Whither The Weather

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April weather in Chicago can be rather mercurial, as we saw on Opening Day Monday.

At 7 am, I thought there was no way we’d get the game in as I watched it rain horizontally on my drive to the ballpark.

By noon, it looked like it was going to be one of the nicer days we’ve seen here since last summer as the temperature jumped into the 60s.  The wind began to howl straight out and visions of a 15-14 game swirled in my head.

And of course, by the end of the day, the wind made a u-turn and blew a bunch of frigid air in straight off the lake.

It’s one of the things that makes Wrigley Field unique and so difficult to put your arms around in terms of how to construct a team and how to tackle each game strategically.

In the end, I don’t think you really can adjust your baseball sensibilities to match the ever-changing landscape at Wrigley.  You probably have to simply be aware of those changes, particularly on defense, as the game progresses.

I don’t think many hitting coaches teach guys to fundamentally alter their approach based on weather conditions.  The general rule of thumb is–try to get a good pitch to hit and hit it hard someplace.  Line drives play in pretty much all conditions.

So while we can lament that the Brewers cashed in more of their chips because had their best inning with the wind blowing out yesterday while the Cubs came up short because theirs happened with the wind blowing in, sometimes those are just the unlucky breaks.


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    Hi there, I'm a HUGE cubs fan from birth raised in the Rockford area, and I have lived in Cincinnati for the past 19 yrs. I try to get to Wrigley as much as I can for a CUBS game, just wondering why the ball park is rather empty tonight, (watching the game on WGN). Try to go to as many games as I can here in Cincy when my CUBS are in town. Wish every CUB game was on WGN as we do not have access to Comcast in this area. CUB FAN FOR LIFE, KAREN.

  • curtis prosper

    Hey len hey jd .would like to know when barney will be back of the dL ,cuz the cubs defense needs him n his bat.

  • Sheila DiPrima

    Ryno started his career with the Cubs going 0-22 (?) and Harry kept saying "Don't get down on this kid, he'll be good. Guess Harry was right!
    I've been a Cub fan for 65 years and always found a way to watch from Iowa, Florida and NY. But fell in love with the Cubs on WGN growing up in Chicago.
    Love you guys–

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