Parents react to CPS closures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Parents are reacting to the proposed closures by Chicago Public School officials, that would shut down 61 buildings and affect more than 30,000 children. Capture

Among the concerns, one parent said she believed CPS was only thinking about the money, others are worried about taking their children out of their element and forcing them into unfamiliar territory.

Most of the schools on the school closure list are in predominantly minority communities on the West and South Sides.

Parents also voiced concern that their children would get less individual attention at the newer schools with larger classroom sizes. “I always liked the small sizes, of student-to-teacher ratio,” explained Latonya Butts. “I don’t feel that teachers can be effective… teaching 30+ students in a classroom.”

Most of all, parents said they were concerned about the greater distance their children would have to travel to get to school. In some cases, a mile or more. “One of the main reasons why my children go to [Enrico Fermi Elementary] is so they didn’t have to go all the way down to the other schools because of the gang territories,” said Carlton Purnell. “It’s not safe. They’re literally risking their lives, and putting them in jeopardy.”

CPS officials said parents still have options for their children, and that each school that closes has a designated “welcoming school” for displaced students.

CPS projects savings of $560 million from the closings.

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  • SPE

    Karen Lewis in/Rahm Emanuel out! People of Chicago its time we all take a stand its out of control. Lets all stand together as One and lets all get the mayor to resign.

  • Dela

    Didn't IL start the lotto for the children and their Schools .So much money is made in the Lottery every year .We should have the best Schools but instead that money is going somewhere else .

  • keeping real

    wow!!! that all what the city is savin 560million that not even a 6month for the city!!! and where is that money going to?? and where is the money from lottery sale at??? dam people from chicago awake up!!! get this crooks out!!! what next social security will be tax as well!!???

  • Gilbert

    i find it very sad that African Americans dont see whats been going on. they started rebuilding chicago
    when Dailey was in office, then they called WHITES to come back! have you noticed after that OVERNIGHT chicago became the center of GANGS, DRUGS AND MURDER! and where was this focused? THE SOUTH SIDE of chicago! black areas! HELLO! this is called MARGALIZING ! overnight blacks became the center of crime, but i give credit to the mayor. just give it time, thier will be no africans in the city and they know this . this is thier goal, thats why the mayor said at a press meeting ALL MEXICANS ARE WELCOME HERE! with out papars! when was the last time you saw anything about spanish gangs in the city? does that mean they packed up and left? I AM A SHAME OF MY LATINO PEOPLE who are also apart of this. this is nothing more than MARGALIZING ! MARGALIZING ! AFRICAN AMERICAN YOU MUST STAND up!