CTU president pushes back on school closings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis railed against Mayor Emanuel and the plan to close dozens of public schools while speaking at the Rainbow Push Coalition Saturday morning.

She said Chicago Public Schools’ stated reasons for the closures, were dishonest.

“‘We’re going to move the resources from over here to over there, so we can more efficiently educate your children’ … How many times have we heard that one?” Lewis asked.

“If we allow these people to do this harm, I will guarantee you that is our children who will suffer.”

The Chicago school board is expected to approve the plan to close 54 schools in May — taking effect at the start of the next school year.

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  • Todd Pardee

    How you like those big raises now, Karen? You knew the system didn’t have the money, but you pushed through the numbers responsible for these closures!

    Great job!!

  • Dennis

    School consolidation has been happening all around the country due to decreased enrollments. Coupled with tighter budgets these closings are necessary and good for the students. Better and stronger schools will improve education delivery.

    • Lorraine

      The children have to walk in drug infested neighborhoods to get to these "so-called" better schools. How's that going to help those kids? The fear of walking home will itself cause the kids to do poorly in school. I know. I've been there and done that.

  • rich

    All these comments are about Mrs Lewis Race and weight, I guess its true Chicago is the most Racists and segregated city ever, its ok to disagree with Mrs Lewis but stick to the facts, they have under funded these school for years which allowed them to close these school now, why is it when a black person with an authority position has to be attacked by race n not there job. The question is who cares more about the kids on the south n west side, the mayor or Mrs Lewis?

    • Lorraine

      What about President Obama who rallied behind the mayor to get the people to vote for him? He knew all along this was going to happen. He also selected Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education because Duncan wasn't the least bit reluctant to fire hundreds of teachers in Chicago. He also supported the former superintendent of Washington DC Public Schools who fired hundreds of teachers. When President Obama campaigned he voiced that he favored merit pay for teachers. Merit pay wouldn't be a bad thing if it could be issued fairly. Some teachers are given very slow students to work with while others are given very bright students. The teachers of the better performing students get the merit pay. How can this be fair?

  • Louisa

    She knew this was the outcome when they went on strike to demand more money. As a contributing taxpayer, I want efficiency and not to pay to support half empty schools no matter who is inconvenienced. There is no more money for this type of useless expenditure. Deal with it, we're all going to have to live/survive within the budget constraints. Read the news ever?

    • rich

      Read the news a lot. The problem is the news don’t always tell the truth. As a tax prayer I feel the same, so these constraints u speak of, some have been living with for years even when the getting was good. So I guess the pension problem is also the teachers fault a well n not Madigan, Daley,Culterton and OHHHH yeah Michael Scott and the rest of these crooked politicians , who robbed and stole from these Tif district which were suppose to be set up to help these schools and more, but I guess I don’t watch the news

  • Louisa

    The getting was never good. The teacher's pension fund hasn't made a nickel on their investments in five years and the pension promises made are financially unsustainable and based on receiving an 8 percent return, which is also impossible. That's the news I'm speaking of. They received their raises, but there isn't anything left but to consolidate half empty and under performing schools because the rest of us taxpayers will not pay any more. 4000 per month leaving this state, more real news. I'll be very surprised if there are even sufficient remaining bodies to contribute on a tax basis to pay what's been promised as incomes continue to decline here, more news. There are far bigger imminent financial issues than consolidation of schools, again the news to which I refer, nothing but financial facts like Illinois bonds being rated worst state in the nation.

    • Todd Pardee

      The problems with Chicago pensions is that the mayor of Chicago got special permission from the state to NOT fund their pensions obligations. Chicago pensions have nothing to do with The state funding, or not funding education. The city is separate and got its own deal, that includes being allowed to not adequately fund their oblifations

  • kirby1414

    Karen Lewid is supposedly worried about the kids traveling through gang areas to get to school – – Well, here's a NOVEL idea – Get the FBI, National Guard, State Police -etc.- – Have an unannouced lockdown of the problem areas – AND ARREST AND CONTAIN ALL OF THE GANG BANGERS!!!
    STOP being policially correct
    STOP pandering to the gangs and the clergy
    STOP putting the people of Chicago behind the killing, shooting and robbing Gang Bangers. What is Chicago and King Rahm afraid of????

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