2 teens charged in shooting death of boy, 14

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Two teens have been charged in the shooting death of a 14-year-old boy in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

Damien Garza, 19, of the 4500 block of South Wood Street, and Javier Garza, 17, of the 2900 block of North 75th Court in Elmwood Park have been charged with murder, according to police and prosecutors. Both are scheduled to appear in bond court Tuesday.

Michael Orozco, 14, was shot in the chest Sunday, in the 2200 block of South Leavitt.

Shortly after the shooting, three people were taken into custody for questioning. The third person taken into custody was released without charges, police said.

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.

ABOVE PHOTO: Damien Garza, 19, left, and Javier Garza, 17, were arrested and charged in connection to the murder of 14-year-old Michael Orozco. (Chicago Police Dept. / April 9, 2013)


  • Robbie55555

    These guy don't deserve to live in the US. Tag me and send them to somewhere will they won't come back.

  • Robbie55555

    These guys don't deserve to live in the US. Tag me and send them to somewhere will they won't come back.

  • Robbie55555

    These guys don't deserve to live in the US. Tag them and send them somewhere were they won't come back.

  • jack

    There can be no sympathy for gangbangers.they are like vermin. They ruin our communities, tear families apart, shed innocent blood.IT NEEDS TO STOP. They have a choice just like we all do: to do right or wrong.they made their choice let them pay. I hope they get Chicago’s harsh judge and recieve a tough well deserved punishment. The victim was not as innocent as they claim.i wish people would post the pictures I’ve seen of him throwing up gang signs. He choose that path, within years he might have been hurting others as well. Sad part his parents are left with unanswered questions and a deep unhealable hurt in their heart. IT NEEDS TO STOP. My condolences to all those families, of the victim and these idiots. They ruined their lives in addition their families and our community.

  • A L

    You are one ignorant, stupid s.o.b, if they were white you wouldn't be saying these damn comments. Yes, its sad and disgusting to see my fellow Latino males giving us a bad time. You're talking about YOUR BORDER? please, if you go back into history this is NO ONE"S border but the Native Americans, so if I was you I would refrain from writing ignorant comments like that, then you wonder why everyone hates this country? Its cause of ignorant piece of s..t jerks like you!!

  • Guest

    To everyone that commented, some of these comments are as ignorant as the guys arrested. Yes they are making Chicago look as a horrible city, it's pretty sad that this country came along so far to make decisions that are fair and rational. All that eye 4 an eyes mentality is stupid. Every race has there downfalls in this is too bad that hey happened to be Hispanic, they may not be the scientist and engineers that Obama is referring too, but there's a lot of ppl that want to come to the country and really contribute to this country

  • Jramos

    Hey be a little smart they didn't have to sneak across the border they are Puerto Ricans so they are American citizens like you.

  • Esco

    Never understood the tattooing of the face, how can someone be so loyal to a bunch of gangtards and do that?

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