CPS students hold march and rally against school closings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago public school students  held a march and rally at CPS headquarters today to protest planned school closings.

About three dozen students used the first day of their spring break to march and make their feelings known.   The students later left school headquarters and marched to City Hall where they plan to stage another protest.  They are hopeful that Mayor Rahm Emanuel will hear their grievances.

The students say they are afraid that their younger brothers and sisters will be in danger going to and from school.  They fear that street gang violence will be a real and constant problem.

They also say that overcrowding in the combined new schools will stifle education and hurt the educational process in general.  But more than anything else, they say the issue of youngsters having to cross rival gang lines is their greatest fear.

Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett says she understands that this is a very emotional time for many of the students and their families.  But she says CPS officials feel secure that they can still provide a quality education for all the students involved.

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  • dillon b

    "CPS why you no listen to us"
    Because you are poor, that's why!
    This is Chicago; Money talks, and you-know-what walks!

    (I am ashmaed to be from Chicago. Whenever someone asks me where I am from, I tell them Milwaukee.)

    • Julien

      Put a sock in it like you care about children education.

      A public school has union teachers, no competition all government by department of education
      And tax payer money is used to fund schools and union teachers.

      Private schools prohibit Teachers Unions, are competing against private schools, and no tax money is funded to private school.

      Competition delivers excellence and always will.

  • spoolie

    well looking at the sign the one student is carrying, grammer is a subject no longer taught . That makes it mo betta dat way, they can conjugate the verb "to be" i be you be he be, thats what they be's teachin.