Rosemont mayor pitches new stadium for Cubs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

While the Chicago Cubs and the city haggle over stadium renovations, the mayor of Rosemont pitches a new plan, for a new stadium.

Bradley Stephens tells Comcast SportsNet he’d give the Cubs 25 acres of land to build a replica of Wrigley Field.

Rosemont spokesman Gary Mack says the mayor is not interested in undercutting negotiations between the Cubs and the city, but the offer is on the table.

A Ricketts family spokesman says they appreciate the gesture, but the priority now is getting a deal done in Chicago.

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  • Yukon

    Figures – let an outsider buy up Chicago property and they want to destroy it. All Nebraska does is tear down and replace. They don't know how to fix and renovate.

  • Heather


  • Tony

    Yes…if the city will not play ball then move to Rosemont with a new state of the art replica with…her is a novel idea PARKING!

  • tom k.

    yes!!!! then wrigleyville lawns will be safe, no noise at nite, crime and vagrancy can return, no more yuppies in the street, land values will go down, the alderman can go back to just part time hours, the city could buy the land back from ricketts and build outrageously priced condos/ strip malls. and baseball will thrive in a suburb of chicago!!!! wow!!!

    • james

      are you a cub fan…prbly not because you dnt know the history and tradition of wrigley field…i got an idea lets tear down notre dame stadium and build an exact replica somewhere else in indana

  • joe

    You cannot run a major league team with the local Alderman putting the handcuffs on you. You can't run a major league team with the community and the roof tops telling you what you can and cannot do. The Cubs should take the offer and run to Rosemont. The fans will come, and once they realize how easy it is to get there and park, the Cubs will realize even more fans. Wrigely Field has out grown it's usefullness and no amount of upgrades can change what it is. Tear it down and put up condos, or what the City needs even more, Taverns!

  • Tired of Morons

    Here's a better idea. Leave Illinois and go embarrass another state and city for a 100 years. The Chicago Cubs, mediocrity at best on a good year. The only farm team allowed to play at the major league level.

  • james

    i dnt want the cubs to move away from all the traditions ive come to know and love, the red line, the ivy covered walls, the giant score board…lets think about this for a minute, lets admit the cubs are a .500 team at best, so what about the people who by tickets just because its wrigley. so you loose that money ticket prices will go up to pay for the new stadium. even though i think the said "build a replica" it wont be the same brand of cubs baseball. i know that you cant renovate and renovate and renovate wrigley forever, but lets first break the curse in wrigley. eventually the cubs will have to move away, i dont think its time yet

  • Ron

    Why spend the money to keep renovating Wrigley, Spend the money on a new ball park ,Don't make it a replica of Wrigley, Go to new design and start new winning traditions

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