Person in custody after shooting, manhunt in Tinley Park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One person is in custody after one person was shot at the 7-11 Store in Tinley Park this afternoon.

According to Tinley Park police, the person was shot and injured at the store located at 167th and Oak Park Ave.  The police searched for the offender with help from other agencies including the Cook County Police helicopter.

The offender was taken into custody at 147th and Oak Park Ave in Oak Forest.

Check back for updates.

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  • Concerned

    Meanwhile, Tinley Park's "Mayor Ed" keeps turning a blind eye to the rampant increase in crime in the area, due in no small part to the region's "demographic shift". This spill over of trash from Country Club Hills and Matteson needs to stop. Tinley Park used to be a great area – some parts still are, but seemingly not for long. Can we afford to lose another southwest suburb to this madness?

    • Fed up

      I fully agree. All of the crap is coming from the east, and moving west. It seems that you can't escape it anymore. We purposely move away from these people, pay good money for nice houses with high taxes, then they start with their crime. Next out property value decreases, so we move out, and they move in, and destroy the town. I don't know what the answer is anymore. Keep moving west I guess. It's a really sad situation.

  • TP Native

    Well there goes the neighborhood…I grew up a block away from here and it's ashame to see the spike in crime in the neighborhood over the past several months…it's ashame…

  • Lives Nearby

    Rampant? Spike? A few high profile crimes over several years in a police blotter that usually describes DUIs and teenage pot posession does not the end of civilization portend. So relax. It's THAT kind of attitude that hurts neighbhorhoods. Not advocating being a Pollyanna but confidence in our neighborhood keeps up the property values as surely as a "there goes the neighborhood" attitude brings them down.

  • Unknown

    A few high profile crimes???? First of all 5 women executed is a little more than high profile!!!! And there is sooooo much more that has been going on in Tinley than you even know!!!! Everything has gotten out of hand and the rug that the mayor keeps sweeping it under is now a mountain!!!!!!! Wake up mayor zabrokie!!!!!!

  • TP Native

    To Lives Nearby…I'm sure you wouldn't have this kind of attitude if you personally knew a victim of the crime that has been occurring in Tinley recently. And just so you know what hurts nieghborhoods is when you are ignorant enough to have "confidence" in any area anymore. There is no such thing as a Mayberry. You have to be aware of your surroundings and instead of just seeing little crime blotters as just a little thing you have to look at the whole picture and try and put it all to an end. So yeah, I will see it as a "there goes the neighborhood" and do something about it….I.E. locking doors, being aware of my surroundings…keeping an extra eye out…

  • tp resident

    tinley park is going down the tubes. the mayor hides everything. i advise anyone whos thinging of moving to tinley park to seek a home in another burb.

  • tinleymom

    This is becoming a different place than it was years back! Kids doing Heroin in Andrew, drugs such as this being sold in local shops! Yea and it IS all being swept under the rug! We actually do not hear half of the things that happen in this town.. It is just the day and age I guess it is horrible to say that but look at everything that is happening even in good areas? Crime is everywhere unfortunately

  • mike

    does anyone know who and where were both of the people from? from what i read there was two guys arguing and one shot another. The killer took off north so id say neither were from tinley park,. i just dont understand how tinley park works, they build businesses and all the theatre and cause all the traffic on harlem and instead of lowering taxes for the residents , they keep raising taxes. if no one benefits from all this stuff then why bring in outsiders. more business and theatres more crime..

    • Guest

      Mike I hear the gunman was from Markham and I thought the victim was from Tinley Park. From what I am hearing it was a Craigslist exchange gone bad. The young man from Tinley was selling something and the young man from Markham wanted it for free. Society today.

  • UsedToLoveTP

    This is truly unfortunate. I moved here when I was a little girl 20 years ago and I seriously was in love with this town. I loved my childhood growing up here. I hate seeing this town, and surrounding towns, becoming this way. And there is no way to stop this now. :(

  • mike

    Yes; it is a bad thing that happened but you can't escape crime because crime is everywhere. I don't care if you go to the east cost west cost north or south there is still going to be crime. And I think that crime has a lot to do with what people see on Tv.

  • keeping it real

    tinley park gets worse every day i used to work evenings in tinley park and every night leaving work there was something. drugs, robbery, shooting you know the neighborhood has gone down the toilet when people need escorts to their cars at 8pm in the middle of the summer because of all the gang bangers selling drugs out side by the hotels near I-80

  • Growingupintinley

    I graduated from Andrew about 5 years ago and it was a much different place. There is definite crime coming in from certain neighborhoods and it makes me sad that my younger brother does not feel comfortable going to school or to the Orland Square mall. It is MUCH different now.. something does need to be done and a 2,000,000 dollar train station is not going to change it…I cant even go to the mall anymore without seeing a fight between people. It really is too bad..

  • Poor little town

    I live two blocks from the shooting. Crime rate? What crime rate? My house was robbed last year. Everyone knows who did it, but, takes too much effort to investigate. I went door to door while the police sat in front with their cars parked so they could BS. Found out from my neighbors there has been 18 burglaries in the previous months but there is no pattern.

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