Mayor Emanuel Talks School Closings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Public School kids are heading into Spring Break this week, but it will be hard for some students and parents to relax and  knowing their neighborhood school is slated to close at the end of the school year.

“We need neighborhood schools, they are the heart and soul of the community so you take away the neighborhood schools you’re really distroying neighborhoods,” said parent Hannah Hayes

For the first time since the closures became public, we heard from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who brushed off criticsm that he was on a family vacation when the announcement about the closures was made; “”I did take a family, a long time family trip, but as everyone here knows, you are never far from the office based on the number of phone calls and emails you do.”

The Mayor insisted that closing the 54 so called under performing schools and moving thousands of students to new schools was the only way ensure a better education; “I want to be clear, it’s tough, it’s very difficult but it has to be done so we can achieve the goal that every parent and everyone in this city wants for their child to have a high quality education.”

The Mayor wouldn’t answer a question about what will happen to the school buildings that will become vacant by the closures, a concern for families who don’t want empty buildings in their neighborhoods that could attract a criminal element.

“There’s going to be an abadoned building with this middle school closing so I think this impacts the whole city.  It’s not just the kids and the parents it’s really the whole city, it’s not good for the neighborhoods,” said Hayes.

Many of the closures affect schools on the south and west sides, leading some to call the closures racist, but Alderman Anthony Beale, whose own ward faces school closures, says he doesnt see it that way; “It’s frustration and a lot of times in the heat of frustration you say things that may not be accurate, I’ve never seen that side of the Mayor he’s trying to great work as far as the CPS.”

Moving forward, CPS will hold three hearings for each school  where community members or parents can come out and air their concerns to CPS about their neighborhood schools closing.  A final vote on the school closures will  happen in May.

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  • rich

    This mayor don’t care about certain kids, its more of the same, take a pound of flesh frim those that don’t have, and the so called leaders of our community continue to sell is down the river as along as they can get a lot for a dollar, the black leaders are being exposed for what they are, sell outs

  • rich

    All black leaders in the state, county and city are cowards they did whatever Daley told them and they are doing the same for this mayor, the question is what are they getting in exchange for their silence, a couple years ago Rev.Meeks marched on Newtrier high school, about UN fair funding for city school (south & west side) where the hell is that coward now, I guess he has been told to be quite, or they will expose the truth about him just like jj Jr.

  • rich

    Can somebody tell us about Michael Scott,n the money that was stole from cps, can the big bad mayor address that, or is he a coward too, most cowards love to talk tough

  • dillion

    Well I dont know but maybe Chicago needs to get rid of the blacks. Not all of them but most of them. Not being racist here but every day i see shootings like crazy in the city i was born in. Guess where they are? Mostly black areas of Chicago. When you think Chicago you think the windy city and then you think murder capital of the USA. It is making us look bad. Maybe come together and kick out the bad eggs and rebuild the west and south sides. Stop slinging dope to each other and get things fixed. You call me a racist but I don't mind intelligent African Americans. I hate the retards that walk around thinking the thug way of life is awesome and slinging dope is the only way to make it. That and rapping about it. Get a real job, dont have one, make one. Where there is a will there is a way

    • rich

      You are not racist, I’m black and feel the same way, when we are under educated, its hard to see what our politicians are doing to us n they fear a well informed tax payer.enough is enough IM willing to fight for equality no matter what the color is

      • dillion

        Thank you. I just really hate seeing Chicago like this. I want people to think chicago, full of smart, well educated people who are not afraid to work. Right now its just messed up. I know that some of the under performing schools is the fact that the teachers suck. Some of it is also the parents that dont give a hoot about their kids. Treating school like a daycare than a place to learn. Teachers are not the parents, they kids parents are. Maybe if the parents dont want the schools to close, help their kids learn. I say the same with the teachers. Bad teachers need to be booted out. I know some of the closing is because Chicago is broke. Most of it thou is mismanagement of funds and paying big bucks to the teacher unions and their workers. There are some good teachers out there but you will be damned to find them very often. Stop paying the teachers so much damn money to do crap jobs. I know plenty of people with degrees in teaching that cant find a job that are good people. Who want to make learning fun and meaningful for their students. I think the public charter system can work. The parents have more control over the teachers and how the school is ran. Ive seen some of the schools on the southside. They look like prisons. I understand they fight with gang issues but come on. When will brothas and sistas realize that part of the reason the place is crap is because of their own doing. Instead of fighting among themselves, come together. The politicians love the southside. Mainly because most people dont take the time and get educated and realize that they are being screwed and screwing themselves. What was it. Go vote and get a box of chicken that jessie jackson did. How insulting is that. Go vote people but be educated about it.

  • Joseph

    Dillon I agree with getting things done, but what do you mean by get rid of the blacks? Then you go on to say, I don't mind intelligent Afican Americans. Sounds racist to me. I don't mind your ignorance, but keep your racism to yourself. If we can't change the mind set of some of our people then we will continue to repeat whats happening. I am proud to be an African American educated, gainfully employed, Mighty Man Of God.

    • dillion

      Again playing the racist card. Look up the definition please. I do not hate african americans, i hate blacks. There is a distinction. African americans try to work, get educated and try to do better for their community. Blacks tend to gangbang, rob, sell drugs, and live off of welfare because they dont try to better themselves. I also understand there are poor people who need welfare but acting dumb and hanging with the homies and drinking 40s all the time are not poor in my book and should be kicked off welfare ASAP. I will use a example for you. When I was in college. We had a lot of people from africa in our college. They studied hard and had little tolerance for people acting a fool. They would tell me they never hanged with the most of the other black students because the viewed them as lazy and a waste of space. They hated them for the most part. They did talk to and hang out with the african americans that were trying to do good stuff like starting businesses, getting good grades, and not walking with their clothes half off their rears. There are distinctions within a race. I dont blanket a race like most people do, I just go with the people I like. Just like redneck trailer trash is on my list of people who should just stay in the hills. As far as getting rid of the blacks. Price them out, lock them up, send them elsewhere. A lot of the southside would be welcome in Detroit. I hear Detroit is looking for people to move in. I know there are a lot of good hard working people in the southside but most of them are never know because the place is littered with thugs and crack heads. There is trash all over the place, windows busted out, glass all over the place, burned out buildings and empty lots for miles. I used to do community service around 79th and western and we cleaned up the place. Picking up litter, old tires, drug needles, etc. The next day it would be screwed up and you never knew someone took the time to clean. After a few times that got old and I stopped doing it. The south and west sides are making chicago as a whole look horrible. You could say well the white people have money. Well it doesnt take much to clean up a place to make it look nice and keep it that way. It isnt a money or race thing. Its a lazy dirty nasty people thing.

  • rich

    When we don’t do for ourself, its hard to tell who is racist n who its not, they sad part is that those of us who do for our self, are forced to live with those that don’t and therefore we also get labeled as thugs n gangbangers, and that is racist. PS African American and black are the same thing, I might not speak with an African dialect, and I might look like a black from the south side(minus my clothes hanging off body) but I’m 100% black African American well educated , degree having brother born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I believe in equality for those that want it, and to hell with those that don’t and for the ones that try to disrupt it ur day is coming

    • dillion

      Well I use the two, African American and black as a descriptors of class I guess. I know they are the same race but its how i view people. Its just like I would say Irish American and trailer trash. They are both white but different class. Now I do think people should be equal. The only thing that should separate us should be those who want to work for a better future, and those who are okay with how things are and will meet a untimely end due to Darwinism. Its hard to make things equal thou. Take affirmative action. When it was introduced, it was a good way to level the playing field for minorities and women. Now it is just playing the race card. Example, take college. If a white male has a 4.0 gpa from high school and wants in. Then you have a minority female with a gpa of 3.0. Instead of letting the person in with the best grades, you let in the female. True that the girl might make it but the scary thing is she has a higher chance of just dropping out even when money is taken out of the equalization. If people want to be equal then so be it. We should not need a law to make them equals but we would be true equals. It should be who is the best, not what color they are. If they are boy or girl even. I have seen some female put men to shame on the construction site. The whole issue is people talk they want to be equal, that they want to have a voice, that they dont want to be looked down on anymore but in the end nothing happens. Hope and change, isnt that the obama slogan, see how that worked. I wanted him to win and to make things better but like most leaders of change these days. They fizzle out and just step in line with everyone else. People don't like being pointed out as different in our society. They are weird or freaks and not viewed as the engine of change. I get called weird everyday pretty much because im not like the others. People need to get outside their comfort zone and do something. Also sometimes people get uncomfortable with some subjects and walk away. People need to stand and listen. That needs to happen. If not, this rash of the government doing what it wants will keep happening. Take the rash of cities outlawing people trash picking. They say its to stop house breakins, littering, ID thieft, etc. We already have laws for that stuff. Picking more on the poor that are trying to make a living isnt going to stop crime, it drives it up. Say job blow cant trash pick, with no jobs to be had what is he going to do to live now. Go on welfare, once your on welfare they have you by the crotch. Another job lost in the name of government. Good job. Anyway I hope this school stuff gets fixed. I am calling it a day for a bit.

      • rich

        Me too, and I know u wanted to use a word that is politically incorrect but I totally understood how u use the word black, thank you for being sensitive even when you might be angry

  • Sherry E

    I want to address this to Dillon, I didn't appreciate you saying African American's try to get a education and try to get a job, yeah you sound pretty racist to me. white people don't do anything! bull they kill people sell drugs do all kind of illegal actives but we too much here about them because the media which is ran by white people so of course you only going here the negative about what's going on in the black community. so before your self righteous ass want talk so much about what black people doing, get your facts together, and further more you said they play the thug I see a lot of spoil rich as white kids try to play the same role except where I grew up it was real. what are they excuse BORED1

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