28 arrested after disturbance on Mag Mile

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Close to 30 people people were arrested during several disturbances along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, and on board a CTA train, Saturday night.

At least 50 teenagers were gathered outside the McDonald’s at Chicago and State prompting a large police response, just before 8pm. Heavy police presence could also be seen at Huron and Michigan, Superior and State, and several surrounding blocks.

Mag Mile Disturbances Police said the suspects intentionally bumped into other people on the sidewalks, and fought amongst themselves. 17 of those arrested were charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct.

All but two were juveniles.

Police said there were no reported robberies, assaults or property damage related to the incident.

But witnesses did recall that a man suffered a broken nose when he was attacked by four teens near Dearborn Street and Chicago Avenue.

In a separate incident, police arrested 11 teenagers at CTA’s State and Lake station around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police said the group attacked two women in a train car, and ran off with one of the women’s belongings. Officers arrested the teens when they tried to leave the station.

The two women were treated at the scene and released.

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  • spoolie

    Forced labor camps are needed in every large metro area . Put these animals in there for several years, and there will be a large drop in the crime rate.

  • Mike

    It's about time really come on just put them in jail,and the parents too who have no business with kids in first place,if you cant raise one stop having kids who grow up now adays just lost in this world.It's when they should been at home some where,I mean whats so exciting you gotta hang out in a rich
    white shopping area of the city.And that McDonalds I dont get it why so many black homesless folks
    just find that a safe haven to hangout,lay around like that.They can hangout downtown aint got a damn dime,broke looking stupid but they cant get to nobody church on Sunday to get some kinda salvation or word from GOD.

  • Michael

    I have had a business in Chicago since 1993. We are located on Michigan Ave. Not anymore!! Picking up and moving to Texas. Had enough of the taxes, crime, corruption and gun laws. What used to be a great city is now trending the way of other ghetto cities. It really is a shame! I moved to the city in 1986 and have lived downtown since. Politically speaking, the city is wrought with corruption as is downstate!! What was a moderate city has turned way to the left and had enough. See ya!

  • who's next

    Maybe the police (or armed citizens) may get to the point of being bored with you and shoot a couple of you. Did that ever cross your mind or are you as stupid as you look ?

  • Todd Pardee

    Don’t rag Chicago, Milwaukee has its own reputation of roving gangs of black youths wilding at Summerfest and the county fair grounds.

  • RenaissanceMan

    Its sad how so often you hear of people saying they make us look bad and blaming the parents for their actions. That's not necessarily true if you look at their surroundings, if you live anywhere close or drive around the south side like most of the people on this commenting post have probably never done, you will see all of the cracked street filled with potholes and boarded up houses that haven't been fixed for months or even years at a time. Blacks have to pay taxes like everyone else right? So why don't our taxes clean our streets, refine our buildings and businesses like they tell us they do?? Their parents can't raise them properly if they have to work 2 and three jobs just to make a living. so who's going to help raise and build their character? the streets is the next thing to give them brotherhood and a feeling of security. All they have to do is say no to drugs? if their parents rely on food stamps to feed them while still working 2 and 3 jobs how will they feed themselves and their family if their parents can't afford everything? Don't forget this generation of teens is progeny of the Crack epidemic in the late 80s and 90s. How did Crack get here? Blacks don't own any airplanes or labs to make that stuff, so how did it get here?? Just ask Gary Webb or the Real Ricky Ross. Malcolm X said something in 1964 that describes this perfect scenario that "When you live in a poor neighborhood, you're living in an area where you have to have poor schools, poor schools means poor teachers, when you have poor teachers you get a poor education, poor education you can only work on a poor paying job which enables you to live again in a poor neighborhood. It is a very vicious cycle. Usually these bad housing conditions result from absentee landlords, people who are rich and live downtown. It's actually a form of 20th century SLAVERY." Like we all say, you are a product of your surroundings and these are their surroundings. It's sad to hear Black people beating up on our children. Like Malcolm said, divide and conquer! We didn't fail ya'll, ya'll failed us! So before all you bourgeoisie Whites AND Blacks who have probably never struggled a day in your life attempt to criticize THE STRUGGLE learn something first! the answer is not more police and incarceration rates that has already gone from 300,000 to 2 million in the past 30 years with blacks in an overabundance, its better education, better housing, better funds to end poverty, It's 10 sides to every story. This is a caste system.
    Tupac- Letter to the President, Changes. Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow

    • FedUp

      All I hear are excuses, did the white man put the crack pipe in your mouth and light it? NO he didn't! I am not black but I didn't grow up with much, my family has been homeless lived out of a car, but guess what, I made a decision to not struggle by getting good grades regardless of the school and go onto college and yes I didn't get free college I had to pay for it! It is a matter of wanting to have a better life. It's so easy to blame everyone else and be lazy. You think no black person has came out of the ghetto and made it in life? They did because they didn't feel they were owed everything because their parents made bad decisions and couldn't properly raise them. You make your life what you put into it. Quit with the excuses, it's 2013 not 1940! You have every opportunity quit being lazy and making excuses!!!!! Right now your failing yourself, what else do you want, life is not free you can't live life with your hand open. I work at a real big company and guess what? Most of the upper management are African American from the same poor neighbor hoods and schools you speak of! In stead of blaming others take action and be a role model to these kids! If you can't afford kids and properly raise them, wear a condom!!!

      • FedUp

        Also, Why keep putting our hard working money into building better housing? So people can continue to abuse the system and not want to better their lives because they believe people should just give them better housing especially when they will just destroy it in 5-10 years anyways. Life isn't free for anyone white, black, brown! You think African Americans have it hard, go talk to Native Americans and you will know what it really is to struggle and be forgotten! A lot of white families are struggling but you don't see hoards of white kids going around downtown beating and robbing people for fun!

    • Enrique

      There ain’t any finances for streetlights. Local, state and federal governments are mandated to pay for pensions. All the drama about infrastructure on TV is for money required to pay for existing obligations.

  • loljerks


  • Anonymous

    I’m all for bringing the Nationsl Guard in to patrol the streets.

    Also think everyone arrested should be required to attend military boot camp and learn some manner and how to respect themselves and others – apparently something their parents failed to teach them.

    I also think any of these kids who show up in a mob intending to do this should be treated as domestic terrorists and tried as adults! Maybe if they’re facing more serious consequences, maybe they’ll Think teice & parents will take it more serious. Plus, if tried as adults, media can publish their names and bringing shame to their parents or family might get someone to step up and properly raise these kids.

  • happy_pessimist

    Time to pull up your baggy pants, comb your hair, take off the goofy sideways hats and knee length shirts, speak like you have taken an English cla55, stop listening to music that makes you angrier and more ignorant each day, and stop blaming white people for your own stupidity and contribute something to this country!
    If you pierce, tattoo or get a police record you may lose opportunities….quit trying to look and act different and try to a55imilate and you will find that more doors will be opened for you.
    This case shows the glaring problem of the black culture that is unwilling to look at its own people and tell them they are good or bad. Take responsibility and hold your children responsible when they act like animals and criminals and don’t go on the news saying that “my son is a good boy blah blah blah”.

  • apoliticalas

    Nice going, news media!
    Now that you have overpublicized this story, you can expect copycat attacks like these EVERYWHERE including the burbs (Yes including the home of the "mean street gangstas", Bannockburn) and beyond!
    You don't get stories like these out of L.A., Dallas, or Miami because TASERS and STUN GUNS are legal to carry down there: No stray bullets and no noxious fumes to sicken/suffocate bystanders; just a urine soaked, feces stained quivering mass who can stand trial for being a bad@$$ "gangsta"!
    Wisconsin, ILLINOIS, New York and Michigan is where you get most of these stories from, because NON-LETHAL electronic weapons are illegal in these states due to a [liberal] knee-jerk reaction from their [liberal] governors reading [liberal] news reports about Taser/Stun gun deaths (which are a lot less than gunfire deaths)!
    BTW: Those that died by Taser/Stun Gun shouldn't have been screwing around in the first place because they had a pre-existing conditions!

  • kirby1414

    Has anyone seen Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Father Pfleiger? They should be telling these so called "PEOPLE" that what they are doing in criminal and there is NO excuse for doing what they did – And he should be for STERN punishment – – NO handholding and pandering…People with any sense are sick of it – – and quite frankly, sick of the 3 above mentioned so-called religious men. All three of them are out for their own $$$$ gain!!

  • Fedup

    I'm just saying you can't blame the parents these kids (teenagers ) wanna be grown treat them like they grown lock they asses up. I want one of them to try me I got something for them. They do this stupid shit cause half of them are followers some of these teens probably have descent parents I'm sure they don't even have a clue too what they're child is doing can't babysit them 24 hours in a day. They need to be responsible Chicago is fucked up i 'm from there I barely visit the best bet is to move somewhere else. To much violence and I'm not trying to raise my kids there period.

  • momofmany

    TO the WHINING OVERGROWN BABY TEENAGERS blubbering about having nothing to do but act like untrained animals … Try doing what MY kids do … and as there are eight of them and just a mom raising them … I do not want to hear your stupid WHINING about the lack of resources – SHUT UP ALREADY!!! . GO TO THE LIBRARY and start with learning PROPER ENGLISH as your posts plainly show how well you pay attention in school. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO GROW THE HELL UP AND ACT LIKE A HUMAN BEING INSTEAD OF ANIMALS THAT BELONG IN A CAGE. Some of us DO raise our kids to BEHAVE LIKE HUMAN BEINGS – sorry that you obviously were not taught as such. Poor little BABY IS BORED. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Poor little spoiled brat baby is bored … no wonder so many kids cannot get jobs these days if this is the overall attitude. Funny how out of my 8 kids – ALL OF THE OLDER ONES HAVE JOBS. Could it possibly be that some of us know what to teach our kids about LIFE???? Parents need to get their heads out of their behinds and STOP IMPOSING THEIR INCOMPETENT PARENTING ON THE REST OF US WHO DO A GOOD JOB!!!!

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