest and luckiest guys in the world. It's also a preview of you defending your family from murderers and rapists after you have been disarmed. The unintended consequence of disarming law abiding citizens is that whits wlll pull further away from blacks.

    Too few blacks understand that crime is the primary force that separates the races. Take Chicago as an example as it has a population of approximately 1/3 white, black and hispanic. Blacks and hispanics comprise something like 95% of the murder victims and an even greater percent of the perps. Whites commit less than 5% of the murders.

    The obsession with "assault rifles" ignores the reality that rifles are seldom used to commit crimes. In Chicago out of nearly 500 murders only 1 was committed with a rifle. The emphasis should be on the 499 murders, but the one is better political theater.

    It's more than just the color of the skin. The Chicago murder report notes that murder is very closely correlated to drug and gang activities. Those who say that drugs are a victimless crime live in a fantasyland. Unfortunately too many of todays black entertainers works glorify the use of drugs , gangs and violence. It's a far cry from the entertainers of the past whose works inspired the entire nation and enhanced its social conscience.

    If Obama is successful in disarming law abiding citizens many businesses in the inner city will close, further aggravating the economic plight of the area. The vast majority of self proclaimed black leaders have abandoned the message of self improvement and responsibility as the foundation for economic , social and family progress.

    My guess is that after looking at the tapes of this the owner of the store or his wife will either arm themselves or depart.

  • DTaylor

    If the shop owners can't keep a handgun legally (should they decide to continue abiding by the law after this incident), they should pick up a couple of axes to keep at hand.

  • WesS

    If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Not sure what the storeowner was armed with but a pistol would have been more effective

  • Gary

    How did they know they were "african americans" by just looking at the video? Have they been Caught and asked their nationality?
    If not, they could have been African, or Jamaican or French. Hey, maybe they were just "blacks".
    In the OJ trial, the limo driver said that he saw "a black man walking across the lawn". The Prosecuter, Marcia Whats-her-name said, "so he was African American?". He answered, "how would I know that?". (political correctness gone stupid.) Same here.

  • contrarian

    The store owner acted with incredible bravery as the one armed thug came back repeatedly trying to kill him. And how outrageous that MA has stripped its law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms. Once again, in restrictive states like NY, NJ, IL, CA, and MA, it's only the criminals and police who have the guns. And it's only the criminals who are on the scene.

  • CCW

    Glad that the store owners will be ok… But you get the Government that you deserve. You want concealed carry? Vote the libs/socialists out!

  • Joey Peeps

    There is only one way to deal with this and it's been around since time began. You fight fire with fire and eliminate these low-life dirtbag brush apes from society.


  • Feech LaManna

    The glaring abject stupidity of liberals is evidenced here. Is the cause of this a people problem or a gun problem?

    If the store owner had been armed and killed the scumbag this wouldn't have made page 54.

  • Emily

    Oh my god! We was just there few days ago, the owner is so nice. He had to buzzed them in cause its not open you have to get buzzed in, I can't believe this happened to him. He's a really nice man. I hope he's ok and recovers well. In shock may god bless him and his family

  • Shaking My Head

    Dumbest criminals caught on tape!!
    It is outrageous that animals like that are running the streets!!
    Thank God the clown shooting could not hit anybody but his idiot partner in crime, its too bad the owner did not have an full size aluminum bat to crack his head like an eggshell.

  • Martientje

    Those kind of people makes me so MAAAAAAAD !! lock them up & never be free again !!!! Ruin others lives…try to get a job and earn ur own money instead of robbing those poor hard working people !!

  • maddmen24

    things like this.been going on since i was im 38.things just are getting worst in chicago.not better.after all my friends were murdered.i had to go.enough was enough.ive seen people shot.i even told the police who did it..i even pick the person out in a line no what they did.they tell the perp family my keep in name was suppose to be anoymous.only the police suppose of known my days chid mother come to me and say.why i tell the police on her like what.she says she sent my name on a possible winess i had to tell the truth yes i did and why.after 5yrs her we beefing over what i thought was right thing to do.was summ what the wrong thing to do.SO GET OUTTA CHICAGO….while u can..

  • TK1

    Most bar/liquor store owners in Chicago have a gun and/or basbeall bat under the bar/counter and have operated this way for years. The mom and pop retail stores need to take the same approach regardless of the bullsh*t gun laws in Chicago. You better believe that this shop owner will be well armed the next time and the one idiot robber who wanted to kill him by re-attacking him multiple times may come back again. Regardless of your politics or personal beliefs, gun crime will not stop until and unless thugs have to think about whether their potential victim is armed or not.

  • TK1

    Concealed gun laws will not fully solve the problem. Instead we all need (by our own personal choice) to be able to carry and visibly display our weapon. Or, if you choose to conceal it, that's fine too. Either way, the criminals will know that they may be retaliated against. And, when potential victims display their weapons, the criminals WILL "think" before they attack, because it's very obvious that they may be in a gunfight with a more skilled shooter and they have the chance of losing their life if they decide to challenge. Call this scenario the Wild West if you like, but if you know something about history as opposed to what you see in the movies, you know that the Wild West was relatively safe and there were very few gunfights. Everyone had a weapon and they proudly and confidently displayed it.

  • John C

    If Chicago only had a law that prevented people from owning guns, Oh wait they do. This is typical of draconian gun laws, only the bad guns have guns. I am a retired NYC detective and I can tell you gun laws don't work, they only disarm the victims, the innocent people. When will you people learn! The police can't be everywhere at once, you are the last line of defense for yourself and you family. A person who is going to risk committing a Robbery or a Murder for which they can receive a 20 plus year sentence, or in some cases the death penalty, don't give a damb about gun laws! The only people restrictive gun laws help are the criminals, who have an easier time committing a crime against an unarmed person, and the politicians who can pretend to be doing something while they are actually making things worse by making it easier for the criminal to commit crimes with their irresponsible gun laws. These laws are an out and out violation of the United States Constitution. You people need to demand that the government follow the Constitution before they take the rest of your rights away.

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