Abused pit bull rescued in Park Forest dies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A pregnant pit bull rescued after she was hit by a car in south suburban Park Forest, died Sunday.

Three-year-old Petunia was found Thursday, walking down the street with fractured teeth, and burns on her body.

Veterinarians determined she had been hit by a car. They also believe she had been lit on fire. Petunia had sustained internal damage, and burns over 25 percent of her body.

Petunia was given medicine and treated with hyrdo-therapy for her burns, but did not survive.

She was able to deliver ten puppies on Friday.

Although five were still born, five are healthy, and are now in a foster home.

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  • Claudia Uribe

    this is horrible. I have a 5 month pit bull and love her to pieces. I cant believe someone could do such a thing.

    • Nicole

      This makes me sick to my stomach!! What kind of person does this to a dog who can't defend itself. Shame on those people or person who did this!!!!!

    • Joymar

      Why? This story needs to be told. We have to look out for our children and our animals. There are sick and cruel people on our streets. Somebody who would do this to a poor animal should be treated the same.

    • Chance

      Hey Friday-what's your problem? Who ever did this to that poor dog should have the same thing done to them. I don't give a crap what breed of dog it is, this was evil!

  • ItsaPittie

    I am a member of the rescue that campaigned for this poor girl. We were all touched by this dog, and the outpouring of support from individuals near and far. Please if anyone knows who hurt this poor dog, please share the information. Anyone who can harm a pregnant defenseless animal, will most likely commit the same atrocities to another human being.

  • Guest

    I hope there is an individual with a human heart that turn in this Monster! No human would torture any living being like this, to top it off pregnant with 10 puppies. Somebody knows this Monster and if you do not take action you are just as guilty.

  • Animal Lover

    Park Forest better get its stuff together and start taking care of the teenagers that are roaming the streets and committing crimes. We moved out of that town as soon as we could because of the crimes.