Derrick Rose offers to pay for slain baby’s funeral expenses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Funeral arrangements are set for six-month-old Jonylah Watkins.

Her wake and funeral will be held Tuesday at New Beginnings Church, near 66th and King Drive.

derrick-rose-babyLeak and Sons Funeral Home is donating its services.

Bulls superstar Derrick Rose offered to pay all the funeral expenses, but the funeral home said there was no need and appreciated Rose offering.

Watkins was shot and killed, while her father was changing her diaper, near 66th and Maryland on Monday.

She was shot five times and survived emergency surgery, before she died Tuesday morning.

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  • Marley from Chicago

    It's good to see someone who doesn't have to be as involved still finding ways to help the community. He has the money of course but he is not obligated to use it to help another family. Shows a lot of heart and good character.
    Salute & RESPECT to D. Rose!!!!
    Still sad though this beautiful baby had to suffer that pain and is lost. May she rest in peace and may the lord punish those who caused this tragedy.

  • a worried citizen

    If D Rose can be a stand up citizen why can't the rest of the people who are in gangs quit that shit out and start acting like stand up citizens! That gang who shot at that father and killed that innocent baby should be sending in an anonymous donation to the funeral home for f'n up like that! They shoudn't be shooting period! It was uncalled for. Maybe this will show our youngens that they should never join gangs because even if you are no longer in one there are still enemies that don't care and will still try to hurt you and anyone around you!

  • stephanie

    When r we gonna have the mentality to say enough is enough! They r fighting in iraq no need to fight here in the us also, my heart goes out to the family that have to relive that moment probably for the rest of their lives .Just knw that trouble dnt last always and god will take care of you. its gonna hurt for a while but trust me he will mend your broken hurts and fill the void in your lives. We have to be very careful with the people we keep in our immediate circle and also makes changes once we make that big decision in becoming a parent, thats if you have any intention on being a good parent.

  • kirby1414

    Great gesture from Rose – -Very kind!
    BUT! Why aren't BOTH of these so called 'parents' being asked to work off this baby's funeral? BOTH of them are responsible – -Both of them belong in prison.
    As generous as Rose is, and I applaud him for that…These 2 idiots -also known as the 'parents' of this innocent baby – are completely off the hook – – and I find that deplorable!!

    • messyjacksonjr

      Enough is enough..these people lost their child and all you can do is condemn them and point the blame..Great gesture from Rose would have been more than enough said…now you are saying that mom and dad should be in prison because some other idiot killed the poor child…you should be shot for thinking like that

      • No more guns

        Again with the violence freedom of speech why was he out there changing the baby in the first place why was she not at home ?it was very cold that day he could not wait till he got home .second why was she shot so many times was he using her as a shield ? Really stop the violence learn from this yes it's sad but she is one of gods angles now.

      • kirby1414

        Woud the baby have been in danger of getting killed if her father wasn't a gangbanging 39 times arrested idiot??? And yes they should be blamed -BOTH OF THEM. And as far as shooting me for my comment – – You made me laugh!! HA HA – -Thanks for the laugh messyjacksonjr – Say hello to your cousin Jesse!!

      • Chile, Please!

        @messyjacksonjr: you are one effed-up jackal. How dare you say kirby deserves to be "shot"?!

        Are you kidding me?! May God have mercy on your sorry-azz murderous soul, you damned demon!

    • Commentator

      You are pretty fucked up in the head, they just lost their baby. And Chile, Please! what the hell are you saying cause you seemed fucked up for saying jackson is a demon, you sound like you're a demon cause you don't seem like a religious person at all sorry ass.

  • Joymar

    Derrick Rose: Don't know much about basketball, but do know a good person and you are one. Thank you. Perhaps your kind gesture will give some people something to think about and change their life styles. You add a lot to Chicago. Once again, Thank You.

  • retiredinaz1

    Come on….the father was the target BECAUSE HE IS A GANGSTER-DISCIPLE! Sorry….but live by the sword….die by the sword.

      • PRAY FOR HIM

        God is the only to have the last say so and choices we make if good or bad their are always results in the end and this one was bad. SO we need to pray for thid family and hope their life has changed after all of this he needs to surround himself with the word of God and ask forgiveness and everyone else should not judge him ijs!