Mayor shares vision for “Chicago Neighborhoods Now” in WGN one-on-one

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes his coordinated initiative to improve seven neighborhoods will create thousands of jobs and greatly boost the standard of living.

The mayor shared his vision for his “Chicago Neighborhoods Now” program in a one-on-one interview with WGN’s Tonya Francisco at City Hall.

The comprehensive plan includes a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday for “The Shops and Lofts at 47” in the Bronzeville neighborhood. Parts of Englewood, Rogers Park, Uptown, Little Village, Pullman, and the Eisenhower Corridor are also part of the agenda.

The Shops and Lofts at 47 Project

A digital rendering of The Shops and Lofts at 47 Project. Photo courtesy of the Chicago Mayor’s Office.

“The Shops and Lofts at 47” project at 47th and Cottage Grove has been 10 years in the making. It will include a Walmart store, and 96 mixed-income rental units.

“So this investment, what we’re making, from a transportation, mass transit, road improvements, water improvements, bike lanes, parks, schools; this is going to leverage thousands upon thousands of construction jobs, as well as about a $153 million in public investments which we’ll leverage, and another $800 million in private dollars…” said Emanuel.

In total, the City is collectively leveraging $330 million in public funding with $2.6 billion in private funding.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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  • Todd Pardee

    10 years to get a project of 1 store and 96 apartments off the ground…..there’s your problem right there! If you think this project is going to produce thousands of jobs and a billion dollar renovation….then you probably think the murder rates in these neighborhoods will go down too!

    How can this dude talk of building schools, when he’s shutting them down by the dozens?

  • Mia

    Cha claim the plan is 85% complete but Parkside of Old Town, Legends South, Oakwood Shores, Lake Park Crescent, etc are still half complete. They don't plan on building either. Not until the area get rid of the poor folks. Cha suppose to be doing away with the 1/3rd which is good. We need more low income apartments. Cha got over 85,000 people on their Scattered site, Family housing, Senior housing, and their Section 8 waitlists. Cha got over 35,000 empty unit's that they continue to accept funds for. Cha needs to do their jobs and house people.

    There are too many people in the shelters and on the streets for cha to be doing this. The white folks and folks with money who are tired of being flooded out in the burbs are moving back into the city. That's why we have all this revitalization and gentrification going on in Chicago, IL right now. The poor made Chicago what it is today. Other states are taking in Chicagos poor like Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

    Chicago needs to revitilize the city for everybody and eliminate the racial and economic segregation.

  • Nene

    The Pullman area finally will no longer be a food desert. The Walmart opens in June 2013, it's been 10 years in the making. Pullman is ran down and will finally get some life now that they will be building and creating jobs. In addition to a Walmart to open soon at 720 E. 111th St., Ross Dress for Less and Planet Fitness have signed on as some of the Pullman Park development's first tenants. Other plans for the 180-acre site include affordable housing, parks and recreation space.

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