Rooftop owners may sue if Wrigley signs block views

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With the owners of the Chicago Cubs and the city of Chicago reportedly very close to announcing a deal on renovating Wrigley Field,  owners of the rooftop businesses surrounding the ballpark are promising to protect their prime views by “any and all means necessary.”

The Ricketts family and the city are closing in on a $500 million plan for ballpark renovations and other development, including a hotel. Alderman Tom Tunney told the Tribune this week a general agreement had been reached including a video screen in left field that could partially block views for some of the rooftops.

The owners of the 16 rooftop businesses say any deal that obstructs their views would violate their 20-year agreement with the team that does not expire until the end of 2023.

“Any construction that interrupts the rooftop views will effectually drive them out of business and be challenged in a court of law,” said the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Ricketts family had no comment.

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  • John

    Just wondering. What if the Cubs decide to move to Rosemont . What would those on the roof tops think then ? And all the businesses around the park. Im in favor to move the Cubs . Then lets see what the neighborhood looks like in 10 years Maybe another Englewood.
    Ive been a Cub fan for almost 50 years and Im tired of the city and wrigleville demanding what the Owner can do or cant do with his own property. Moving would be a blessing.

  • Gary

    Where the hell do these rooftop owners get the balls to object. They have been stealing from the Cubs for years. I can't see that they would have any standing in court. I agree. It is time for the Cubs to move. Stevens has got Rosement running like a fine oiled machine. I would love to see the Cubs there. Screw the rooftop cry-babies.

  • Joe

    Beth Murphy of Murphy's bleachers needs to out of the way! Your holding back our team. I'm personally boycotting the rooftops and peeing on their lawns

  • Joe Public

    I hope the CUBS move, those roof top parasites have been profiting from the team for to long, they are nothing but peeping toms and should have been banned when they first started. If the owners of the team have any business sense they will take Rosemont up on their offer and gain a new stadium, parking and free themselves of the roof top parasites and the Chicago alderman and all the erst of the Chicago corruption and crime..

  • Die Hard Cub Fan

    The Ricketts family should be able to do whatever they want to run their business. They are not even asking for taxpayer money to finance the renovations, they are using their own. Thus, they should be able to do as they please. Maybe it is time to put the screens back up. The rooftop owners are just a bunch of stealing cry babies.

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