Sign dispute in Dolton

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A group of suburban Dolton residents protested outside their mayor’s house, accusing him of removing campaign signs from their homes.

The group claimed police officers unlawfuly removed campaign signs from their yards that support Valeria Stubbs.

Stubbs is challenging Mayor Ronnie Lewis.

Stubbs said officers removed her signs under the mayor’s orders after she criticized the city’s response to last week’s flood victims.

A spokesperson for the mayor said the signs were removed because they were the incorrect size. She said the limitation on the size of signs is 3X5. The signs that were removed were 4X8.

Officials said all residents received five days notice of the violation, enough time to replace the signs.

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  • shawn

    these people just want media attention, They are not concerned about those signs. And anyway they should have read the ordinances before buying them.

  • diane

    I can't tell without a ruler, but after living in various communities and volunteering in dozens of campaigns , the sign she is holding looks like the standard size seen every where else in Illinois. Did a certain political party legislate " unique sizing" just to curtail any opposition. If so then Ronnie Lewis need to go and his cronies need to go.

  • Robert Nico Young

    If you pay attention to the document she is holding, its a motorized letter from Ronnie Lewis. Village attorney of dolton, stating there is no such ordinance .Ronnie Lewis puts seniors out in the street and steals every grant dolton gets. Vote Ronnie out and elect Valeria stubbs, she does amazing things for dolt on from her heart, ask the neighborhood. Ronnie the crook Lewis will be voted off the island on the 9th of April!