2 charged after pepper-spraying man, stealing iPad on Orange Line

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two cousins are being held on felony armed robbery charges after pepper spraying a man in the face and stealing his iPad as he rode the Orange Line Monday morning.

The suspects in the case are cousins:  Thomas Garner, 18, of Hazel Crest and Termaine Brown, 20, of Peoria.

The  victim in the robbery is a 48-year-old man from New Jersey, who was briefly hospitalized at UIC Medical Center where he was treated for facial swelling.

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  • bobhamiltonchicago

    These two just gave themselves felony records for life and slammed closed a lot of doors on their career options. Chances are they were headed for a lifetime of being on government aid with the values they demonstrated here, so it's no big problem for them to do felony time in jail and to have the felony convictions. To their parents, it's your fault.

      • sharong4

        Those 2 are grown. Monny and Daddy are not responsible for them once they reach 18. Maybe you mommy and daddy shipped you off to boarding school. Sounds like it.

  • ccw

    Either in jail or out of jail we are going to paying to support the two of them for the rest of their life. Maybe CCW might have taken care of this problem.

  • kirby1414

    Maybe these 2 cowardly idiots can meet with Michelle tomorrow – – tell her what they did to this poor guy that was in Chicago from out of town…
    If I was the Judge – I'd put these 2 low-lifes in a work camp until they were TOO old to work…They aren't worth anything – lower than low – – an embarassment to the black community – – which is how the black people should feel~

  • Real funny

    Wow it’s always black people really so the Texas college student that went on a stabbing rampage today was from Africa? I saw the news story and no one had nothing negative to say at all about it like I said brick in a glass house and as far as a job goes I am a quality control manager for one of the biggest liquor distributors in illinois thank you

    • Darwin

      5 incidents a month just isn't the same as 100 incidents per day…quit placing blame else where and take responsibility for the black community in CHICAGO, not in states and cities you will never see or visit

      • sharong4

        No matter where it is from, Whites do have the worst track record for mulitple murders and killing their families. The violence needs to stop from all over.

  • kans175

    Why all the racist comments??? Remember John Wayne Gacey, Jeffrey Dahmer, The guy who shot all the little kids at the school recently, the lady who killed her kids and the one she was babysitting, the guy who shot the crowd of people in the movie theatre???? Drew Peterson who killed both his wives yet still attempts to cover it up???_Have you looked into all the drug issues in Will county lately?__I don't think racial bashing is the solution to these problems. The world is corrupt. The social & media influence is corrupt. It is not black, white, Hispanic, Asian or any other racial situation. _The reality is we are all born naked with no clothes on. We all have access to the same opportunities. Some are born into blessings (Silver spoons in their mouths) but some of us have to work much harder to overcome unforeseen and unnecessary obstacles in order to make it._

  • kans175

    Unfortunately, there are many, of all races, who choose not to make the right choices to have a life of integrity or make it higher without pulling the next person down._AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A RACIAL THING. How many blacks vs. whites are in jail in places like Montana? My hometown, Kentucky? Oklahoma? There are jails and prisons everywhere and a multitude of people filling them – ALL OF DIFFERENT RACES. By the way, I am not African American, I am Caucasian, but NOT raised to be Racist._

    • kirby1414

      Would it still be considered racism is 2 white kids had attacked a black person?? Jesse Jackson would be marching, Etc.
      No matter WHAT color they are – They are WRONG! And need to be punished…their acts will only grow worse…

  • kans175

    The world is full of judgemental people. If the judicial system actually does what it is supposed to do, then yes… these two should be punished. ____However, ANOTHER HORRIBLE SUBJECT – That (The Judicial System) is another system that has failed us. Most of us know of someone directly or indirectly who have been falsely accused of something, but yet had to go through the humiliation of being tried, charged and labeled for life for a crime they did not commit. There is no Innocent until proven guilty. There is no recidivism for those who have served their time, made changes with their lives and tried to start from scratch.

  • kans175

    The vicious cycle causes offenders to re-offend because they cannot get jobs and they cannot live a normal life – even if they tried. There is no one giving anyone new opportunities for change. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. And for Survival sake…The criminals commit more crimes. Those who work hard to make ends meet continue to struggle just to make it.

    • Enrique

      “they cannot get jobs”
      No one other than me remembers $832 billion for jobs, green jobs, Jesse Jacksons inner city green jobs, hard pivots, jobs, job and jobs? We have more of the same shinanigans coming from Hillary Clinton in 2016.

  • angela smith

    This people should learn from their mistakes. Justice should speak and do for itself so that they would learn from it. And we should be more advanced when it comes to our safety this day because we could never tell the danger is awaiting for us outside. Trust is a very much sensitive issue this days. Security and safety to our self, family and belonging's should be our priority. I'm glad I got this panic button service from my friend and it really fits my personal safety measures. I could press a panic button and I would directly be connected with my family or friends as safety networks and a 24/7 call center agents who could escalate my call to the nearest 911 in my place. They could also locate me through GPS location so it's a lot easier to send help if I needed it.

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