Reward offered in fatal stabbing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On the day they cremated their son’s body, Andy Jaiswal’s parents and other family members begged for help in finding the 24-year-old’s killer.

His former employer, Thornton’s Gas Station, is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his killer.

Andy was stabbed to death Saturday morning while working at the gas station in Streamwood.  Surveillance tape shows the killer dressed in black with only his eyes showing. One glaring detail is he has on one white sneaker and one black.

Anyone with information can call the Streamwood police department or the anonymous hotline at 630-736-3719.

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  • tien ming

    This is what happens when you abolish the death penalty!
    The criminals get more and more brazen!
    They (the criminals) know that if they get caught, they would be sentenced to free room and board, free clothing, free meals, free sex, free drugs, free cable, free education and in some cases, they get it for life!
    What does a criminal have to lose in this state? Nothing!

    • jer maine

      Don't forget, this is also what happens when you close prisons!
      And these politicans wonder why there is overcrowding at the existing prisons/jails and so much crime on the streets!
      Of course, the politician will use the "blame [guns, video games, TV shows, movies, etc.]" dodge to avoid the real cause: Gang turf wars, high taxes, and the lack of PROPER mental health care!
      If there is no money in it for them, the politicians do not care!

  • WilliamJ

    I really wish someone was there to help him. This is bullsht. He would've handed over the money you cowardice slimebag — yet you get to walk freely in our neighborhood? I would've intervened in a heartbeat. We all would've.

    He's probably back to playing x-box and texting about the useless garbage he bought with a much better man's life. He'll blow through his cash like nothing and then want some more because he is a useless parasite, and the real man's family will forever be in pain.

    This pathetic thug is truly one God-dmned disgusting person. He thinks life is some degenerate video game? He'll find out soon enough.

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