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Baby laid to rest as police still seach for suspect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 6-month-old was laid to rest one week after she was killed on the lap of her own father.

Hundreds of loving friends and family said goodbye to Johnylah Watkins, a little girl they hardly got to know.

A tiny white casket was removed from a hearse outside New Beginnings Church of Chicago. Onlookers wept as the mother and father of young Jonylah followed their only child into a funeral home for a final farewell.

Inside, there were demands from the pulpit; too much violence, too many deaths.  The people of Chicago for days have wanted answers. This day in particular, they want action.

They sang, they prayed, they wept and then they left. It’s a community becoming all too familiar with the routine of a funeral up in arms over the senseless bloodshed that could even take a life as vulnerable and innocent as young Jonylah’s.

Jonylah’s dad Jonathan, police say, has known gang affiliation and a criminal record with 30-plus arrests and five convictions. He was the target, police say.

There are no suspects in custody at this.

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  • phil

    How the hell is somebody with 30 arrests. And 5convitions still on our streets ????? Our justice system is a joke this dirtbag was way past giving chances to……we need to bring the death penalty back to make room for losers like this dad who got his baby killed smdh….

  • jen

    Wow what is the world coming to,,, This family just lost their 6-month old innocent child, and their discussing the history of her fathers arrests and gang affiliation!! That's irrelevant to the fact at hand… Theres too much killing and gang violence in the city of chicago period… I feel that they should knock on every known gang members door and lock them away….. Just saying i'd feel a whole lot safer if i could go to my home town and know that i won't get shot on the way to the corner store…

  • Quita

    The guilty person that murdered this precious beautiful babygirl should go ahead and turn there self in. That was awful to shoot an innocent baby who didn't even have a chance. I'm still clueless as to how and why they had the heart to do such evil thing and at that end they may have took a life but they still don't get the last laugh cause they will suffer as well in jail for the rest of there entire life and deal with torture and mad fights with the big dogs in there. I hope this person suffers and rot. I also would like to send my deepest condolonces to the family of Jonylah. Stay strong mama and daddy. She is safe in heaven now and will never be forgotten.

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    The baby mama is sure keeping a really low profile, isn't she? I would expect her to have been wailing in front of the cameras with her lifelong spiritual advisor, she just met. They kilt mah baby!! Where the po leece now? if it was a white baby..Ohhh! (collapses). Expect a surprise ending in this case.

  • Ambr Currin

    You people with your comments about the father need to stfu… Yes he was in a gang nd yes they were after him!! But to say he needs to be charged is absurd…. Just because her mother is keeping a low profile there is something wrong !!! This world is filled with so much ignorance !!! Kill yaselfs!!

  • Anonymous

    This entire story is awful as a parent of two daughters my most important goal is too nurture them&keep them safe. Second is to provide them with safe living environment&education which is a must in my home. I’m have several degree’s ,not blaming or bragging. Point is if you know better you try to do better. My girls know if they get locked up for something that they r guilty of don’t call me or dad because we have tried to do the right thing regarding their welfare&upbringing. Not judging but look @Ms. Watkin’s fb page, bragging about money &jealous is not good thing to do period. Posting on fb how much “trap money” you have is ignorant “hood behavior”. Her mother, her pastor Mr. Brooks should have told her to delete her inappropriate page. No baby deserve to die over nonsense or their parents error. I’m nowhere near perfect but I try to do the right thing for my children. Ms. Watkins could have thanked he community&world for their prayers&donations. She simply run away from cameras’ &become defensive verbally regarding her husband. I do believe In Second chances but not 30 chances. I would die for my daughters & I try not to put them in dangerous situations. My lifestyle is simple but safe& brings my family some happiness. The fool that pulled the trigger was simly the devil. Even thugs should have a heart y would u pull trigger when u saw him with his baby? God have mercy on your soul. Dad it’s time to man-up, stop playing games with police give them the information needed. It was your child, no amount of memorials or spray painted ties or tee shirts will bring her back. You were the last one to hold her prior to her getting shot. Her blood is on your hands. I pray for all involved in this web of mess, Mr.Brooks your community look up to u please stop with your antics & help your community. You are attracted to the limelight get your ass out& help All In Your Woodlawn Community not just highly publicized cases. They lived five minutes away from Hyde Park community where there is 24hr. Police protection on the Presidents empty home. I know security is needed there but i say use or hire more police, start arresting parents for their children crimes, ppl in community must speak up children&teens should be able to walk to stores or play in playgrounds without getting shot. I say military presence is needed now because too many kids& innocent ppl r getting shot. Our politics are ridiculous regarding crimes, politicians have 24hr. Security our children have none outside of prayers that they won’t b shot at school, playground, etc. PPL wake up blame yourselves we can do better than this!!

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