Emanuel: Cubs aren’t going anywhere

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is sounding optimistic that the Chicago Cubs and their Wrigley Field neighbors will settle their differences over a new video screen and more night games at the ballpark.

Reporters pressed the mayor on Rosemont’s offer to give the Cubs land for a new ballpark; he said he isn’t worried about the Cubs leaving Chicago, and he believes the Cubs aren’t serious about the offer because they are still negotiating on a deal to stay where they are.

The Chicago Tribune reports, the last big issue to be resolved is the size and placement of a new Jumbotron screen at Wrigley; it would be three times the size of the center field scoreboard.

Rooftop business owners want assurances the new screen won’t block their view of the playing field.

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  • Mitchell

    Rooftops are stealing a product when they resell it. The Cubs need to leave, there is no parking, it takes hours to get in and out of there. I gave up my season tickets to friends because I can't waste any more time to go. If you want to build a team around tourists, and morons who put on their hat grab a beer and ignore the game for 9 innings is unreal.

    • Echo Charlie

      I love hearing suburbanites whine about no parking. You're in the CITY for Christ sake, and it's a real city with density, not some flat piece of crap like Phoenix. Of course there's not going to be parking for you. They're the Chicago Cubs, not the [insert suburb] Cubs.

      • Guest

        Who gives a damn about any of this crap? Like you said, it's just the Cubs. It's not like they are a REAL Major League team.

  • For the victims

    I say move to Rosemont. I've been a Cub fan for over 50 years and as much as I love the ambiance of Wrigley Field, I'd gladly go to a new location, anywhere outside of Chitcago!

    • Observer

      You must be a foreigner and/or English must not be your first language because nobody would say something like, "this Cubs". The correct way to say it in English is, "the Cubs".

  • Anthony Thomas

    Cubs do need to leave but unfortunately it will plummett home values in that area.
    Don Rahm Emanuel won't let that happen. – He will contact his real boss – Michael Madigan to pull strings so it doesn't happen. This way Madigan will make sure Rahm gets elected again without votes just like last time and just like JJackson Jr won the election by a landslide…( yeah right)