Suit: Toddler ate used condom found in McDonald’s PlayPlace

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A mother claims her toddler ate a used condom found at a McDonald’s PlayPlace area in Chicago’s Gage Park neighborhood.

Anishi Spencer filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of her two sons, who allegedly found the used condom at the 5733 South Kedzie Avenue McDonald’s location.

mcdonaldsSpencer claims one of her sons coughed up a piece of the condom, and both sons received medical treatment.

Spencer says the restaurant should have at the very least cleaned up the area.

She also says the restaurant should monitor what goes on there.

So far, there has been no response from executives at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook.

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    • Whitey

      SHOCKING….that it's another black, fat, ugly, lazywelfare-4-life, baby-hatchery, criminal-breeding ghetto ho who is coming up with this story.

      I'd guess that the kids ate a condom from her home and then she came up with this story to profit, but we all know that blacks don't use condoms.

      These selfish, lazy, baby-factories have to be shut down or they are going to be the downfall of the U.S. (if they aren't already).
      They contribute NOTHING to society (except criminals and future ghetto hoes and gang-bangers).

  • MWS

    RIGHT… since when did it become McDonald’s responsibility to watch her (illegitimate) kids.I am 100% convinced that she and ALL the baby daddies are looking for a quick payday. I can’t wait to hear what happens when they find out she made the whole thing up. Here is some advice for you Anishi Spencer: 1. Get a job. 2. Watch your own kids. 3. Get off welfare.

    • mds7558s

      I agree with only one of the serveral things you said 1) Watch your KID's,. And do everyone has to be on walfare? Can't people work or the husband work and support the wife, or the boyfriend? Get a Job, how do you know shes not working, Are you? What if this happen to your kids? You're sorry!

      • MWS

        Ok..If you are going to examine everything I say, I shall do the same for you. First of all your grammar is incorrect. 1. And DO everyone has to be on welfare? Should be: Does everyone have to be on welfare.2. What if this happen to your kids. Should be: What if this happened to your kids.

        1. Yes, I am a contributing member to society. I have a job and I pay taxes. I don’t threaten restaurants with made up, frivilous lawsuits.
        2. I have one child that was well taken care of by both myself and his father.
        3. When I was with him in public, I watched him and did not rely on minumum wage employees to babysit him.

        Have a splendid day.

      • geminiman7

        "do everyone has to be on welfare?"

        You must currently be on welfare to sound that d*** ignorant. Finish your GED before contributing to conversations. #embarrassing

  • Karen

    If these children are too young to know better than to eat something like a used condom, then they are too young to be left unattended for even a short time. Parents need to be proactive about their children and not rely on restaurants, malls, or any public place to be perfectly safe for them to be left on their own.

  • Ken E.

    I wonder if she's related to Anna Ayala, the woman who "found" a human finger in a cup of Wendys chili.
    She was going to sue Wendys corp for a few million, but decided not to continue, especially when she was convicted and sent to jail for staging the whole scheme (she purchased the finger from her husbands friend that lost it in an industrial accident).

  • Chris

    This sounds like complete horsesh*t. Somebody from South Kedzie so you know it lacks credibility. How'd she know it was used? Was there still some residue left? LOL.

  • Claudia Uribe

    This is some straight BS… I have been going to that McDonald’s for over 21 years. My kids and nephews and nieces would go there on a regular basis and we never encountered such a thing. This woman is out to make money and it sucks that she is going to use her children for that sole purpose.

    Obviously the kids were not being taken care of… if the kids were older they should know better than to put crap in their mouth and secondly if they were younger, they were left alone long enough for them to eat the condom which makes the parent negligent. We have to stop these people from using the system to make money!!!!!

    • Jeanette

      I agree with you Claudia! I honestly don't see how it is mcdonalds fault. She should have been watching her kids and what they were putting in their mouths …also how good is your parenting if you haven't taught your kids the difference between food and garbage… some people will do anything to make a dollar! What a shame

  • tina jackson


  • Christina

    That's a bunch of MALARKEY!! I've never been to that particular McD's but the one in Brighton Park always smells of bleach and most of the employee's appear to always be busting their asses cleaning! Mind you most of them look like seniors. I hate McD's but I can smell a bull shitter from a mile away and that bitch reeks of pork rinds, red pop and JUJUBES.