Dart calls for halt to illegal eviction notices

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is telling a Chicago property management company to immediately stop illegal eviction notices to renters whose buildings are the subject of foreclosure proceedings.

Dart has ordered CHIProperties to stop threatening its renters and to stop misrepresenting the law.

Members of the Keep Chicago Renting Coalition protested outside CHIProperties offices at 1512 North Fremont Street this morning.

Dart says the company has been posting notices that instruct renters in properties that are subject to foreclosure proccedings that they are trespassers and must move out immediately.  This notice also reads that the eviction process has started, even if a suit has not been filed.

When a bank wishes to evict tenants in a foreclosure they must do so through the court system.  Sheriff’s deputies then carry that eviction out.

Dart is asking CHIProperties to give him the addresses of every property in which these unlawful notices were distributed.

Luis Islas was living in such a unit with his wife and children.  They were given a notice that the sheriff was coming.  He says CHIProperties then boarded up the building while his family was still living in it.

“This company and banks, they think they can do whatever they want,” Islas said.  “But it’s not right.”

“This is common decency we’re talking about here, and following the law,” Sheriff Dart told reporters.  “There is a process.  People have 90 days.”

Sheriff Dart said anyone who has received such a notice should contact his office.

A person answering the telephone at the CHIProperties office said the company will have nothing to say.

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