Parents of baby shot and killed expected to talk with police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sources say the father and mother of 6-month-old Jenylah Watkins will arrive at Area South Police Headquarters tonight to talk with investigators.

Pastor Corey Brooks will join them.

The baby’s father, 29-year-old Jonathan Watkins is just out of the hospital and wants to make in known he’s cooperating fully with police to help find the person who shot and killed his baby.

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  • Jay

    Where is my guy Jesse Jackass? Why isn’t he walking up and down the streets and demanding the killer to be turned in??? Oh that’s right I forgot this is a black on black crime! Nevermind. Nothing but a joke

  • PC

    Two typos and one punctuation error in this rather short story. I can be your proofreader. I at least think the baby’s name should be spelled correctly considering that there’s a picture of it attached to your article.

    typos are a court reporter’s pet peeve :)

  • alex

    Sick that the poor baby lost her life in such a tragic way because of her father’s life choices. Yes it’s wrong but I’m mad that he’s going to live and make a full recovery, while that innocent little girl will never be able to see the light.of day again.

  • Charles Brown

    Yes so tragic, so sad. These comments I misinformed on Chicago gang culture. Let me break it down having lived in Chicago 44years. For 1 reality is you would be surprised at how many black n latinos that are gang affiliated. That’s why law enforcement n the mayor will never rid the city of gangs. Its impossible never ever! You add poverty, poor education, drop outs, no jobs, guns,segregation. Yes segregation still exist in Chicago. Now the issue with this father is by him being Gang affliated where he lives has to be taken into context. He was a gangster disciple which means he had business living on 65th and maryland. Under any circumstances he shouldn’t be living there. That area is controlled by a rival gang. Its sad but true on the south side of Chicago. Gangs are segregated in neighborhoods and he knew that.And it will only get worse when Mayor Emanuel close down the schools and kids have to cross gang territories.

  • Charles Brown

    Heck even where the funeral is being held Rev Brooks church 66th king drive is not the best location for the father of that baby

  • Charles Brown

    I been in Chicago 44 years and knows the Gang Culture. For one the way it was supposed to go was the Gunman walked up on him to do him. However he has a baby with him, so the gunman was to show his face and tell him you got your baby with you so you gets a Ghetto Pass. That’s how it was suppose to went. BUT NO some idiot shoots with disregard of babies. Plus the married father is very dumb because the south side is still gangbanging so he had no business living on 65th and Maryland. That’s blackstone territory so he is at serious fault living over there. Whats sad is Mayor Emanuel boast Chicago is a great city meanwhile in the urbsn areas we are so numb to violence that 2weeks later we forget about the horrific incident and the next episode is waiting to happen. I have 2kids myself and would never want to bury them before me. But Chicago needs to make one last ditch effort with a ceasefire. Get Ceasefire to travel to the federal jails and give Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Vicelord cheif, Geno Latin Kings a platform to speakn to the citywide a gang truce

  • miera

    esEsIm so hurt everytime i see this baby girl i break down who could do such thing to a baby i wish it never happened its killing me inside i feel for this beautiful baby girl i have two children of my own im in i could feel her parents pain i have a son thats seven months who looks just like this baby girl in wen i see her face i think of my son he is a happy baby just like her the same smile in all i hope they find her killer in may god bless her soul love u lil momas rest in paradise i can feel ur pain lil momas my prayers go out to the family :( n teairs)