Chief Keef released from juvenile detention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

South Side rapper Chief Keef was released from Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center Thursday afternoon after completing his 60-day sentence for violating his probation for a gun conviction.

Judge throws Chief Keef in jailChief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, violated his probation when he was filmed holding a rifle at a New York gun range.

The 17-year-old rapper was sentenced to probation last January after pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer in 2011.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chief Keef walked out of the detention center red diamond-studded coat. He was greeted by about two dozen family members and supporters as he exited and handed him his baby.

An uncle carried a garbage bag full of notebooks – possible rap lyrics Chief Keef had written while locked up.

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      • Nonya

        #300assnigguh must be this POS's "hommie" . Trash will be trash Andy. Hopefully soon this tool will talk crap to wrong person and end up D.E.A.D

      • Maria

        Incorrect spelling. It's F u c k you. SMH Nigguh is actually spelled n i g g g e r. Or you can always use your first name.

      • Fed up

        They don't know how to spell. They drop out of high school to gang bang and sell drugs. They then leech of the city by collecting welfare, and making babies that they don't and can't support. Then, they want our sympathy when they get shot.

  • ChiefJustice

    Waste of electricity posting this but he'll be back in the news again when he's doing more crime, using his baby to shield him in a gun attack, etc. All these shines are animals and treat each other like animals – wish they would stop crying for injustice when they are socially accepting & promoting their own trash all the time.

    • Badtwin


      Don't be a dumbass your entire life. "All of these shines are animals"? It must be nice to make your racist comments while hiding behind a computer. Coward.

  • Josh

    Are you kidding me? The only rap record this clown will have will be on his rap sheet. This no talent bum will either be dead from gang violence or be back in jail soon.

  • Dave

    Whoever did this news article must be from his neiborhood, because to write about a porch monkey that can not and will not do anything for his community is relly sad.

    • Tai-Po

      and it's…neighborhood. I am assuming that you're kind of white-trash now because you have to stoop to using names like "porch monkey," yet you can't spell as well as a fifth-grader.

    • The A

      Now that we know how you feel about blacks, I guess Jews and gays are next. If you spent as much time learning to spell as you do spewing your racist bullshi%, the world would be a better place, Fuc#tard.

    • Common Sense

      One thing, if dave (small D) had a child and if you were to shave that child it would resemble a monkey. Furthermore, dave's family has only lost their tales with the last 100 years. They were tree hangers while the that little Thugs family was up and walking on 2 legs.

    • kingofallthings

      I do not agree with the phrase "Porch Monkey" but I certainly agree that this Bum does not do anything to uplift his community.

    • John Thompson

      Porch monkey? jesus christ is it 1970? what's with the most disgusting racial slur you could muster?

      maybe the wrong guy was incarcerated

    • sum1special

      Wow, not only racist but illiterate piece of trash as well huh! You got a lot going for yourself as well don't you! And lemme say I can see what a big contribution to society you are! What have you done for your community lately??? I'm guessin not a d*mn thing….YOU should of stayed in school dummy maybe you would of also been able to pick up a history book, its not 1940 anymore (drop the stereotypes and get over yourself your wasted space….)

  • StirThePotChicago

    This kid is lucky he didn't get shot… pointing a gun at a cop usually means you're getting a bullet in you somewhere. Red diamond studded coat? Greeted by cheers from his family and "supporters" ? (aka homies or whatever they're calling them these days, thugs, bros whatever). I am appalled to see this. Arrogant piece of trash no matter what color his skin is.

  • Common Sense

    You might end like the guy in Florida, Zimmerman. If Zimmerman had not had that gun…that kids would be whipping his axx once a week every week until someone paid him to stop.

  • Too much hate

    You people are really hating on Cheif Keith. What is the reason for this? All of the above comments sound like jealousy. All of above would like to be in his shoes. Remember life is a learning field and surely at his age he will learn. One thing for sure he has more money than most of you. So stop hating and try to get you something going on. Like see what kind of coat you'll wear and where you will live if you could. Who are you people? what happen to live and help live. Love one another, to each his own. Zimmerman is not in a good place right now. Any way who died and left you all in charge.

    • Maria

      Jealous? No sir, I can act like a complete idiot and get locked up. I can jump around and act like a fool. No need for jealousy. This garbage is what our children look at. It needs to be removed from society. Believe me, there is no jealousy.

  • normalguyroger

    Biggest mistake here is that when he pointed the gun at a cop the cop didn't do society a favor and exterminate this piece of garbage.

  • happy_pessimist

    Time to pull up your baggy pants, comb your hair, take off the goofy sideways hats and knee length shirts, speak like you have taken an English class, stop listening/making music that makes you angrier and more ignorant each day, and stop blaming white people and the Police/Gov for your own stupidity and contribute something to this country!
    If you pierce, tattoo or get a police record you may lose opportunities….quit trying to look and act different and try to assimilate and you will find that more doors will be opened for you.
    Excuses for this man are illogical and show the glaring problem of a culture that is unwilling to look at its own people and tell them that they are wrong! Take responsibility and hold your children responsible when they act like animals and criminals.

  • Hooligan Saint

    What is in FACT sad is this KID pointed a GUN at a COP and some INSULTED woman wants to be a GRAMMA NAZI…. Lady people like you really perplex me I cant understand why you OVERLOOK this IDIOT KID to correct someones spelling or use of words when it DOES NOT matter. YOU KNOW WHAT is being said ONLY you dont know because of SPELLING???? Grow up and pay attention to your surroundings the real world is passing GRAMMA NAZIS by…..

    • Maria

      Whats probably being pointed out is that idiot that is defending this loser is just as dumb/uneducated as the loser in jail. And yourself, obviously you didn't get the point. And yes it does matter. Its shows how fken stupid you are. And BTW is bye…not by.

  • kingofallthings

    This Punk is a Bum. I really do not care who doesn't like my statement. Our young black boys are not being raised to act like Men and this is why our community suffers.

  • KCME

    I can't believe some of the comments, with comment like this no wonder the youth act the way they do. What happen to the role positive models, because these kids had to learn it from somewhere.

    • kid1339

      Stay in school ,don't be a smart ass ,stay off drugs , be someone that the youth will look up to ,not with your gold chains & whores & take a bath .

  • kid1339

    1/17/ 13 this is 3/15/13 do you think you have run this long enough or you just nothing else to do ?Maybe he giving the news people some drugs to get free ads.

  • jesuseesu

    If I had a child that talented, I would get him all of the help he needs. He could be an inspiration to young children out there. Get him off the streets, and into the studio. Get him positive male role models. Move to a better area if that is the problem.

  • RushBoOxycontin

    Citizens of Chicago: cut this rappa some slack! He ain't gonna be breathing in very long some mo snack.
    Won't be long before his homieness is rappin' 6 feet under with Biggy Small Balls and Tupac-in-a-B-Bag.
    Chief Keef has got about a 50-cent chance of making it Big before some other D-Bag gets him prepped for his final gig followed by lowering into the dig. Another homie rappa set to flush in the crappa.

  • Maria

    Trash…..and obviously his trashy family couldn't be any more happier for him. Bet they threw a party for him with their foodstamps.

    • Fed up

      If this trash ball gets killed by one of his rivals with a 35 cent bullet, it would save us taxpayers $38,000 a year to house him in jail. Then we have to take into account all of the welfare babies he will make. Him being out of jail could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would never wish death on anybody, but the math does make sense.

  • julianna

    you guys are funny trust and believe he will be back on the news now it can either be from going back to jail or getting killed on or the other and since that one person is sticking up for the criminal let me guess he go have you or a younger boy doing his dirty work since he have so much money it's sad cause he has already been in trouble he cant have anymore police contact so in the end he will ruin another young boy life because these young boys just might want to be like him why i don't have a clue but they will do whatever he say to fit in my opinion the next time he do anything or if anything get linked back to him lock him up for a long time oh yeah lets clear one thing up i don't think anyone is hating the truth just hurt i'm African american i know the family threw a party using they food stamps kids is going to be hungry till the 1st so sad