Police: Driver shot, killed after accelerating toward Chicago cop

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago police officer shot and killed a man who tried to run him down with his car.

It happened in south suburban Hazel Crest just before 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The detective was conducting surveillance and approached a car on 171st Street after seeing two people get in.

The car sped up, hitting the officer’s vehicle.

Police say the officer opened fire because he feared for his life.

27-year-old Ryan Rogers was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

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    Its funny how ignorant people continue to make ignorant comments. Until you loose one of your close family members to senseless crime there is NO WAY you can understand. PRAYER. how about that. Stop pointing the finger and making every issue into something racial. Focus on trying to prevent violence and catch the criminals. They should be tried in court..sentenced,., and sent away to serve your time just as any criminal should NO MATTER WHAT SKIN YOU ARE IN!!

    • sam

      you are sooo right people dont think about what they are saying. Most people are not grown just because they are 18 or over it dosent make them grown. Its sad because if this were their family the would have a differtent attitude about the situation regardless if their family was right or wrong

  • Jovans Katete

    police of nowadays have chosen to serve there own interests thus y pope Francis asked us to be each ones protector we have to protect the weakest,poorest ,disadvantaged and also to protect the nature!

    • Baldy

      we need to protect against the stupid to. and the driver was stupid. God bless and protect the CPD from the bangers and other stupids

  • squibbelina

    This has nothing to do with race. If you are dumb enough to try to run down a cop, you are asking to get shot. This isn't about poor or disadvantaged. It's about dumb.

    • Juice

      So just because a plain clothes cop not working in their own jurisdiction says the young man tried to run over..so we have to believe the cop? Everybody is a citizen until they are a victim and justice doesn't work in their own favor

  • noNAME

    yeah…i agree with the first comment…"Let me guess…this was such an iNNOCENT MAN the police didn't deserve to shoot him well maybe he should not have accelerated and hit the police car!

  • Baldy

    be honest folks. some of you are. but come on the stupid fool driver is dead. he deserved it. now if the cop was trying to shoot up folks then all the punks would have some holes in them. tipping my hate to cpd for taking out some trash.

      • QUEEN


      • Baldy

        I corrected my mistake Queen. A typo ever done those, it appears you have. As far as correcting mistakes go…..people should learn from the mistakes of others and see certain lifestyles are a dead end. Is a bangers life really worth getting killed in the lifestyle….is it worth their children getting killed? Stupid people do stupid things and well the check is….their life. Wise up folks.

  • Eric

    so how do you know he was an undercover Chicago police officer if he was in plain clothes, ? dumbass.. And I am sure they targeted him, knowing that he would try to hit the officer. God bless and keep CPD safe, working in their own area or not….

      • Juicy Juice

        The police are allowed to go to other towns I don't see why everyone is so confused by this. This is quite common and in most cases the jurisdiction they are in are aware and or working with them. If they were doing survellance on him then it's likely they have been following him for some time, gathering eveidence. But you are probably right, he was bored, randomly picked this guy out and decided to go shoot him. Scary that you are allowed to vote, were you one of the brain surgeons who had re-elected Jessie Jr also?

  • Keith

    Wow! Once again a Chicago police officer is prejudged by the public as being a out of control murdering no feeling cop! I am a twenty two yr veteran of the Chicago police dept and currently assigned to a south side district that has a very high crime rate. What you the citizen don't understand is that we have units that work outside of the jurisdiction of the city of chicago.so those officers were working in a undercover capacity.but the sad fact of the matter is this in the black community which I am a part of there are black men killing and shooting each other on a daily basis. And we as police officers are subjected to this every single day. No police officer who I have known white,black

  • Angelica D.

    READ THE UPDATE!!!!!! Ryan was shot in the BACK!!!! What threat does he pose then? Your all so quick to point the finger to the Black man on the Block! "F" YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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