Lunchbreak: Flatbread pizza to celebrate the final four

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Step 1 – Make a game plan
Round up appetizing ingredient combinations that honor the teams at hand and their trademark school colors
Michigan – blue cheese, yellow pepper puree, yellow heirloom tomatoes
Louisville – tomato, fresh mozzarella and black olives
Wichita State – pineapple, chocolate sauce and marshmallows (dessert flatbread)
Syracuse – arugula and fennel with orange slices tossed in a citrus dressing
TIP: Ingredients should be chopped small for two reasons: so the flatbread can remain crisp, and so there is better ingredient coverage on the flatbread.

Step 2 – Cover the spread
Ready your flatbread by spreading on the appropriate sauces
Michigan – yellow pepper puree
Louisville – tomato sauce
Wichita State – chocolate sauce
Syracuse – light layer of olive oil
TIP: We recommend you buy pre-made, since it is very difficult to produce a light and airy flatbread from your home, as most people do not have the necessary cooking equipment.

Step 3 – Full-court press
Add your toppings to the flatbreads
Keep it simple by scattering toppings about at random
Make entertaining easy by making your flatbreads in advance
TIP: Adding too many ingredients will make the flatbread soggy. The ingredients should balance with the amount of sauce.

Step 4 – Half-time break
Put your flatbread in the oven and wait for the ingredients to fully bake
8 to 10 minutes at 450 degrees for  hot flatbreads
No bake time for dessert flatbreads
TIP: Flatbreads should be baked right on the oven rack for 8 to 10 minutes at 450 degrees.

Step 5 – Sit back and enjoy the show
Serve up the flatbread for your guests
Slice up the flatbread into sizes that align with your party style
Remember to save some toppings for last-minute garnishing
TIP: The size of the flatbread slices depends if it’s the “main event” or placed on a buffet as a side item. If the main event, one flatbread typically serves 2 people. If being put on buffet, each flatbread should be cut into 6 to 8 slices.

5 Tips for Making Themed Flatbreads

Don’t over sauce your flatbread – it will ruin the crispy character and become soggy.

Make sure to pre-heat oven to save time.

Less is more with the flavor profile – flatbreads are intended to be light, and over killing with ingredients will overpower the flatbread.

Brush the perimeter of the flatbread with olive oil to enhance the crisp.

Save some of the ingredients for garnish on top of the flatbreads, after they come out of the oven. In the oven, the ingredients will be cooked in the flatbread to fully bring out the flavors. When added on top after, they add freshness and bright color.

You never want to run out! Make sure to make more than you think you will need.

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