2 teens charged in shooting death of boy, 14

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Two teens have been charged in the shooting death of a 14-year-old boy in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

Damien Garza, 19, of the 4500 block of South Wood Street, and Javier Garza, 17, of the 2900 block of North 75th Court in Elmwood Park have been charged with murder, according to police and prosecutors. Both are scheduled to appear in bond court Tuesday.

Michael Orozco, 14, was shot in the chest Sunday, in the 2200 block of South Leavitt.

Shortly after the shooting, three people were taken into custody for questioning. The third person taken into custody was released without charges, police said.

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.

ABOVE PHOTO: Damien Garza, 19, left, and Javier Garza, 17, were arrested and charged in connection to the murder of 14-year-old Michael Orozco. (Chicago Police Dept. / April 9, 2013)


  • AnMDBCartoon

    Both of 'em…but ESPECIALLY…the one on the left, with all that war paint on its face…deserve, well…

    What's that? The Death Penalty was ABOLISHED in Illinois??

    Mebbe they can do canings like in Singapore; One strike for every year of EACH of their ages, as well as each year of the victim they murdered…Not forgetting each year of whatever sentence they serve..

  • Fed up

    Those two look like fine upstanding citizens. Once again, thanks for making Chicago look ghetto to the rest of the nation….

  • Enrique

    They are not teens! They’re criminal gang-bangers. We need to take the gloves off and deal with the gang-bangers harshly. Fight fire with fire.

    • Fed up

      Couldn't agree more! We need to stop these "hug a thug" programs, and sentence them to hard labor. Make jail hard enough that they're scared to go back!

    • Todd Pardee

      At 14 and 19, they are pretty much teens. Teens that are thugs and gang bangers, but teens by definition certainly…

  • Pilsen Resident

    Send them to North Korea in the front line… With just a steak Knife to defend themselves.. Jeesh!!! I'm not that cruel!!

    • the1nonly24

      Your right if they like guns so much then let them go fight for our country instead of killing our own people they need to make examples of these 2 so that others will think twice before they shoot someone else

      • United States AF

        Their ethos will not be there. They do not value others. I will not fight fight along side someone who doesn't care about my welfare. Don't allow these guys to fight for you.

  • Dee

    Free someone who killed another human being? Let alone a child? Those two are just as worthless as you are. How about you join them. Morons.

  • Chimom

    Ok, let's not generalize here just because they are latino. They could have been white, black, asian, etc. We see ALL races on the news commit these types of crimes.

    • spe

      Exactly right i agree this kind of vicious attacks are everywhere not just the latinos! But i have to say that our prisons are crowded and we can't send them to another country they'll come after us. Those that murder people need to be off our planet, send them all to mars and they can kill themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Attitude killer

      Yeah we'll it's really only ethics who walk around "plugged" with dope money in their pockets

    • Panch Villa

      Well, Its a reeeeeeeeeeal tough guess, but I will say that dont look European to me. I m taking a wild guess at this but I would say Viva Mexico

      • daddy

        you are a clever one my friend thanks for clarifyingit for us. now i know that if some one doesn't look European they must be illegals and from Mexico lol idiot!

  • jeff

    lets start hanging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i'm in whats dead beat banger first ??????????????????

  • the1nonly24

    Even if he was a gang member these guys were looking for someone to kill they said that in there confession so all I can say is I'm very happy they are off the street and I hope they do some serious time they want to act big and bad well now they can live the rest of there no good lives in prison!

  • RUDY

    Gangs is the devils work.evil doers repent.when you die are you going to Heaven ?if not you will burn in the lake of fire says the Bible.accept Jesus as your savior.i lost many relatives due to gangs .gangs are demonic idols

  • L..M.

    My condolences… I will not say whats really on my mind..all this hate
    talk really Is whats wrong in this world today..
    Rest in peace…you are in a better place…

  • RUDY

    And everyone judging people we are all sinners .satan and his demons make you there puppet.watch them evil thoughts are you possesed

  • h g

    you are not to judge my grandson damien only god can judge him some day hope you dont find yourself in the same situation

  • concerned

    Free them??? NO more like FEED them to the lions at Lincoln park zoo dipped in chicken blood. sell tickets for us to watch idiots like this get what they deserve. not just them but EVERY gangbanger in the city of Chicago

  • emilyfrancia

    Just b.c they are gangbangers they should die ha you guys are funny !
    Yes they Are TEENAGERS
    -It is when they are teenagers become a gangbanger when they are young but you dont know what they go threw they are human too and deserves second chances
    No one deserves a death penatly
    Accidents do happen
    And there are always TWO sides of the story the boy that died might have gotten invovled with something you never know who noes what !
    You people that are saying they shoukd die dont live in the streets nor dont know what what its like

    No disrespect to him or his family may he rest in PEACE

    • Tired of Crap

      Where are all the victim's second chances? Second chances to go to prom. Second chances to ask a girl for the first time. Second chance to be asked out on someone she had a crush on. Second chance to meet someone, get married and raise a well respected family. How can you say that someone that gunned downed another human being should get a second chance when the person they gunned down hasn't received a first chance? If you have a choice to kill someone or not and you make the wrong choice, then it's time to live with your idiotic choices. No, I don't know what it's like because I chose to educate myself. I didn't choose the streets and there is no reason for turning to the streets. I'm sorry, but I don't give sympathy to someone who chose to do wrong.

    • spe

      You must have alot to learn about the streets because i'm sure if these punks did it to someone in your family you would want the death penalty.

  • sinner

    I completely agree with you no disrespect but all these people see are the suppose criminals that shot but don't realize that probably this so called innocent lil kid was more than that innocent.

  • Tired of Crap

    Let's start protecting the good kids. Stop the bad ones from gang banging and having kids that we support because they can't. If you want to have kids, support them without our money. If the kids look like gang bangers or the mom won't give father information then deny the benefits. If there are gang ties that should be an automatic denial of benefits. Support the politicians that support better gun laws not the ones that are bought by the NRA. Why do they cowardly stalk the streets? If you want to fire a gun, then sign up with the Army. Maybe that should be the sentence. We have enough wars going on. Let them see what a real fight is, not a cowardly fight.

  • kirby1414

    Maria – I am with you 150%!! An eye for an eye!! You said exactly what I would have said !

    Thank you~

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