Mayor Emanuel wants facelift for Chicago parks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A facelift for all of Chicago parks and new recreation areas could be coming to a corner near you.

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to rebuild 300 playgrounds in the next five years.

Emanuel said he wants every child in the city to be able to walk 10-minutes to a park.

In addition, new recreation areas for basketball courts and other sports are expected to be built.

The Mayor said it will bring people together, “otherwise we’re isolated” on blackberries or computers, Emanuel said.

Kim Wasserman of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization said there will be other benefits.

In addition to the areas for biking and walking, she said the new parks will “deal with violence issues.”

In Little Village on Sacramento and 23rd street, a new open space area is going to be constructed.

By November, the Mayor said 50 playgrounds will be upgraded.

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  • Joe Smow

    So the millionaire mayor is spending some of the money he made while working at Fannie Mae to upgrade the city parks, that's awesome. I didn't see the details of his plan but since the city has no money, he must be using his own money for the parks. Yea right??.
    Now maybe he should dig into his own pockets to fix the pensions for city workers.

  • Brian Millersmith

    What a waste of money! The little bastards in this city will destroy the parks within days of completion. Then the gangs will take over and control them. If the kids would do more with technology – not texting, gaming, etc – and learn to compete with the world, I see that as better than hanging around a park.

  • Andy P

    what a naive way of thnking…let's build them a park and they wont kill each other.

    there goes more of my money to keep the low-lifes contained.

  • ChiefJustice

    What, and we want a new mayor! Great idea, more nicer parks for more gangbangers to deal their activity, shoot each other, take their kids where they literally use them as shields, hide drugs/guns in their diapers, etc. I don't want my tax money used any more on projects like this until we can start to fix services actually in the city that we pay for already! Grrr, just another corrupt crook.

    -do we need a park for maggie daily, yeah that family was so non-corrupt?!?
    -do we need to spend 100Ks on each mile for X miles of bike lanes, in a city that is cold most of the time?
    -do we need to pay for trash service even if we are told to use private, double tax? what about 100% increase in water bills over 3 years?
    -double parking rate increases, highest in country?!?!

    This city has went into the crapper. Moved here 8 years ago and now I'm planning my exit of the city that I used to love.