Newborn dies after being found in fast food restaurant’s restroom

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A newborn baby died after being found in the restroom of a fast food restaurant in Calumet City.

Calumet City police say they responded to a call at the Popeyes Chicken at 4 W Sibley Blvd where they found the baby girl wrapped in a towel. It appeared someone had just given birth in the bathroom, police said.

Officers and EMS attempted to save the baby’s life and she was taken to the hospital where, despite efforts, she was pronounced dead.

Police say it appeared to be a full term baby.

Harvey police located a woman believed to be involved in the incident.  She was taken to a hospital and faces potential charges.

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  • Joymar

    May the mother suffer God's wrath! The baby was an innocent and could have been left at any fire or police station so she could have had a chance at life. My heart cries for this infant!

    • Dumb Religion

      Actually, according to your religious beliefs, the baby suffered "God's wrath". Your god made that happen! How can you believe in such an evil deity. Your god sucks. Tell your creator to stop making things like this happen. Idiot!

      • Love

        You sound so sad "Dumb Religion". I feel sorry for you that you have no faith in the GOD that has provided you with a beautiful world of people. It's the people in the world that make it evil, and it's the god of this system, Satan that also has you "hating GOD". That makes you one of Satan's puppets because you're doing just what he wants you to do. By the way, when "GOD's wrath" is upon us, You will know it. GOD does not kill babies, children or people. No "HE's" not calling them back to heaven. Know the Truth about GOD's kingdom before you slander it.

      • TheStranger

        Wow, how Christian of you, Joymar..

        There are many reasons why someone would do this. Maybe we shouldn't pass judgment on the would-be mother in this situation? Maybe you should know her path and journey so far in this life, before you condemn her to hell. It's great that you have had such a wonderful and caring life. However, not everyone in this world shares the same experiences as you.

      • Observant

        Our God has allowed you and your loved ones to see another day in the land of the living. Our God allows, you to see, hear, speak, walk and use your limbs. BUT because of your disbelief in Our God YOUR disbelief is going to have you Burning in Hell For Eternity.

      • get a life

        I am an atheist and its people like you who give us a bad name. People are allowed to believe in a god just because you don't. YOU are a rude IDIOT.

  • kirby1414

    Once again we see complete disregard for human life, by a 'person' that is both a coward and a baby killer! And again – why did Illinois get rid of the death penalty??
    And please – – no one say that she was young – blah -blah! If she could have sex then she should have faced the consequences, and as Joymar (above) said – – Been enough of a human being to take this new young life to a fire or police station~
    SHAMEFUL! And does this piece of waste have parents????

    • Trish

      exactly…… many without who would have cared for and loved her……….no excuse, we are raising animals…….not even, those who do not eat thiers protect them fiercely

  • think for yourself

    The saddest part of this story is the outrage people have against this woman. These are the same people screaming for the "right to choose". Such hypocrites. This happens over 4,000 times a day under the disguises of "choice" and "procedure" in abortion clinics throughout the US, and some to very late term. This country has a gross disrespect for life. Our culture has been bred on irresponsibility and quick fixes.

    • kirby1414

      The outrage comes from the fact that she should have done the right thing, and taken to baby to a police or fire station -no questions asked…Why allow the baby to die???
      Sorry, but she lacks a moral compass and is a coward! However, she was able to open her legs and have sex…Too late to be scared at that point – – she's had 9 months to figure this out…and where are her parents????
      You play – – – You pay!

    • mememe

      what about the right to give it up for adoption!! She had 9 months to get ready to give it away, instead she murdered it!!

      • anonymos

        Maybe she was raped and couldn’t afford and abortion, maybe she was young and scared…some ppls mental don’t work well under fear and pressure and I would love to hear updates on this story

    • kirby1414

      The 'saddest' part of the story is the people's anger?? You must be kidding…All this thoughtless baby killer had to do, was to go to a police or fire station – – Doesn't seem that difficult to me. After all, she opened her legs, had sex, was pregnant for 9 mo. – – plenty of time to form a 'plan' . And yes – I don't condemn abortion. I think that women should make their own choices when it comes to that. Late term -no way…
      You said the country has a gross disrespect for life? If you feel that way, HOW IS THIS PERSON NOT A BABY KILLER????

  • newsjunkie_2013

    Please spade and neuter these women who think babies are trash…. if only their mother thought the same. Its a shame that life has no value.

    • Goat Meat

      Spaying is for women….neutering is for men….and yes, many people both men and women need to lose their privilege to breed.

  • cat*whisperer

    You Bible thumpers are all nuts. IF you are unwilling to back full-term unwanted pregnancies with your own wallet, then you have no right to speak at all. You religious nuts want the babies to be born, but then you don't give a DAMN about what happens to them afterward as they grow up in lousy families and suffer untold abuse. You quote the Bible, then people just like you kill doctors in the name of your "God". You same anti-abortionist Bible nuts also are staunch fighters against social programs geared to help the myriad of needy and/or unwanted human babies in this world. Hypocracy and mendacity in its purest human form….all of you.

    • Mantleseeker

      I am sure your opinion isn't with out its own merit, however, making your opinion as wide spread as stating "All of you" is a little presumptious and Pious as well. grouping everyone together as one mind, one thought is a moronic and unacceptable. so maybe keeping your wide spread opinions to yourself could actually be a step in the right direction. Not everyone Religious or not feels that murder is ok in any fashion. Not EVERYONE feels that programs that are geared toward helping the less fortunate figure out the best way to stop unwanted pregnancy are all bad. It is just more productive and more conducive to life that these issues are taught before life is concieved. That's all.

    • Janetk120

      Seeing you wish @cat*whisper was aborted, that makes you believe in this method. Which makes you "Satans Child" HYPOCRITE!!!

  • HiDawnG

    Maybe you can help make the public aware of Baby Safe Haven law? Maybe the next baby will be saved with your help.

    The Baby Safe Haven law offers a safe, legal, option for a desperate parent in crisis. The law says a parent hand their unharmed baby, 30 days old or younger, to staff at a hospital, fire or police department. No questions asked.

    If you or someone you know may be hiding a pregnancy or have a baby they don’t feel they can care for, call the national safe haven 24-hour crisis hotline 888-510-BABY (2229) for confidential help.

    Talk about the law. Tell someone about it. You might save a life.

    How ironic … by proclamation of Governor Quinn this, April, is Save Abandoned Babies month.

  • DAVE

    @ HIDawn G……I agree with the law but the stupid thing is that it has an "expiration date" if you will. By stating that a parent has 30 days to decide if they don't want the baby is nothing short of a death sentence. It should be open to any age, no matter how old the baby is, if you can't handle it or think you are going to do "kill" it in a sense just hand it over. There should be no time frame.

    • foster parent

      Their is a time limit because when some states adopted the law they didn't set a specific age limit, so parents were dropping off their kids who were all ages, and some parents would come from out of state to those states to drop their children off. The foster care system in those states without an age limit were over run (worse than they usually are), and they couldn't handle the demand. Hence the age limit.

  • mother of 2

    What a sad sad horrible thing to hear about. My heart goes out to that tiny little precious baby girl.May God be with you , you will always be remembered.

    • Fed up

      I don't think birth control is covered by public aid! I would never complain if their birth control was covered by public aid. And, make sure they're taking it or no food stamps

      • rahrah1

        It's called abstinence and condoms are not expensive. It's better than nothing. Many places give condoms out for free, there you go, free birth control. – Now what's your excuse?

  • guest

    I Totally Agree! Everyone eats chicken- as does every race pays taxes! Every race have babies some of these babies are unable to be cared for- look at the big picture (FRANK) a baby died in a fast food bathroom! It doen't matter if the baby was BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN- or any other race!! If your mother would've known she was giving birth to a bigot/racist, I wonder if her choice to give birth to you would have been different…but hey you have to learn it somewhere- so who knows?? Races are always going to be pitted against each other until we realize we are all HUMAN!! We ALL struggle some of us make it some of us don't…

  • Deb

    Bottom line is a baby is dead. We can quibble over the hows and whys but tomorrow that baby is still going to be dead. What do you expect when our country allows babies to be murdered legally every day? This girl just skipped the fee and took care of it herself. Do I think she should be held accountable? Of course. But no more or less than anyone else who commits murder. How can we tell this girl in one breath that it's ok to kill your baby but only up to a certain gestational age? How do you explain to her why she can kill it when she's 23 weeks and 6 days pregnant, but if she waits one more day BAM, now it's a "real" baby and no longer legal to kill it?

    • kim

      sorry but an abortion at 6 wks pregnant is very different than killing a living breathing human being…you anti abortion weirdos always give this argument and it makes no sense…"oh if she did it a week earlier it would have been legal" that is not even true … idiots all of you that are saying this was the same as an abortion and she did have a choice…she obviously had a way to get around seeing she put the poor infant in a pond, she could have dropped it off at the ER where they keep a basket in a vestibule for that reason alone…


    don't blame the bible thumpers. that gal could of easily left it a hospital or fire department, don't blame others, the blame goes to her. she is the one that chose her choice.

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