LIST: Chicago Public School, program closures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Overview of all Chicago Public School proposed school and program closures:

Close Altgeld into Wentworth @ Altgeld (new STEM program at Altgeld)

Close Armstrong and May into Leland @ May (new STEM program at Leland)

Phase out Attucks over 2 years, close into Beethoven Fall 2015

Close Banneker into Mays @ Banneker

Close Bethune into Gregory

Close Bontemps into Nicholson (new STEM program at Nicholson)

Close Calhoun into Cather

Close Canter into Harte and Ray

Close De Duprey and Von Humboldt into De Diego (new IB programme at De Diego)

Close Delano into Melody @ Delano

Close Dumas into Wadsworth @ Dumas (new STEM program at Wadsworth)

Close Emmet into Ellington and DePriest (new STEM programs at Ellington and DePriest)

Close Ericson into Sumner (new STEM program at Sumner)

Close Fermi into South Shore Fine Arts

Close Garfield Park into Faraday

Close Garvey into Mount Vernon

Close Goldblatt into Hefferan (new STEM program at Hefferan)

Close Goodlow into Earle @ Goodlow (new STEM program at Earle)

Close Henson into C. Hughes

Close Herbert into Dett @ Herbert

Close M. Jackson into Fort Dearborn

Close Key into Ellington (new STEM program at Ellington)

Close Overton into Mollison (new IB programme at Mollison)

Close Owens into Gompers (new STEM program at Gompers)

Close King into Jensen

Close Paderewski into Cardenas and Castellanos

Close Kohn into Cullen, Lavizzo, and L. Hughes (new STEM program in L. Hughes)

Close Lafayette into Chopin

Close Lawrence into Burnham @ Lawrence

Close Manierre into Jenner (new IB programme at Jenner)

Close Marconi into Tilton (new STEM program at Tilton)

Close Mayo into Wells @ Mayo (new IB programme at Wells)

Close Morgan into Ryder

Close Parkman into Sherwood

Close Peabody into Otis

Close Pershing West into Pershing East @ Pershing West

Close Pope into Johnson

Close Ross into Dulles

Close Ryerson into Ward @ Ryerson (new STEM program at Ward)

Close Sexton into Fiske @ Sexton (new IB programme at Fiske)

Close Songhai into Curtis

Close Stewart into Brennemann

Close Near North and Buckingham into Montefiore

Mason moves from K-11 to K-8*
*program closure only

Close Stockton into Courtenay @ Stockton

Close Trumbull into Chappell, McPherson, and McCutcheon

Close West Pullman into Haley (new Fine and Performing Arts program at Haley)

Close Williams ES and Williams MS into Drake @ Williams; co-locate with Urban Prep

Close Woods into Bass

Close Yale into Harvard

Overview of all proposed co-locations

Richard T. Crane Medical Prep HS with Chicago Talent Development HS and Richard T. Crane Technical Prep HS

Noble-Comer with Revere ES

New Noble HS with Bowen HS

Montessori Charter of Englewood with O’Toole

Kwame Nkrumah Charter with Gresham

New KIPP with Hope HS

Disney II expansion with Marshall Middle

Belmont Cragin K-8 with Northwest Middle (Belmont Cragin preK program remains in current location)

New Noble HS with Corliss HS

Dodge with Morton

Drake with Urban Prep Academy for Young Men – Bronzeville

Overview of all turnarounds







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  • jomarie2007

    Yes this is a shame that these schools are closing, but everyone wants to blame the teachers. What about the parents? Time and time again I have seen parents go to a school and cuss a teacher out because THEIR child is failing, YET the child is failing due to lack of homework missing or missing projects. Schooling is just not for the TEACHERS to teach our children, parents are a HUGE part in their child's education. You have some parents that just drop their kids off at school and expect WONDERS to happen, then you have parents that consider school a daycare service and the you have the parents that actually give a dang about their child's education.

    So stop blaming the teachers for poor schools. I give kudos to some of these teachers that travel to some of these neighborhoods to teach and some of them put themselves in danger everyday.

    Lets face it this has always been a city who has based everything on race, so they know who they are going after.

  • sande7

    If you want these schools to remain open then be prepared to PAY for them to stay open. It's easy, PAY more money and the schools will remain open. No bi$^hing or complaining about taxes. PAY for it. Don't be mad at elected officals who want to raise your taxes to pay for the wages, the food, the heat and general upkeep of public buildings. It's simple math. No one wants to make tough choices but Chicago and IL needs a wake up call. The city and state are broke.

  • SPE

    These changes in Chicago are not the fault of anyone else but the Mayor of Chicago and we the people need to get him to resign. We all need to come together as one and its time for to get out of our city!

  • Rose

    It really doesn’t make any since to me, to close down this many schools. I’m a parent, my children school is on the list. My children are honor students with a gpa of 4.0. I have a daughter in Lane Tech High School. So it’s not that the children isn’t learning. If the government stop misusing funds we won’t have this problem. The situation needs to be taken into consideration. I refuse to make my daughters walk 15-20 blocks to school with all the child rapist and gangs. Closing schools is going to hurt more instead of making things better. The government is steady raising taxes, red light cameras are everywhere, parking meters, and 100 dollar car stickers. Where is the money going ? But they are willing to take a chance on a child education. How cruel is that.

    • SPE

      Comment from a Grandma……
      Stop blaming teachers, and the administration, the lack of resources ……… When was the last time you read a book with your child, took them to the library, talked about what they learned in school, checked their homework, talked with your children about why school is important and how exciting learning can be. Successful children have involved interested parents. So if these activities are not a constant part of your family life, start blaming yourself

  • Brian

    Why are we trying to make this about race, (Karen Lewis). It's simply a matter of economics. When you leave the house you shut the lights off because nobody is home. Do you leave the water running when you are not taking a shower or washing dishes? Is the oven left on when nothing is cooking? NO. You don't do any of these things because they all cost money to do, and you don't want to waste money. It's called operational cost. Combine the empty schools, to make full schools.
    Higher attendance means higher budget for that school. Higher budget for school means a better school and education !!!! Sometimes you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. It's not about race you grand-standing idiot. You are an embarrassment to the "quality" teachers of Chicago Public schools.

      • Holly

        Brian- clearly you don't live in these neighborhoods and see how it affects the families living here. You don't see the positives that happen in the exisiting schools. It's not just about numbers, it's about quality of education. Do you want your 1st grader in a class of 35+ students? Because this is what will be happening when they combine all of these "under-utilized" schools. How will they get a better education? It's not about adding IPADs, airconditioning, or libraries to our schools. It's about providing teachers with reasonable class sizes, support, and safety.

  • keeping real

    it very sad that chicago is going down like detriot that is a donkey hole of a city!!! next election we need fire those monkeies!!!!! well closing school is about as smart as closing prison too!!!

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    The only group who is against this common sense and overdue consolidation is the teachers union, which is also the source of most of the problems with the CPS.

  • Lund13

    This isn't unique to Chicago. Almost any city with more than 100,000 people are seeing this. A lot of it has to do with pensions, or the high number of buildings that were built between 1910-1920 (and having to upgrade them to 2013 building code would cost more than just rebuilding); lots of cities with populations of, say, 120,000 that had 5 high schools in 1983 now have 1 big high school in 2013 that offers college prep classes, offers many more programs, have excellent facilities where kids can get involved in sports or take college credit classes onsite and gets students used to college because the large campus looks like what they'll see in college.
    The other side of this is that it's not racist – Chicago Schools are a minority-majority district. As well, birth rates have gone way down during the times these kids were born and will likely drop even more, which will mean big cities/big districts will continue to dwindle. What happens in cities like Chicago is that you might see a lot of very young students, but by grade 4 or 5 many parents typically move to smaller communities and children don't remain in Chicago from K-12.

  • Holly

    Something else no one has touched on is the injustice of timing! This list was released in Feb/March, months after the lottery system was closed for the following year. My children attend Wadsworth and it is a good school that we felt comfortable keeping them. However, had I known it would be combining with Dumas, I would have done the lottery system to try to get them into a magnet school. The fact that they have given parents no time to prepare for other options for their children is a travesty.

  • Love Gods Childern

    May God Have Mercy on the indiviuals who made the decision on closing all of the schools don't forget while all of you that is sitting on your thrones condeming Gods childern sending them out to wonder in the wildernss !! Remember Who is Making Yours. !!!!!!!

  • spoolie

    you people still don't get it. they are allowing the violence to continue to keep you terrified and closing the schools to keep you stupid so you will keep voting the same democrats in to office with the promise they will save you. really 50 million dollars for basketballs to help stop the killing? that is one of their solutions. lol


    hi my name is TAINIKA i work with ACTION NOW…….if u fed up and wanna do something attend the big rally on the 27 of MARCH we have bus pick up…we as parents, commuity, stores, just everyone need to attend we need to start to stick together now…THIS WED.27TH…….STOP THE SCHOOL CLOSING….
    312-676-3374 CALL FOR MORE INFO……

  • rundownwoman

    have you all lost their mind???????
    most of them on the southside and a few on the northside . a studden change to the southside about 20 years couse this!!!!

  • Dela

    Hey what about the lottery all that cash hmm wasn't the Lottery's plan to help the schools of IL and Chicago Like the Tow way money suppose to help care for the roads and bridges .