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Boyfriend of aunt charged in girl’s death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man has been charged in the death of a three-year old girl in Southwest suburban Oak Forest.

Jessie B. Rodriguez, 42, of the 2900 block of North Kenneth Avenue, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Gina Presley, Oak Forest police said.

Presley died Tuesday from blunt force trauma to the head. Rodriquez is the boyfriend of the girl’s aunt, who was her guardian.

According the Chicago Tribune, Presley was staying at a home on the 15300 block of Walnut Road in Oak Forest with a female guardian and male associates when one of the adults called 911 at 11:22 p.m. Tuesday to report she was choking. The girl’s last name had been spelled Pressley but police corrected the information.

Another person who was questioned has been released, and is cooperating with investigators.


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  • Marilyn Diaz

    I know this man he goes by benji I can’t believe it never known benji to hurt anyone I’m in shock can’t believe he would hurt a child

    • Mary Robinson

      Me as well so we will have to wait ans see what comes out at trial I am sure there will be one, I can't see Jessie hurting a small innocent child, or an adult, something else had to have happened

  • michelle murphy

    low down coward why don't he pick on someone his own size. let alone a innocennt child and the mother have to be crazy. to even leave her baby girl whith this idiot. he should roit in jail.

    • Mary Robinson

      And where should you rot, learn how to spell as well, it is Easter, so until the whole truth comes out maybe you should wait to judge huh or maybe you are the coward!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kirby1414

    I am still amazed at what people will do just to have a 'significant other' in their lives – – The Aunt is as much to blame…This tool showed signs of his behavior – LONG before his killed this little baby. Shame on her and do to him exactly what he did to his victim – – and whne can we get the death penalty back???

  • Mary Robinson

    He is innocent until proven guilty, I know Jessie and I have to say, he is a father he wouldn't hurt a child, further all of you who are pointing fingers must have done something wrong in your own lives. Apparently, the person they let go had something to do with it too, and suburban police are like Mayberry RFD totally behind the high grass and not to smart. None of us were there so we will have to wait and see what comes out in the trial.


    I know this man for over 30 years and he has a daughter of his own whom he loves with all his heart and has never harmed her in any way , furthermore , he has taken my step-daughter with him to the local parks and swimming pools along with his daughter and never no problems, no complaints , my 11 year step-daughter is devastated that he is being charged with this horrific crime. If you do research , you will notice the residence in question has a history of police traffic and DCFS has given custody to the aunt way before Jesse was in the picture. Jesse just met this woman within the last few months and there was already activity going on at that residence prior and if you look further you will learn that it was a residence with more than one male living there. Come on people don't rush to judge without knowing the facts !!!

    • Donald

      That's the rational thing to do – take the side of the perpetrator. Police do not arrest men for killing three year-olds unless the y have probable cause. Better yet – if you left family members in the care of this animal, get them the psychological help they need immediately. Children will hide their abuse for a long time. Tell them to just tell. But not to you – to the police and DCFS so they can be removed from people like you that take the side of a criminal who murders children. I'm sure there are more he has raped – time will tell.

  • Jessie is a criminal

    Jessie Benjamin Rodriguez, aka Benji, is a CRIMINAL! Not because he was accused of this, but he will be found guilty, but because he already has 2 felony's a handful of misdemeanors, and multiple charges dropped from threatening the victim or their family. I will not give my name, but I will say I have personally known this man on a closer level than any of u. Jessie assaulted me and then pulled a knife like a coward. He has over a decade of martial arts yet he sucker punched me and then when I went to defend myself he pulled a switch blade. I also know that he stabbed a man, supposedly in "self defense", at an alcoholics anonymous club on the nwside of chicago. Oh, and to the man who has had his daughter with jessie and jessie's daughter, you don't know shit! Jessie has an active DCFS pending against him for battery on his own daughter when she was 8 years old and showed up after a weekend visitation with a busted and bruised lip that jessie gave her when smacked her across the face for not checking for cars when crossing the street. So if you think jessie is an innocent man, then you just know the manipulative chameleon he is known for being when in the public eye. But behind closed doors or around close friends, hes as deceitful and a horrendous character of a man as you can get. Like I said, these are FACTS, not made up bullshit. I have court paper work and his actual criminal record on file to prove anyone wrong.

  • Ginas Dad Nick

    THIS IS GINAS FATHER REACHING OUT TO ANYONE WHO HAS INFORMATION THAT CAN HELP MAKE SURE THIS MAN NEVER HURTS ANOTHER CHILD DO NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC SO THE DEFENSE CAN DESTROY IT PLEASE CALL 708 257 0787 and leave a message or tell our family your usefull information and you can be dam sure it gets into the right hands

  • justice for Gina

    I think the aunt should be held liable as well. The report says one of the adults called 911 so obviously there were others in the house when this occurred. They all need to be charged. Rip baby girl, I hope you get justice. Nick, I am sorry for your loss and I hope you get justice as well but you need to look into the other adults that were there when this occurred.

  • Jacqueline

    I can not believe Benji would do something like this, I am so shocked. I have know Benji from childhood and he has always been a nice guy, but I guess in time, people change.

  • Sad

    Can anyone tell me why the Aunt isn't in custody! She is just as guilty of not protecting that poor baby and bringing this man into her life. How can you see marks on your child and just turn you head. There is no punishment good enough for people who can do this to a child. Reports say she was at work that night but the place she works closes at 230pm……. They are both monsters!

  • Mindy

    I'm so sad about this lil girl Gina I still can't believe the story ,there are so many questions that are not being answered Why.? So article comments say POS Aunt off work early afternoon ,why wait till almost midnight to check on her when she didn't come running to you when you came home. So POSAunt did not see the bruising or vomit on toddler Gina's bedroom floor ,was the POS Aunt so desperate for a scum bag boyfriend she put her needs and wants before the child that she wanted to adopt so much . Also other articles say more then one other person in house when help arrived to Late to save this precious child . If you do property search you can see first and last names of own of house . Where is the husband or X husband by now if he's smart ? Also says POS Aunt works at ares school ,is she still there ? Better yet why would parents want her around there children? So comments say drugs ! Ok ,where they a factor in the horrible death of a toddler ? Some say family members are in law enforcement ? Where were they or is that why no other names are mentioned ? I would think common science says POS Aunt has a awful lot of explaining to do ! What is wrong with women today putting the boyfriend before the safety of there children that they say they want love and most of all protect. May she rot in prison right next to the monster she let Murder Gina . I'm so deeply sorry to the family that loved and wanted her and to protect her .just a shame that the DCFS and police failed to check up on her .

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