CTA Green Line getting fixed for Red Line trains

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The CTA is trying to complete $20 million in improvements on the Green Line, before the Red Line is shut down next month.

Red Line trains that normally operate on the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway between Cermak-Chinatown and the 95th Street Red Line terminal will be detoured to the Green Line South Side elevated tracks May 19 through about Oct. 19.

Red Line trains will run on the elevated Green Line tracks between the Ashland/63rd and Roosevelt stations, the CTA has said.

Free shuttle buses are being made available  from the four Red Line stations south of 63rd Street to the Garfield Green Line station.

A temporary bus-staging area is being created at Garfield to accommodate the thousands of additional passengers expected to use those buses.

Improved lighting and more security cameras are also being installed.

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  • Marley from Chicago

    I wonder how this is going to be. I might start driving to work and paying to park in the garages downtown again.

  • Mike Payne

    This is going to be one the biggest F – UP's the World has ever seen. Don't care WHAT they do to it – the Green Line Physical Plant ( Tracks, Stations, Structure ) does not have a FRACTION of the capacity needed to carry all those Red Line passengers.

    It was suggested EARLY LAST YEAR ( April 2012 CTA Board of Director's Meeting ) that CTA consider using the Metra Electric District as a completely Grade Separated R A I L Alternative to the Shutdown ( Using the CTA Gray Line concept: http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo ) — But the agreement they finally came to with Metra is ALMOST completely Useless.

    The "Free Shuttle Bus" program mith work OK during the whole Reconstruction Project — Until or Until a storm, or a fire, accident, or just plain heavy traffic makes some buses take over an hour to get from 95th to Garfield.

    OR Police "activity" at 43rd, 47th, or 51st Streets stops the SSM for 2.5 hours; or even a Minor derailment at say 40th and Indiana Ave. ( Judy – Can you see if Is there a "Contingency Plan B" in place, just in case of any of these situations?? )

    And a lot of that "Police Activity" stuff is V E R Y likely what with the "Free Thug Boarding Program" in place at Garfield.

    Crocodiles instinctively know when the migrating herd's come to cross the river — D I N N E R TIME.

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