Voice of the Faithful representative discusses pope selection

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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1 Comment

  • Helene Karpiel

    March 13-2013

    Because of the following reasons, I was pleased that Pope Francis will be taking on the responsibilities of the Roman Catholic Church.

    UPDATED with additional names March 13-2013

    When I was very young and naive, I worked as much as I could (keeping only my paychecks to pay my living expenses … being most frugal) while giving all of my tip monies to the Catholic Churches that I worshipped at in the 1960’s … yes, giving them anywhere from $300.00 to $500.00 per week (with more around the holidays) while I struggled financially trying to help my mother and keep up my own apartment. Yet, today, all that I owned in family heirlooms; my intellectual property; antiques; personal and legal files; clothes; all of my son’s old but in excellent condition toys; all of my son’s grade and high school papers and Who’s Who in America Year Books and trophies and journals I had kept on my son since birth and much more; all of our family’s year books (I was the family historian who created journal after journal {compiling a historical Polish family journey} who took thousands of family photos that Bishop Wuerl had destroyed); a library of over 5,000 irreplaceable reference books and special edition collectables (including a new complete set of the “Dick and Jane” books in mint condition), a favorite thick grade school history book about 5″ x 7″ in size with a dark red cover that had a large dark blue Statue Of Liberty on the front cover); over 50 years of diaries/journals, over 1,000 very expensive medical | nursing books with expensive color plates and the expensive leatherette covered Lange Medical Books {each thick book having a different colored cover}, two huge black medical books with fluorescent turquoise and white lettering, a set of about 20 large thick red leather covered books on genetics, over 100 legal books on Case Law, over 500 expensive collector ethnic {some from the 1800’s} cook books, over 100 very old {some from the 1800’s} Folklore/Herbal Medicine {including many of the Dr. Case, the Dr. Foote and other well known doctors’ books that my family used to treat my family members as we grew up in the country on farms}), and so much more … have been illegally taken from me and my family by the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese under the notorious Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua, Bishop Donald W. Wuerl, Auxiliary Bishop John B. McDowell, Sister Ignatius Rooney, baby killer Madeline Jubeck and a host of other individuals that have been tied to the sexual molestation and torture of little children and teenagers in the Allegheny County areas spreading throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

    March 12-2013

    In 1992, when I was hired as the new administrator of The St. Regis Hotel … a residential dorm for Catholic females who were attending classes at one of the colleges, business schools, nursing schools, or elsewhere, I later learned that I was going to be expected to put a dose of dog deworming pills in the juice glasses (I managed to save one baby from being aborted this way when I ran into the dining room and slapped the juice out of the expectant mother’s hand once Ms. Jubeck told me that this young lady would no longer be pregnant by that evening … ThenI told the young lady not to eat or drink anything at the St. Regis, again, and to pack her belongings and go home to her family so that she would not lose her baby and she listened and about seven months later I received a birth announcement saying that this young lady had fineness birth to a beautiful and healthy and the photo was most precious) of the females that happened to find themselves in a motherly way, for whatever the reason (maybe there was a star in the East … who knows), something that was being done in the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese for over 35 years by Madeline Jubeck (whose nephew Mark Russ was a corrupt FBI Agent and closed his eyes to all of his Aunt Jubeck’s repeated acts of cold blooded murder even after I filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission {EEOC}), because the Pittsburgh Police Department, the Allegheny County Police Department, and the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department refused to do anything about these constant murders. But, the EEOC also refused to do anything about these cold blooded murders. Instead of helping me, I was unjustifiably fired and my reputation ruined.

    Why? Because Auxiliary Bishop John B. McDowell and Bishop Donald W. Wuerl did not want young women walking around the St. Regis with “big bellies,” so I was told by Ms. Madeline Jubeck.
    Ms. Jubeck told me that the same orders were given to her from Bishop Anthony J. Bevilacqua and the Cardinals and Bishops before him. Bishop Donald W. Wuerl is an extremely cruel and monstrous man (a man ?) … if my friend were still alive (she would be over 100 years of age, now) she would be able to enlighten people about who the real Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl really is as she even knew his family. NOT GOOD.

    OTHER New Data Added
    Updated – March 12-2013

    All of the “Perversion Papers” from around the world should be reviewed by these faux Cardinals (according to the dictionary, a male cardinal should possess a black face … Are these Cardinals heshes?) before serious consideration is given to begin electing the next Pope. Most likely none amongst these red faced Cardinals has a clean enough slate to even think of entertaining the thought of auditioning for the roll of St. Peter … especially during this upcoming high holy season. The seven Cardinal | Capital | Deadly sins: superbia | avaritia | luxuria | invidia | gula |ira | acedia … also known as: pride | avarice | envy | wrath | lust | gluttony | sloth. Child molestation, sexual assault and torture do not count now and they never have. If people cannot see through the farce of a Cardinal that Donald W. Wuerl is, then the public must still be “wearing rose colored glasses.”

    All major newspapers in America should be in Rome, Italy demanding of Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl and Cardinal Dan DiNardo reasons they, along with Bishop Paul Bradley (who Cardinal Wuerl appointed as bishop {as a reward for all of his lies} and sent to Kalamazoo, MI), LIED, repeatedly, through their teeth, to protect and defend the late monstrous child molester and torturer, Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua.

    For over 100 years, some of the worst sexual molestation acts have been committed against Pittsburgh’s most vulnerable (children, handicapped, teenagers, and those oppressed who have had no one to turn to) by Catholic clergy monsters supported by corrupt politicians, some of whom are now throwing their hats into the mayoral three ring circus … for a finale that citizens will be eying this coming May. And yes … this has included the highest ranking officials … cardinals, archbishops, bishops, auxiliary bishops, monsignors, et al.

    These diabolical clerics’ purse strings have created outrageous miscarriages of justice in the local, county, state, and federal Court Levels and been the driving force behind the ruin of thousands of good, decent, kind and hard working families in the State of Pennsylvania.

    “Wake up and smell the roses” everyone! This evil eyed Cheshire Cat Pope has retired to make sure he can hand over the magically diseased infected staph/staff to one of the members of his own perverted flocks … e.g. The Notoriously Diabolical Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl from Sin City …Washington, D.C. … with his birth root being Sin City … PITTSBURGH, PA.



    If you come to Pittsburgh, PA … the situation gets even worse than the Cardinal Keith O’Brien case; actually nightmarish.

    The people … need to be able to get the Roman Catholic Church to investigate Cardinal Dan DiNardo on child molestation charges that have been under the Code of Silence (Cloak of Silence). Just across the Border in Mexico children are used to support their families by becoming sex objects.

    I have known powerful and wealthy men who have given children a $20.00 bill after molesting their victims. The child takes the money home and with this repeated child income the impoverished families are able to live a life with lesser struggles. The U.S. $20.00 bill is equal to the equivalent of $140.00 (or it use to be in the 1970s as the American dollar is value determined from Mexican Pesos) in Mexican dollars.

    I have known gay politicians, clergy, teachers et al in Illinois and Pennsylvania who specifically go to Mexico for this reason. In all of Cardinal Dan DiNardo’s years, how many trips has he made to Mexico and how many children has he molested? The thought sickens me.

    How many children have been tortured as was the case with Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua who the kinky Bishop, now Cardinal of Washington, D.C., Donald Wuerl, vehemently supported? Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Cardinal Dan DiNardo along with numerous other Catholic clergy strongly supported the monstrous sexual acts repeatedly committed against hundreds of suffering children by the diabolical Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua … With Cardinal Bevilacqua even inviting child molesting clergy to stay at the Cardinal’s Philadelphia Palace with the little children so that Cardinal Bevilacqua could watch, live, in person, how the various other higher ranking Catholic clergy went about molesting and torturing their victims and none of the law enforcement agencies or other protective agencies would step in and make the necessary and/or required arrests and proceed with immediate steps to indict and prosecute to the full extent of the law (many of these children were as young as four and five years of age). How much more of a despicable a parasite could any one of these diabolical torturers be?

    When they die, may these abominable Catholic clerics all burn in purgatory throughout eternity and the same goes for Senator Wayne Fontana (and wait until you hear “the rest of the story” on this clown) who has done everything possible to destroy me for trying to expose Pittsburgh’s largest child/teenager molestation ring … especially in the Brookline | Brentwood | Baldwin | Dormont and Whitehall areas. I see there is a Fontana cleric that is a child molester so, maybe, that is why Fontana viciously struck out at me? You would think that Mrs. Fontana as a crossing guard would have done the descent thing but as they say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” There needs to be accountability and the Bevilacqua regime will not let there be justice or restitution.

    “Hail Mary full of Grace … Please help our suffering children.”

    In college I was taught that Pennsylvania (especially Pittsburgh) was the State that PEDOPHILES went to for protection. PEDOPHILES bond and defend and protect each other. For over a century, in Pennsylvania, PEDOPHILES have bonded and they have defended and protected each other and their circle (a ring of fiery sexual perversion) is extremely powerful.

    PITTSBURGH, PA Is an EXCELLENT example because there are powerful judges, law enforcement officers, professors, politicians, government officials, leadership instructors, et al involved … and they will stop at almost nothing to destroy those who attempt to EXPOSE them. I ought to know as I have worked in/for the Catholic Church.

    Ultra corrupt Attorney/FBI AGENT/Judge Philip A. IGNELZI stood at my desk stating that once a person has reached a certain stature in life, he should not be brought up for public scrutiny and be arrested and indicted on child molestation charges. Mr. Ignelzi defended Lawrence (Larry) Mihalko, the Gateway Elementary School teacher who most methodically preyed upon the little innocent fourth (4th) grade girls that he molested in the back of his classes to where Larry Mihalko had cleverly moved his desk and piled it high with stacks of books.

    Then, Bishop/now Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl conspired with Attorney Philip A. IGNELZI to make every attempt to discredit any of Larry Mihalko’s victims … which these two monsters succeeded in doing (Larry Mihalko’s wife, Phyllis, later becoming Philip A. Ignelzi’s campaign manager for Phil’s judgeship.). And this was nothing compared to what these two parasites did to other victims who came forward to attempt to seek some type of justice and restitution.

    Deeply Concerned.

    Please respond to my e-mail (justiceforfreedom@ymail.com).
    P.O. Box 40337
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201-0337

    My telephone service has been tampered with because even though my bills have always been paid in a timely manner, for years, my calls have been electronically blocked to deliberately prevent me from telling people what I repeatedly witnessed … my calls even being channelled to a different telephone number to prevent me from obtaining protection (which I can prove) and help (a really nice and decent telephone operator told me what was going on and who some of the government culprits have been).

    These powerfully corrupt officials have infiltrated major law enforcement agencies that were originally intended to protect us victimized citizens and they have jeopardized my cases through obstruction of justice, REPEATEDLY, and for these RICO Act crimes, Judges Cercone, Cindrich, Ignelzi et al like D.A. Stephen A. Zappala, former scheming Prothonotary Michael Lamb, Peter V. Marcoline, Jr. and Antonio Ciotti, Helen Raferty, Georgette (Gigi) ? ______, Nancy Cheatom, Marsha Winston, Michelle Ralston, Curtis Hefflin, Caster D. Binion, A. Fulton Meacham, A. Kenneth Mann (both of them), et al along with their numerous accomplices … should be indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law but I do not have the finances to fight these wrongs, that have been committed against my person, in Court. I have lost everything that I have ever owned because of this fight to protect and defend our children that I undertook, in Pittsburgh, in December of 1984.

    Attorneys and other individuals cannot contact me, either. Glen Hazel is like a Black Natzi Concentration Camp with constant gas fumes coming into apartments making senior citizens crippled, blind, deaf and causing them to become ill and (it is not old age) while sick demented, sexually perverted management officials sit in the office laughing.



    Pope Benedict XVI has arranged, to the best of his ability, for Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. to become the next pompous Catholic Hitler to take over and finish the despicable acts that Hitler and Joseph Ratzinger started in Bavaria. That is why it was arranged for the 96 passengers and the suicide pilot to meet their untimely deaths at Katyn (Ktym) on April 10, 2010. This being the last day of the nine day Novena of Divine Mercy which always falls on the first Saturday after Easter Sunday.

    There were witnesses on board that plane who were willing to testify against Pope Benedict XVI and his history of torturing children. Think about it! Why was it that, at the last minute … Tusk, three (3) Rabbi’s, and three (3) Italian Cardinals refused to board the Polish Tu-154M

    I worked in the audio visual department in college as a work-study student. It is very easy to create dense sudden fog so, to me, from the moment that I heard about the crash, this crash has appeared to have been a most highly sophisticated assassination plot that succeeded beyond the culprits wildest dreams … especially when Poland did not call for immediate outside help to investigate the Russians and possible other countries and persons of interest. Why, as soon as I heard about this horrific crash, I thought, “ASSASSINATION!”

    I even went on the Internet about it. And, I made some telephone calls.

    So, someone plotted their course of action so well that they were able to distract all of those close to the high profile dignitaries that perished. Someone that was not closely attached to those that perished should have taken control of the crash scene for the Poles.

    If I was not in this wheelchair, I would have hopped a flight to Poland to find someone to take control until a year of mourning had passed and those in deep grief would have been able to think more clearly and logically. I kept sending e-mails … all to no avail.

    Why was it that President Barack Obama and Michelle met secretly with Pope Benedict XVI with Michelle ridiculously dressed in a questionable black outfit … for a black mass in Rome, Italy just before this crash? And, why was President Obama in a special meeting with some German dignitaries and then meeting later with Russian President Medvedev and Vladimir Putin? And, why did not President Barack Obama attend the huge Polish Catholic Mass that was held for all of the Katyn (Ktym) victims (many of which were notably high dignitaries), including Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife (No, the debris from the volcano had nothing to do with it as another route to Poland from the South could have sufficed)? Why did Pope Benedict XVI
    have cassons of gold and other Vatican objects of wealth transferred to Bavaria, Germany?

    Why was Bishop/Cardinal Donald Wuerl always stealing from the American Poles and “HELL BENT” on destroying the Polish neighborhoods and closing the Catholic Churches of the devout Polish Communities? Hitler, Ratzinger and Wuerl … there is no difference between these three mental misfits/perverts who have been most definitely aware of all of the mortal sins that they callously committed.

    Yes, that old Cheshire Pope Cat with the evil eyes is planning to pass the “Wand of Perversion” along with a vault full of “Perversion Papers” to the Scarlet, RED-FACED, Cardinal who is most clever and astute at speaking with a Fork Tongue while deceptively pulling the wool from his black sheep over most of the unsuspecting, naive, sheep eyes in his and other’s flocks.

    Both Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Pope Benedict XVI have very shifty eyes (I bet they both wish that they were a pair of chameleons.). And, let us not over look the other snake-in-the-grass, Cardinal Dan DiNardo, who has presented himself as the “now you see me, now you don’t” magician down around Galveston, Houston, and areas around the Mexican border (causing me to wonder if he might be disguising himself as a woman).

    I have often wondered what has been DiNardo’s part in the illegal Italian importing Rackett (that some shady characters tried to recruit me into which has had one shipping route from Italy coming up through Mexico and one coming into the United States through New York {the Harlem shake-down?}) that for over thirty (30) years has been in operation under the direction of a powerful Pittsburgh Italian judge that I was told could have me killed (this was in the middle 1980s and it appears that even some Pittsburgh FBI Agents double-crossed me instead of helping me).

    So, I have changed my mind about globetrotting in Harlem and about buying those Mexican jumping beans.

    Deeply Concerned.
    Justice should prevail!



    No child should ever be tortured … or suffer … the way that millions of children have been forced … to silently endure heartache and pain … as a result of how the Catholic Church … has deliberately traumatized these helpless and innocent human beings … who are so totally dependent upon us adults … for how they will develop into adulthood. And those who have been entrusted with the care and/or special authority over our precious unsuspecting believers, should be assigned a punishment at least three (3) times what the standard punishment is in the book of designated statutes under government law. Reason being that these selected individuals have taken on the responsibilities of serving as protectors, leaders and trusting mentors.

    ALL PEDOPHILE sexual offenders should be immediately arrested, indicted and prosecuted irregardless of what their stature in life is because any abuse of this nature, most definitely, will have some degree of lasting negative effects on these victims’ lives. The higher their stature in life then the greater their penalty should be for these horrific crimes that they have so callously committed.

    How many such children will be sexually abused today, alone, without being rescued. Talk about “lonely teardrops.”

    Justice should prevail!


    PLEASE read Father Malachi Martin’s, “The Final Conclave.”

    There is so much more and that is why my life is in so much danger and why my calls, e-mails and mail are being intercepted, for years.

    9/11 occurred because of foreign terrorists like the two men who both identified themselves to me as being Attorney A. Kenneth Mann, when I was illegally and falsely accused of being delinquent in my rent … something that I have never been in my entire life. Both men look similar but cannot be identical twins because there are distinct differences. But, both men also claim to be retired engineers.

    Antonio Ciotti claims to be an electrician and to have come to America from Italy over twenty-five (25) years ago. He has repeatedly sabotaged my electricity (almost killing me, at times) in my apartment and created an electrical barrier (with some man named Dominic who Ciotti stated was his boss) that has prevented me from making and receiving numerous telephone calls at my apartment, here, since October 13, 2008. And, because this electrical current is so very strong, all of the eight (8) large pins and screws in my foot cause me constant pain and I am losing all of the feeling in my feet (making my head feel as if, sometimes, I am going to have a brain hemorrhage and actually causing me severe nose bleeds) and Johnson Controls, ACI TV Direct, Verizon Comcast, Direct TV et al appear to be accomplices with Antonio Ciotti and Nancy Cheatom, who think this is funny; repeatedly laughing about what they have been able to do to me, to my face.

    These men (A. Ciotti, the two men who told me they were Attorneys A. Kenneth Mann, Curtis Hefflin) and their accomplices {many corrupt and sexually perverted females} have been having my personal mail forwarded to addresses that belong to my landlord/property managers and others addresses and they have stolen from envelopes and packages mailed to me, stating that they have permission from the D.A.’s Office and the Federal Government to keep what they want.

    This involves the same child molestation ring that has been repeatedly threatening me, for years. That includes Stephen and Greg Zappala and the “Kids for Cash Program” that was operating in Wilkes-Barre with Catholic Church perverted legal council, law enforcement, judicial and religious ties of outrageous proportions extending into the heart of Pittsburgh. With the despicable President Judge Mark Ciavarella (finally sentenced to 28 years in prison which, to me, should have been at least 400 years for the 4,000 children that were falsely sentenced to jail time as was conspired between corrupt judges and juvenile institutions where these teenagers were abused) calling his friend and corrupt FBI Agent Philip A. Ignelzi … and Associate Attorney John (Jay) Edward Black, III (whose wife works for DA Zappala) adopting a child from the deal organized by Philip A. Ignelzi … a child that may possibly be a sexually abused child due to this child’s behavioral pattern. And Philip A. Ignelzi is as thick as thieves with the entire corrupt Zappala Family and Ignelzi’s law firm made its employee attorneys constantly donate cash to DA Zappala’s campaign in exchange for favors and preferential treatment (the attorneys constantly complaining about this later, to me).

    Since I have been unable to defend myself in this wheelchair, Nancy Cheatom has taken away my self cleaning oven and handicapped accommodations that I had at my previous residence, declaring me no longer handicapped and then having me taken, against my will, and thrown into deplorable living conditions in a deadly Glen Hazel High Rise at 945 Roselle Court, Apt. 703, Pittsburgh 15207 (where, if mail is sent here, Nancy Cheatom and her notorious cohorts steal whatever is personal, confidential and of value) … with drug addicts, prostitutes, gun and knife toutin’ criminals, dirty cops and other criminals … a building that is operated by ultra corrupt judges and corrupt law enforcement officers (including our former Pittsburgh Chief of Police and his notorious side-kicks Art Bedway from Victory Security {who in 2008 stole and damaged over $10,000 in personal items from me and also stole valuable Court evidence and three legal file boxes of legal Court documents on Court Cases that I had filed in Federal Court that were later redacted and falsely refiled by Philip A. Ignelzi et al with the assistance of Judge David S. Cercone, without my knowledge} and HACP’s fraud organization {that has had it’s criminal activities strongly supported by HUD and the ultra corrupt Prothonotary’s Office which was under the criminal direction of Michael Lamb who told me that it was not he that was illegally stealing my monies out of my escrow accounts but rather the corrupt judges} with some of these terroristic characters being accomplices in the Art Bedway | Nate Harper crimes repeatedly committed against my person and with greater zest than ever before, since I have been confined to this wheelchair).

    CATHOLIC CHURCH and PITTSBURGH HOUSING AUTHORITY (under Luke Ravenstahl and State Auditor Jack Wagner) acts of terrorism against Children and Senior Citizens.

    HACP Multi-Billion $ Money Laundering operation since the A. Kenneth Mann brothers took over with their league of foreign terrorists.

    NOTE HACP Corruption Ring:
    HUD’s Marsha Yohe
    PPG’s Rich Lord concealed truth
    A. Kenneth Mann (both since 1970 – 1977)
    COO A. Fulton Meacham
    CEO Caster D. Binion (my filed police report against this sexual predator was ignored and the Pittsburgh Police Dept. refused to take charges twice against Michelle Ralston for her terroristic crimes against my person)
    Guylene McCorkle Cox
    Michelle Jackson-Washington
    Frank O’Leary
    Larry McLeod
    Jack Lewis
    Marsha Grayson
    Marsha Rucker
    Craig Jenkins
    Michelle Ralston
    Denise Chappell (?sp)
    Ray Martin
    ? Godfrey
    Pat ? Farrar
    Robin Smith
    Harriet Jethro
    Toni Raymond
    Marsha Winston
    Nancy Cheatom
    Curtis Hefflin
    Laura Samuals
    Regina Branch
    Janet Copeland
    Ida/Precilla ? –
    Chub a.k.a. Bernard
    Yvonne ? – works maintenance
    ? Her name
    Trying to remember other names.

    Keith Kinard
    James Cvetic (Deputy Sheriff Cvetic) took boys about ages 7 to 11 to Kentucky Wrestling matches and the boys told me that Mr. Cvetic gave them pop that made them feel funny and act crazy and then they all had to take turns sleeping with Mr. Cvetic. Why was Mr. Cvetic never arrested? A dirty cop thing, right. And there is more, here that I personally witnessed and Sheriff Eugene Coone and Sheriff Pete DeFazio refused to do anything about.

    Oakland Hotel – Filthy
    They threw me in there and I lived there in six weeks of horror and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review covered up these crimes. There was so much horror involved in this nightmare situation that I am even lucky that I am alive and this was all as a result of HACP terrorists and there is so much more involved here that involves terrorist Michelle Ralston et al.

    Police Chief Nate Harper
    Art Bedway
    Cynthia Harper
    Joy Pecar-Miller
    Mary J. Bedway
    John ? Batista
    Alpha Outfitters
    Victory Security
    Diversified Security
    ? A M Security
    Heavy set M ? F with 2″ braids standing up on head
    Short Blk|F|Brite Blue Cmpct Car
    Margaret Hourd
    Other Victory Guards from Sept. 2003 to present.

    Tennis Roofing was wrongly sued because the HACP sabotaged the roofers’ work after the roofers would leave for the day. Victory Security was involved in these crimes. HACP top administrative staff laughed and bragged about how they were going to destroy Tennis Roofing and chase them out of Pittsburgh, forever (this was before they made an agreement with Tennis Roofing) and sue Tennis Roofing for damage that they were not even responsible for (I was standing right there listening to them talk.).

    Jim Nicoletti
    Antonio Ciotti

    Most employees refuse to present their employee I.D. and do not have to. Some refuse to give their last names. Many have criminal records with some expunged for good behavior (out of their own mouths).

    Since 1986, that was when I first became aware of this matter where the HACP has been involved in planting illegal covert video taping and audio devices in tenants apartments. This is a sick multi-trillion dollar business that is supported by blackmail.

    I was advised that Glen Hazel was a senior high rise and a witness protection building. ALL A LIE ! OUTRAGEOUS LIE !

    Glen Hazel is where one is Shanghaied to and then permanently silenced to protect the criminals who are always sitting on their thrones in high places. I majored in Geriatrics in college and I aced my Geriatrics courses and my nine Psychology and Death and Dying courses. All I have witnessed in Pittsburgh; in the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese; under the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) a.k.a. Pittsburgh Housing Authority (PHA); and elsewhere are repeated acts of beastly cold blooded murder by vicious wealthy investment landlords who have powerfully corrupt judges, law enforcement officers, government officials, politicians, doctors, lawyers, religious clerics (from all places of worship they come crawling out of the woodwork), bankers, sports idiots from everywhere, et al in their knock-out-kill-them-dead corner. Their ultimate existence for on-going happy hours of sick perverted thrills with joy in prostitution, drugs, gambling, child molestation with inhumane torture, etc.

    And, the U.S. Marshall’s Office of Western PA is involved because Ed Varella (sp?) showed me his I.D. and his USMOWP shirt that he wore under his outer shirt and jacket shirt (and then the mob conveniently killed him, I am sure).

    When Jerome Garland began filling me in on some HACP managers’ criminal past, he suddenly met up with death on an “Access Bus.”

    And, after George Robinson told me about how I was right and hit the nail on the head about Victory Security (warning me that Ciotti and the whole lot of them could kill me) and how they and some of the Tenant Council Members and HACP administrators, managers, Margaret Hourd, Antonio Ciotti et al have been involved in all of the criminal acts committed against my person, George was found strangled to death (my source next to George’s family) but how George died was covered up and the funeral was posted as a private family affair.

    My Dad (an extremely thin, 5’3″ short 76 year old male {who miraculously grew to 5′ 9″ from the time of his death until his autopsy} who never bothered anyone) was most brutally and viciously beaten to death for his small Social Security and dividend checks and the Coroner’s Office falsified the Death Certificate saying that my Dad died of “natural causes” when there were thirteen (13) witnesses to prove otherwise and I was denied the right to a Coroner’s Inquest.

    There are hundreds of falsified and forged documents against my person and please do not believe the lies. I need someone to help me get copies of all of these falsified documents.

    I was even put under false arrest for going public about PEDOPHILES Richard C. Wallace and Edward Haney (and Pat Crawford, an accomplice who protected them and their crimes called me about 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 10, 1989, to tell me that Superintendent Wallace was going to have me permanently silenced if I ever mentioned any more names, again, publicly {I had just begun speaking publicly but I had made sure that I had been down to the U.S. Attorney’s Office to show Thomas Corbett and Amy Hay my speeches before addressing these PEDOPHILE issues publicly}).

    I was almost murdered, to say the least, and so viciously beaten by Richard C. Wallace’s notorious cohorts, that my life has never been the same. These are uncontrollable killers and there has been no restitution or justice to this day because this, Pittsburgh City, is the #1 SIN CITY. This is the city that is basically operated with an Iron Fist by the main four Mafia groups (they even have their neighborhoods red-lined which is a felony): Jewish Mafia; Italian Mafia; Irish Mafia (not as powerful because as Judge Ignelzi has stated to me, “The Irish are the gophers for the Italians.”) and Black Mafia. The other ethnic/racial groups are so insignificant that they have been occasionally thrown into the mix for mere flavor and color to make the menu more appealing / appetizing.

    Please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors as it difficult to write in this little space and not be able to proof read everything.

    I pray that this gets through to you.

    The above are excerpts from previous writings.

    Want to experience Catholic Church, HACP and Halloween Horrors 24/7/365-366 days a year? Then come to the No.1 Sin City in America … PITTSBURGH! Perversion Papers enough for all types of twisted minds … the Pittsburgh City Paper is good for starters.

    And, there are trickery and buffoonery real estate fraud deals that will simply boggle your mind … unbelievable $1.00 deals that will knock your socks off. Come … there are money laundering deals to suit every pocket book (and who said that money is one of the dirtiest things that people can touch … well, not in Pittsburgh … someone is always laundering some kind of money somewhere for one thing or another).

    Did you know that, if you play your cards right, you can work out “secret” investment deals with the Catholic Church? Just ask Cardinal Donald Wuerl how he assisted in arranging these types of deals … and maybe you will want to put your dollars in the Vatican Bank that is headed by the Gotti family ties member, “Vince.” When big money is funneled through the Catholic Church into the Vatican Bank in Rome, Italy, one only need make an agreed upon donation to the Catholic Church and since there are no investment transactions in writing, then there is no record of cash gains and BINGO! one gets cash under the table free and clear of any tax obligations. That is why the powerful big dogs in the Catholic Church have so much extra Monopoly Money to play with and why they enjoy one Monte Carlo Night after another. I think I just let the cat out of the bag. Oh … watch those Grey Hounds run after the Cat House in the Gravy Train!

    HK … HK … HK … HK …
    March 13-2013