Federal budget cuts ground Blue Angels, Thunderbirds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Air Show and others around the country won’t be be the same this year.

The military is grounding the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds due to the automatic cuts in the federal budget totaling $85 billion.

Four of the Navy’s Blue Angels shows have been cancelled in April.  A decision has not been made about the rest of the season.

The Air Force’s Thunderbirds entire 2013 season has been canceled.

In a statement, it said all aviation support for the pubic has stopped — not only air shows, but also trade shows, flyovers and open houses.

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  • Keybored

    The government should have cut spending on crap like this a long time ago. What a total waste of taxpayer money. Further, change "pubic" to "public".

  • Lee

    The TREASONOUS, Marxist/muslim pile of DUNG, occupying the whitehouse, is destroying this nation, weakening and dismantling the U.S. Military, while helping his muslim brothers and fellow Marxist comrads build their strength, both conventional and nuclear, prepairing the way for them to crush us! He should be tried for high treason, convicted and sentenced to hang by the neck until dead, for the crimes that he has committed against this country!

  • Enrique

    The military complex needs to be reduced considerably. The soldiers, airmen/women, sailors’ etc. can perform many of the tasks contracted out. Security at the gates, running the ranges, running the ammo supply points are a few examples.

  • Josh

    Obama doesn't have the experience to a President, He doesn't know how to balance a budget or run a business. This job is way over his head.

  • Navy A-6 Pilot

    Full discloser up front. I am a former Navy carrier pilot, but not a “Blue”. In the reality of a “volunteer military”, both the Blues and T-Birds are very effective probably relatively cost effective recruitment. Yes there was waste in the military when I served and there is still waste today. There have been many president from both parties that have ”passed” on many opportunities to reform the system. I think this is a shortsighted decision. However when faced with a choice of flying the Blue jets or jeopardizing government workers livelihood, this is the right choice at this time.

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