Ten years after Meigs disappeared, Northerly Island not all that

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the destruction of Meigs Field.

Meigs 10 year Anniversary

Working under cover of night, bulldozers, escorted by Chicago police, dug trenches across the field and cut access to airstrips.

Media were kept away until the mission was completed.

Mayor Daley, at the time, claimed he destroyed the airport for security  reasons. It was the post 9/11 era and he wanted to turn the 91 acres into a nature preserve and recreational venue.

But 10 years later, some critics say, Northerly Island  is a long way from  the vision Daley promised.

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  • Anonymous

    I say lets create jobs and add money to Chicago by creating a new airport. But our mayor is just as crooked as Daley was. They both should be fired…

  • Jim

    The Meigs Airfield destruction stands as the singular most evil (known) act ever commited by a public official in Chicago. I hope god can forgive him I know I can't. I am not a pilot but but the unique quality inherent in the Downtown Airfield was a marvel. The destruction of which only began a ongoing desecration of the entire "campus" area. Thanks for lettenig me vent. Too bad it won't ever be there again. Se la viski.


    • Anonymous

      Jim, Mayor Daley's father committed many, many evil acts on a daily basis. He was far worse than the more recent Mayor Daley. Granted, this was a bad thing and devious, but he learned form his Dad. Plant a potatoe, get a potatoe.

  • keeping real

    it was a great idea!!! and let those fat cats from springfield land at the other airports that chicago has!!! booo boo for those fat cats!!!

    • Anonymous

      It wasn’t just for those fat cats from Springfield… That airport brought millions to the city. Think of the conventions that could be here with that airport still around.

  • JHB

    Meigs brought millions to the city? Haha. I don't think so. As far as convention business, there are simply other (warmer) places to go.

  • jerry

    As much as I hated to see Meigs destroyed, that move was pretty fun to watch.. Had a panache the likes you never see from public officials, sans Putin.