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Funeral held today for Jonylah Watkins

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A funeral for 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins is being held in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood Tuesday.

She was shot and killed on the 6500 block of South Maryland on March 11.

Watkins was sitting on her father’s lap, inside a minivan, when a gunman approached and opened fire.

A single bullet entered her shoulder, injured several organs, before it exited through her lower body.

She survived emergency surgery, but she died the next morning.

Family, friends, and even strangers lined up for a visitation at Leak & Sons funeral home.

A 3-foot-6-inch casket was open, with a pink teddy bear inside.

No arrests have been made in Watkins’ murder.

Police say they believe her father, Jonathan, was targeted by a rival gang member.

The father was taken to a police station after he was released from the hospital.

“At this point we think there’s a lot more he can help us with, but he is in fact cooperating with the investigation,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

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  • andre caraway

    it's a shame that people can't sit and wai o love 1 to come or ju sit in e car to warm up? why, my heart gos out to the family and friends. is a shame

  • Fed up

    Charge the father along with the shooter! He was a low life gang banger, and brought this on himself! Now, this trash is recovering in the hospital, paid for by our tax dollars.

    • Fed up

      This child did nothing to bring this on herself. The last moments of her life were about as horrific as it gets. Charge the father, seeing as that he facilitated this. Then, pass a new law, stating that if you're a known gang member, you are not able to receive food stamps, welfare, or Medicaid. If you get shot or stabbed, you're on your own. A hospital doesn't have to treat you. Also, make the parents accountable for their children. If their child is arrested for gang activity, the parents lose all of their government assistance.

      • darlene

        Stop believing everything you hear in the news. Also, if we are going to enforce new laws regarding gangbangers, what about folks with mental health issues killing 20+??

      • Fed up

        There is a massive difference. The people who shot up the school had a serious mental ILLNESS. Most mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Joining a gang is a conscious decision. People join gangs for the drug money. Any reasonable person cannot compare having a mental illness to making a conscious decision to be being in a gang. And so you know, I have just as much hate for white people who join gangs

      • marcy

        There is no comparison to a gang banger and a mentally ill person. The mentally ill didnt choose to be the way they are but a gang banger chose that lifestyle!!

      • sick of dumb fucks

        stfu , always talking nonsense dumb ass people its fucking Chicago wtf do you expect , talking about charge the dad for what he got shot to , dont you think that man going thru enough watch the shit you people say aint nobody got time for the negative shit foreal !

  • Kate

    Why do the news stories keep changing? I thought she was shot 5 times, whilecthecfather changed her diaper. Sounds like he used her as a shield.

  • Traci

    First, I hear father changing daughter diaper on passenger side of car and now I hear daughter is sitting on fathers lap on drivers side of the car. Sounds to me like the father is lying about what happened. I knw something sounded fishy about his story. Think about it, if he was really changing his baby diaper she would have survived because his body would have shielded hers. If anything he would have been badly injured and not his child. Unfortunately, his daughter dies as a result for shielding him. Why was he on the south side of town with his child sitting on his lap. why wasn't she sitting in the back strapped to a car seat. This father has a lot of answering to do. I know for sure now that I know his child was sitting on his lap he had to have seen something. He knows the description of the thugs who did this heinous act. I'm tired of hearing about scumbags committing crimes and not getting their true target. Jonylah is a beautiful baby born to the wrong parents. I hate her life was cut short on this earth to a bunch of sorry losers. I hope Judy Young (Watkins) divorce this loser before she gets killed by her husband rivalry. Precious baby Jonylah you are now in a better place. You are in God's care forever. May God and his angels watch over you forever and ever. Amen!


      Once again its their fucking child , your a nobody you don't know what its only one person that can tell what happen just because the news put up several stories doesn't mean that is true, no one will really know what happen but him ; y'all dumb ass fucks always worried about some dumb ass shit this man just lost his 6 month old baby and could have lost his life and y'all worried about a fucking story mind y'all damn business stupid bitch !

  • unknown

    This is such a sad situation. I feel that her father should have did more to help her…. He should have lost his life not her….in the Bible the sons of the parents fall on the father, I never met any of these people but this story touched my heart…I literally cries everyday since it happen. I hope the killer is found either way, he’s paying for what he did to this baby trust me.

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