Afghan leader accuses U.S. of Taliban collusion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Afghanistan’s president is claiming the United States and the Taliban are scheming together to keep American troops there.

America`s 11 year war and military presence in Afghanistan is scheduled to end at the end of 2014. But the president of Afghanistan seems to believe the U.S. is conspiring to stay beyond that deadline.

According to president Hamid Karzai, today`s attack where two U.S. service members and three afghan policemen were killed along with a series of other attacks in recent days are all proof, the Taliban wants to keep foreign troops in the country.

It is still not clear who is responsible for today’s attack, where someone wearing an afghan uniform opened fire on coalition troops.
Karzai has also accused the U.S. of holding daily talks with the Taliban. Military officials and newly appointed secretary of defense Chuck Hagel have assured Karzai that is not true.

During Hagel`s first trip to Afghanistan there was a suicide bombing. U.S. officials say the bombing was a safe distance away from where Hagel met with Afghan officials.
The original intention of Hagel’s trip to Afghanistan was to smooth things over with Afghan officials.

Karzai had ordered U.S. troops out of province near the capital city of Kabul due to allegations that American special forces were abusing Afghan citizens.

U.S. officials deny those claims and believe they can resolve what is clear tension between American and Afghan leaders.

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1 Comment

  • eyetweaks

    Who is surprised? Obamamma has already admited Al Quida works for them and we know they have since before 9/11. The afghans are just now catching on those saying their helping are the same as those hurthing them, We The US.

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