Mag Mile Alderman wants more police to prevent disturbances

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One Chicago alderman wants police to step up their presence downtown following a series of disturbances over the weekend.

Ald. Brendan Reilly, 42nd, says more help, more planning and more resources are needed to deter outbursts like the one that happened on the Magnificent Mile on Saturday.

There were two separate incidents downtown that called for police response.

17 young people were arrested for disturbances along Michigan Avenue. Police say the suspects bumped into people, blocked sidewalks and stopped traffic.

11-teenagers were arrested after 2 women were attacked on the CTA’s red line in The Loop. Several people have been charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct.

Ald. Reilly has praised the police response to the incidents. But he wants police to do more to prevent the attacks from happening in the first place.

The attacks have business owners and city officials worried about the impact these incidents will have on tourism.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy points out that his police officers were on top of the situation right away.

“The answer is: We’re there, we’re doing our jobs,” McCarthy said. “And the strategy downtown is high-profile visibility and enforcement where appropriate.”

When asked if the groups of young people organized through Facebook and Twitter, McCarthy quickly shot it down.

“They’re not organized,” he said. “If they were, it’d be an entirely different issue. The fact is, nice weather, people go downtown and those kids have every right to go downtown. They behavior they engage in, if it’s illegal, they’ll be arrested quickly.”

The Mayor believes it will take more than police to deter the disturbances created by young people.

“Parents have a role to play,” Emanuel said. “The kids of those parents on the weekend have a role to play. So nobody gets a pass who is an adult and accountable. Nobody.”

This comes as the Chicago Police Department releases new crime statistics showing that overall, crime in the city is down 8% in the first three months of this year.

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  • Joe

    If Chicago had the 2,300 police they are under staffed the city would have less shootings and less crime as well as enough to handle the misery mile. It's just a matter of time the misery mile will become closed shops and boarded up broken windows. This is more of a parenting issue or culture as many of these kids wear 500.00 worth of clothing. This has nothing to do with the police chief,it's the mayor who hires police officers just as it is the mayor who fired teachers. Education and Public safety are on hold,many people cannot afford the gas or toll cost to go to Chicago and that is why Wisconsin is doing well,but someone said illinois sold out the toll road, as maybe that is why the governors go to other countries to make a deposit as well. I guess if you go to another county and Mage a deal you have not broken any laws in the unedited states.

    • Fed up

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, but what do you think is going to start happening when a law abiding citizen shoots a black teenager who is trying to rob them. There will be outcries of racism, and they will riot. With the attitude in Chicago, and with whats been going on, I'm worried that Chicago is a powder keg just waiting for a spart like that to happen, and that will give them their excuse to riot. I really agree with you, but I hope that we don't jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

  • Cecilia

    You need undercover police to catch these kids. The weather has nothing to do with these kids behaving bad. They are down there for one reason only to rob, steal, and destroy. They cannot do that in their neighborhood, because there’s nothing to destroy, they destroyed it already. They like living that way and the parents do too! When you go to other neighborhoods you can walk around, eat out outside. You cannot walk around in a black neighborhood, they don’t even respect themselves or their elders. They just kill because they feel like it. Their parents don’t care only when something happens, that’s when you see them. It’s a shame.

    • rob b

      thats not true im a young man from the the poor southside the police dont do there jobs they engage in criminal acts too 75% of the buildings are abandon there is no jobs no type of goverment help and the city about to close 60 plus school on the southside murder count about to skyrocket the city gone need the national gurd this summer

      • Fed up

        I do agree that the national guard should be put out there this summer, on every corner. But, Rahm would never do that, because then the country would think that he cannot control his city, and he would look horrible, how he deserves to look. The police can only do so much bud. If the code if the street is silence, how can a police officer do their job if they can't get anybody to come forward and talk to them. I understand that 75% of the buildings are burned down or destroyed, but ask yourself how they got that way. Think about it for a while. There are jobs available, but maybe those jobs are beneath the people of those neighborhoods? When you're broke, no job is beneath you!!!! It can be working at McDonald's, digging ditches, cutting lawns, or whatever. Don't worry about if a job is embarrassing or beneath you, just take the job, and get some spending money. Save up, go to school or back to school, and then get the hell out of there. That's how the American dream works. That's what the American dream is! You start from nothing, and work your way up. If you go into life with the attitude of I'm a poor black guy on the south side, you're always going to stay a poor black guy on the south side. Don't you think you're better than that, or deserve better than that? If you choose to apply yourself, go with the grain, then you will succeed! Your self confidence will skyrocket as well! You'll laugh at the people who are wasting their lives in gangs, and you'll have every right to! As for the school closings, I do agree that is a very bad move. You have to look at it as just another obstacle that you have to conquer. As for why all of the businesses are leaving? If you owned your own company, would you want to invest in a neighborhood with nursery every other day? Wouldn't you be worried it would keep getting robbed? That's why there is no jobs near you. And, the gangbangers are whats driving these jobs away. When the gangs are eradicated from these neighborhoods, there will be more businesses. That's why the people have to work with the police as much as possible to take back their community!!

  • sadsack

    Sure Prez Emualnut passes the buck again……no more police ,,,close schools,,,,pay more in parking fees and speed camerasss…..What a wax job he the police are ………Should be more fun when the summer hits this year and the gangs come out of hiding….

    Sue the kiddes don't use twitter and face the wall…..sure this chief of pigs know what he is taking about …..What aporker …..just like the SOB mayor apin…heheheh long live chicago…

  • Tim

    I'm glad I left Saturday afternoon with my family before all this happen. I live in Muncie,Indiana and own a small business for last 26 years. This is going to hurt Chicago even more the town is already losing convention traffic to Las Vegas by the millions. I thought we were safe downtown ,but I know different I will not be going back anytime soon. We had thought about brining my children back this summer downtown, but that is not going to happen. The only way I would feel safe would if I could bring my hand gun with me. If I did that I would probably be arrested so no Chicago for me. We spent several thousand dollars downtown shopping and eating this can add up when hundreds of families decide not to come. Chicago you need to go to downtown Indianapolis and take advice from their police department. They are so such a small city compared to Chicago and the police present is always so large compared to your city. These businesses pay huge taxes for you not to protect their customers besides not protecting your citizens……..

    • Fed up

      I know, and it's sad. That part of Chicago is gorgeous, and collects a lot of revenue. If this mob action isn't stopped, businesses will go elsewhere, the working class people will move to where the jobs are, and Chicago will become another Detroit.

  • Fed up

    Yes, but they don't know how to, or were ever taught to take responsibility of their own actions. So, I think we should start making examples out of them by sending them to prison with long terms, and make them do hard labor.

    • Tired black cop


  • toronto416

    I would love to see these kids end up with Joan Crawford as a parent. They need to realize what useless creatures they are and should be eating their supper out of the toilet.
    Similar to agressive plan to ban assault weapons, there needs to be a way to make it clear to people: now we're coming for your kids. You raise and encourage your kids to harm/rob/beat people, you will LOSE them for good. I think that those with felony convictions should have their parental rights terminated. And there needs to be an incentive to spay/neuter those who are the parents of these kids, so they won't go on producing more and more. Wanna know why there's so many kids diagnosed with ADHD? THESE PARENTS! They don't want to have to work, so they get these kids diagnosed with ADHD, march on down to Social Security and demand these kids get disability checks. $662 a month times however many kids = a pretty damned good living for women who've done an incredible amounts of work during their lifetimes – on their backs, or in the sitting position, or gang-a-banged.

    Military schools and residential schools need to be rethought, as the children of these neglectful parents could be used for 10 hours a day to work in North Dakota farms, and other rural areas with unused military bases. Their focus can be entirely on agricultural jobs and getting their GED; then they could attend trade school or go on in the military. If they are sent to these places, they need to be kept there until age 25. And parents lose custody permanently, so these kids will not see their parents until age 25 at the earliest. Listen, having kids is not a right – it's a gift, and it can be ripped out of your hands, as it should be for many people. If you won't raise your kids and if you teach them to be savages, well, then, you'll find out quickly that there's people who will gladly stomp these girls and boys until they've crushed their ego and rebuild them from there.

    • jeff

      you cant send them into the military then they get guns and sell to their cousins and then it gets "lost" and then its found in some car from cali or what not>>>>>>> no military……. maybe grounds……………….. clean up there wreckyards or driveby courts and pay off they re debt they owe and get 20$ gift cards for clothes at salvation army

  • dora

    OMG Call in the marines!!!! Teenagers acting rowdy on the weekend!!! How dare they think they can walk amoungst the upper crusties on the MAG mile……. Screw you!!! The police did their job, stop making such a fuss about this. If you don't like it, move.

    • Fed up

      Are you high? These aren't kids getting drunk at a party, or kids toilet papering a house! These are kids beating people up and mugging them, and shoplifting from stores.

      • tim

        So right fed up where does dora live in a crime ridden neighbor hood.. This shouldn't have even happen downtown. if you don't protect at least downtown Chicago will hurt when the tourist stop coming to spend their dollars. Indianapolis had a issue at a mall and the mall and police restricted teens of more than 2 in a group. It got to the point there were groups hanging out then the gun shootings started. The local authority came down hard and it stopped.

    • kirby1414

      Dora – So you would be OK if you were out shoping/having dinner and you got pushed to the ground and had your hair pulled out of your head and a blackened eye?? That was what happened to one young lady… That would be OK with you??? REALLY???

      • dora

        So take the police and put them all on the Mag Mile while hundreds of innocent children are shot and killed in the "PROBLEM" areas!!! Do any of you people care that the police that should be taking care of real problems would be used to prevent disturbances??????????????????

      • Fed up

        Dora, you don't get it! The police, the government, and we cannot solve their problems in these neighborhoods. How can the cops help, when nobody ever sees anything or comes forward with information? What do you want the government to do? Keep shelling out more tax dollars to these people, and enable them to continue their behavior? That's a big part of that got us here! Nobody can help these neighborhoods. The only people who can help is the people who live in those neighborhoods. Period. Why is the mag mile so important? If the mag mile goes downhill, this city will lose a ton of revenue. Those tax dollars are what keeps Chicago going.

    • Fed up

      Yes, and that is what hard working people do not want. It was their choice to work hard, put the time and effort in, and make something of theirselves. It is also their right to live in peace, and not have to worry about a bunch of animals coming into their neighborhood and destroying it, and beating up random people. There is nothing poetic about that, but you're right, there was justice! The animals got arrested and put into cages

  • Critical Mass 1

    What is so great, valuable or unavailable anywhere else that one would risk their life, health or well being of themselves or their family to get. Is there ANYTHING that is not available in Woodfield, Oakbrook or Northbrook that is available Downtown? Take any of those places… parking – FREE, Taxes – LOWER, chance of being beaten up or a cigarette put out on your arm – around ZERO.
    The Police are doing an Excellent job, but they can't predict the future. The parents should do more – but you can't control their behavior. But you CAN control the situation you put yourself in. Ask yourself, IS IT WORTH THE RISK? Then act accordingly. The Public's Transportation's Red Line is not called "The Gangbangers Highway" for nothing.

    • dora

      Suburban teens are great! They all get along no matter what color they are! I lived in the city 50 years and finally moved to get away from all the scum.

  • kirby1414

    Let's just relax and wait until someone is killled – – IS that what King Rahm and his 'guys' are thinking?

    Get the National Guard, State Police – WHOEVER – arrest and prosecute – and be TOUGH – it's the only way that makes any sense for innocent people's lives!

  • Louisa

    Tough prosecution is right- how can beating a woman in the face with a sock with a lock inside and stealing her purse, not be a felony and a felony conviction? These are not misdemeanor acts, these are felonious assaults and should be charged as such. Newsgroups need to start keeping the stats on what the judges are doing about this nonsense when it ends up in court. People should be more outraged then they are.

  • Special Folk

    Ald. Brendan Reilly, get in line. The southside and westside aldermen have been begging for years to get sufficient police to deal with the crime and gangs, so get in line sweetheart, and that's the end of the line not the first in line because you see yourself as more important.

  • Cecilia

    The buildings are abandon because you’s made it that way. Call your alderman’s and your democrats they like you living this way. They want you to be poor. Where my mother lived around Hamlin and Chicago, they had a 6-apartments, and within -10yrs they had to fix and replace everything in those apartments 4-times because that’s how dirty and these welfare people were just to go somewhere else and destroy again.

  • jeff

    they dont care cause they aint gonnnaa pay for it or they wait for tax time and its free for them cause the goverment pays them yearly do you blame them i live as cheap as possible cause thats all i have and all i get paid for