Angry parents protest CPS closures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Parents and community leaders angry about Chicago Public Schools’ plans to close classrooms protested on Thursday outside the homes of members of the Chicago Board of Education.

Their group, “Action Now,” took their “School Board Bullies Bus Tour” to the houses of Andrea Zopp, President David Vitale, and Penny Pritzker. However, Pritzker resigned from the board on March 14th.

They’re accusing the board members of bullying parents, students, teachers and community members by forcing schools to adopt policies that don’t work and hurt education.

“If they were to get off their high horse, get off their cans and go out into those communities or the school that they decided they want to close, you know, they’ve been deciding our destiny far too long,” said one demonstrator.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this report.

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  • Officer Keith Irvin

    Really. What do you expect when you parents do not make your children come to school. You let them stay at home and tell you they are not going to school. You don’t sit down and raise your kids.but when someone has to deal with your children you all are always sayin they are picking on your kids.the youth today are disrespectful and don’t listen to any one.more importantly you don’t teach your kids to value education so they don’t and they don’t care.these schools are under populated but you expect the city to keep these schools open which are now holding cells for the penitentiary because in cps that is all that’s going on.fighting cursing gangbangin and sex that’s what cps is doing to your children.its not the teachers fault the police fault its your fault as a parent who does not discipline your children nor give them structure.

    • Laurie

      The politicians and venture capitalists who are closing community schools want to replace public education with charter schools which will be controlled much differently abd basically be beholden to those who pour money into them.

  • Fed up

    Stop protesting about poorly performing schools. I know it's easier to protest and blame somebody else, but it's time to hold yourselves accountable. Blame yourselves for not making sure that their assignments are done. Blame yourselves for not helping them with their homework, and helping them study. Blame yourselves for not raising your children with a strict understanding of why education is so important. Stop blaming everyone else. Start holding yourselves accountable, and stop blaming teachers, schools, and the CPS. Teachers can only do so much. It's on you to make sure that their tasks get done after school. So, put down the signs, and pick up your children's homework and studies, and help them with it. Stop relying on other people, city, and the state to raise your kids.

  • Dana

    I say they should shut up. Its free education. I'm sure their kids get free meals everyday and don't even bring a damn paper to school. They don't wan't to lose that and they don't wan't to wake up earlier to take their kids to the next nearest school. Damn freeloaders! If they can't take it anymore, they should transfer their kids to a private one and see how hard it is pay for good education.

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