Road rage shooting and car crash in Jefferson Park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An apparent road rage incident led to a drive-by shooting and a car crash in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

A 37 year-old man from the northwest suburbs was shot in the back in his car at Lavergne and Sunnyside at about 5:30 a.m. Friday; he and his brother managed to drive the car to Avondale and Nagle where they flagged down an ambulance.

The shooters crashed the SUV into a minivan at Foster and Nagle, injuring a bystander; then as many as four people jumped out of the SUV and ran away.

Police recovered an automatic handgun from the SUV.

The man with the gunshot wound is being treated at Lutheran General Hospital; the man who was hit by the SUV is at Resurrection Hospital.

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    Please correct the gun. I am certain it wasn't an "automatic" handgun. Most likely a semi-automatic! Way to go with your gun laws Chicago, they are working great! Probably an illegal gun, shot by gangbangers, who don't have a FOID card.

  • annie

    That should read "Please correct the type of gun". You cant correct a gun. How are you certain about anything if you weren't there. Gun laws don't stop incidents from occurring. Please correct the structuring of your run-on sentences. You are so critical of the report but cannot seem to do any better? We got the story.

    • WAWWLI

      Fine, please correct the TYPE of gun. The point I was making, is there is a gun problem that needs to be solved. And the problem isn't law obiding, sane people with a gun. It's criminals, thugs, unstable, careless people with an illegal one. Guns do not kill people. The person behind the gun who pulls the trigger is the killer.

    • Smile

      I hope people close to you get shot. Then when you're speaking out about it, I'll have grammar nazis in the crowd yelling at you to keep your composure. MA'AM THAT WAS A FRAGMENT! WHAT WAS THE SUBJECT I'M COMPLETELY LOST. THAT WAS WORDED VERY AWKWARDLY. TRY NOT TO SAY "I" SO MUCH. MA'AM STOP MUMBLING.

      Ma'am. "You are so critical of the report but cannot seem to do any better?"
      That's not a question. That should read "You are so critical of the report but cannot seem to do any better."

      Also! You didn't capitalize "annie." You should've.

      You forgot an apostrophe in "cant." I don't know if you know how to use those or not. ALSO
      Here you say "How are you certain about anything if you weren't there."
      THATS A QUESTION MA'AM! IT ENDS WITH A QUESTION MARK!! GARSH. So many mistakes!! Maybe you shouldn't have self-appointed yourself as a grammar douche.

      • Smile

        I hope people close to you get shot. Then when you're speaking out about it, I'll have grammar nazis in the crowd yelling at you to keep your composure. MA'AM THAT WAS A FRAGMENT! WHAT WAS THE SUBJECT I'M COMPLETELY LOST. THAT WAS WORDED VERY AWKWARDLY. TRY NOT TO SAY "I" SO MUCH. MA'AM STOP MUMBLING.

        My comment is supposed to miss the point entirely as much as her post. The point is, someone got shot and we should hoping they're doing well, not correcting people's grammar and spelling while not even being able to handle our own. That's as childish as my dumb statement. : ) Only a 12 year old would wish that to someone because they don't realize what exactly it is they're saying.

      • Smile

        This reply is supposed to be as childish as her correction of a person's comment when the focus should be the shooting, the victims, and their well-being. It's good to hear your cousin is ok. I hope he makes a speedy recovery!

  • Tony

    WGN is anti-gun so they report a worse gun than was found – if it was an automatic weapon they would report that it was a shoulder fired rocket launcher.

    • 318mopar

      The New World Order wants to take everyone's gun away, so when the world's economy collapses and money is worthless and the riots begins fewer people will have guns. The police can't protect you, you have to protect yourself.

  • Dana

    Lots of crazy drivers out there who really test one's patience. They honk at you for not doing 50mph; they tailgate; they don't give way to pedestrians; they don't use turn signals; they take one-way streets; and beat red lights. Sooner or later these slobs are gonna be pissing off someone with a gun and end up being dead just for some traffic altercation. Drive responsibly.

  • BiddyMac

    So I guess we should pass a law that allows everybody to carry a gun cause that would make it safer. Leagal or not guns KILL

    • Cal

      It would, because the douches with guns have no courage. So when confronted with the mere idea that someone MIGHT be holding a gun, they'll shit there pants and not do anything. They don't want to get shot. They don't want a level playing field. Also, in order to carry you have to be TRAINED which is better than how it stands as is. I almost got shot by a retard 14 year old shooting at a car with the gun sideways. About 6 feet from me, a 45 year old and presumabley her daughter had to duck behind parked cars. If you want to abstain from your right to bear arms, so be it, but don't dictate my life.

    • Ben

      If this were still the era of the Wild West. We live in a supposedly civil society now. Unless, the constitution gets amended and that Right to Bear Arms gets quashed, there no solution to this because people will always invoke their constitutional right. That law is outdated, abused, and misinterpreted but getting rid of it is impossible as our legislators are political animals who act only on their political instincts and not ethics. Besides, the NRA is keeping all their pockets well fed.

      • Cal

        It's not a civil society. I understand saying something enough starts to give it validity, but this is anything but a civil society. We're still bent on outward appearance in the year 2013. People still pray to magical beings in heaven, and think God put fossils on earth. We want to be civil, and tell ourselves we are, that however doesn't make it so. Remember the 6 month year old that just got shot? Doesn't sound very civil.

        Regardless of the amendment, people will illegally obtain firearms. What does the amendment have to do with this situation? The weapon in question was a handgun, illegal in Illinois, and not covered by the 2nd amendment.

        In a country with ever shrinking rights, why would you volunteer giving one up?

        The NRA is here to arm the rich so they can protect their savings, investments, etc. especially in a crisis.

      • Dumb Religions

        If you don't like my comment then you have a problem with god's plan. Don't go against it, just surrender to the higher power that controls you.

    • Zak

      I'm glad to hear that. Thats some messed up shiz. No one deserves to lose their life for something as simple as someone giving another person the finger while driving. I actually was the person that was coming out of my house when he stopped on Sunnyside when the shots happened. It sucks starting your Friday morning off like that. But I am very relieved to hear that he is okay.

  • Jenny

    I live in this area, and it is very shocking to hear this. But, I feel Guns do not kill, it's the people who are handling the guns that kill people. Gun owners who obey and follow the law aren't the killers, it's the people who obtain them illegally and do not have proper training.

    • Applying Your Logic

      Then we should let other countries make large amounts of nuclear weapons and just keep a close eye on those in charge of the countries that have them. Nuclear weapons don't kill people, the people in control of the weapons do. Feel safer? No?

      • Soz bro

        : )
        She never said to arm anyone. Where did you read that?
        Guns are not comparable to Nuclear armaments.
        She stated she feels the person behind the trigger is the killer. An inanimate object cannot kill on its own.
        You twist and skew for your benefit. That's not logic. That's the bull you see everyday in political debates.

      • Jenny

        I'm not opposed to stricter gun laws, the removal of semi-automatic weapons, and high capacity magazines. I feel that gun dealers should scrutinize who they are selling the guns to. But again, in all reality, guns can only kill when used. As far as nuclear weapons, that's a completely different subject. Until all weapons are removed, no one will ever be safe!

  • Tim

    First off, it was probably a Semi-Automatic, second it was probably an illegal weapon and the crime done by a repeat offender!! Way to go Chicago!! Your Gun laws are working…Cant you see the results?? Innocent people left and right are getting affected…Another news update of Gun violence but nothing will happen because of this!! When will Chicago and all of Illinois be on board for Conceal Carry and the Right to Law Abiding Citizens to protect themselves!! How many more innocent deaths need to be tallied up unto the officials make up there mind to give us OUR Right to protect ourselves?

  • Keybored

    Oh look a gun control argument on the internet. This is so rare! I am sure great results will spawn from people's suggestions.

  • Mensa

    Annie and keybored, your commentary is so sophomoric. Everyone has the right to express themselves without moronic criticism.


    from what I heard the two "victims" were bar hopping at 4am and pissed off some disciple gang bangers in a bar, they then followed them and shot the car up…it was not a road rage incident

  • casey

    that intersection catches another victim! worst crossing in chicago….accidents almost daily but THATS BESIDE THE POINT. jeff park is turning just like every other hood in chicago…wannabe lil gangtas….sad

  • jayson

    im from chicago and now live in california..i lived within mins of where this happened…this stuff happens everyday and all over the the planet…jeff park and other neighboring cities have done this before….and yes, it sucks about the gun law but either way it's still going to happen whether we like it or notr