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Toddler killed by 2 pit bulls at babysitter’s house

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 14-month-old boy was killed in an attack by two pit bulls.

It happened Wednesday in his babysitter’s house in Walworth, Wisconsin.

A 30-year-old woman called 9-1-1 to report that she and the toddler were being attacked by her dogs.

The boy was flown by emergency helicopter to a hospital in Milwaukee, but he died of his injuries.

The dogs have been put down.

Police are still investigating.

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      • Brian Millersmith

        You are the one whose morality needs questioning, Wolfman. What's more important – some useless kid? Dogs do what they are trained to do. The parents most likely groomed them to fight. HAH! They got what THEY deserve!!!

    • Karen

      Put down cruelly?? You need to be put down you idiot. Being cruel solves nothing and the world needs to be rid of attitudes like yours. The dogs should be euthanized and they were.

    • Laura

      What a dumb comment! The parents who allowed their toddler to be in a home with not one, but TWO pitbulls, are to blame here. Please, all the pittbull lovers, do not come out and defend them. I love dogs, I don't necessaritly dislike pittbulls, but let's have an HONEST conversation about them. They are incredibly strong and when they bite, they don't just bite, they tear…which is why the wounds are worse than other dog bites. Pittbulls have no place around children, EVER….PERIOD…but it's NOT their fault…breeders and dog fighters have ruined the breed.

      • okay

        laura, have you forgotten the fact that pitbulls were raised to be NANNY dogs? blame the deed not the breed. and my pittie here might lick you to death if you tried to take her kids away. learn a little something before generalizing and sounding like an idiot.

      • WardAgainstMorons

        Nanny dogs.. really? Guess what else they are bred for… ready for this? .F I G H T I N G…. and why? because they are large powerful dogs. I don't care if they were bred to host a freaking tea party. I have seen first hand what these dogs are capable of when they clamp down on something, and it's not pretty. I seriously believe they just mentally snap under certain conditions.

        My parents have a chihuahua… and that 3 pound vermin is the meanest little organism I have ever seen. It can go from 0 to insane in just under 2 seconds. However… IT IS 3 LBS! not 65+ like a good sized pitbull. Point is; I think all dog breeds have, if not a propensity, but a potential to snap and revert to an aggressive perspective of their DNA evolution. So having a breed around children, with this much potential for damage, is the only thing I see as idiotic.

      • Pauline D

        i have 6 dogs all but one are pure pit or pit mix and im sorry but your thoughts on these dogs are wrong…. we treat our dogs like kids… we never beat them we play interact and run with them they even cheew on sticks (dont know why) my dogs know the mening of OW because there is a place for playing and being real…. when they hear that word they stop whatever they are doing…. its everyones doing the dog and owner(s) that have to take responsibilty for their actions.. nd if you read the history of these dogs dating back to the turn of the century they were called the NANNY DOG because they are so protective of children but nowaday ppl make them a symbol and its pathetic… i love my dogs like they are my kids and sometimes thats all they need

      • Love not hate

        Let's have an honest conversation! How do you know there were pitbulls involved? The story mentioned it in passing but provided no proof or factual evidence to back up their claim. They could have said two Italian men on scooters could have killed the kid. There is no evidence either way.

        Pitbulls can be strong so can other dogs, the point should not be about pits but about breeding dogs (any dogs) to be violent. You are trying to come off like you are ok with pits but you are also giving them a backhanded slap in a way. Sometimes someone can bite you and it can cause problems however that is based on the being in question and not their breed or species.

        If a dog is raised to be aggressive then no you shouldn't keep kids around but the issue should be not raising dogs to be aggressive and really stop breeding on all fronts.

    • skritch

      Dear tired. There is no hope. Pit Bull apologists will defend even dogs who eat children. They think they're all cute little, lovable things who didn't find a great home. We know they are all potential killers who want to eat children. Just keep your family away from them.

      • Guesty McGuest

        What's it like being so dumb that you're afraid of everything all the time? That's got to be tiring.

      • Love not hate

        Where did you find out there were pits involved the story made brief mention of it but provided no factual information to back up their claims.

        Obviously you don't know any pitbulls and probably don't know anything about dog behavior. Your ignorance shows quite quickly when you so readily believe something without proof to back it up.

    • LuvAnimals

      These dogs were probably abused themselves. Just like this child, pitbulls are victims… victims of abuse, neglect and inbreeding by gang members/drug dealers and gangsta wannabes who train them to be non-social and aggressive, and use them for fighting dogs. And dogs in general are victims of ignorant people who don't have the common sense to know that you never leave an infant or toddler alone with any dog.

    • Kay

      You are disgusting. Wishing pain on an animal??? If you're tired of morons, I suggest you go play in the traffic. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. The owner is liable.

    • fukidiotsspeaktruth

      if you are tired of morons stop being one you fuck………….cant blame a dog for what the owner trains it to do . fuckin idiot , what kind of parent leaves their child in an environment they are not sure of , a mean dog is not nice "sometimes" so know what youcomment on before you open that garbage dump

    • Lynn Sweeney

      what is wrong with you? Put down cruelly? what purpose does that serve? these animals needed to be put down for the safety of others but humanely. We have moved beyond torture and medieval practices.

  • kirby1414

    This is a sad story – these dogs are trained to have bad behavior…I have a friend that has a wonderful pit bull -trained lovingly -and he's a great dog. Abusing the dogs, I think, caused this poor baby's death, and then the dogs being put down. BLAME THE OWNERS!

    • Linda

      You are so right. I believe any kind of dog if it is being treated by abuse, this is what the dog knows. my sister has a pit bull and she is the most loving dog. My sister and niece talk to her like it was there child, she even sleeps in the bed with my niece and shares the covers. When my granddaughter was born we went to visit my sister and the dog fell in love with the baby. when the baby started walking over the years and she was standing by the stairs the dog blocked her and was barking to let us know the baby was in danger. So I also say BLAME THE OWNERS!!!!!!!!

      • debbie s

        it is the owners fault. i too know people with good pit bulls well trained and good loving dogs.they were not trained to hurt noone and never will.

    • richelleleanne1

      How many people have thought and said the same thing about their sweet loving pit baby, then it killed someone? People allow their small children around these dogs under the mistaken impression that THEIR pit would never snap, and then something like this happens. It's almost always a family pet in these stories.

  • Brian Millersmith

    Two more poor innocent soles lost. :(
    Yeah, kind of sucks the kid croaked, but the parents got what they deserved. Probably from "that country" that gets into dog fighting. Instead of putting the poor dogs down, why not let us with 12 gauges run, chase and put down the parents?

    • Debbi

      im sure they said "baby sitters dogs" not the parents. :/ the parents didn't deserve to have the baby killed by the sitters dogs. it does suck that the pits got put down but after what they did they. but im sure no one would want them alive after that. it is a sad fate but thats the product of bad owners.

    • Wow

      Kind of sucks the kid croaked? Really? You are an idiot. 2 more poor innocent SOULS lost, really? Even if the parents bred the dogs that way, the child does not deserve to die. By the way they were not the parent's dogs. How could you feel more empathy for the dogs than the child and the parents? Get your priorities in line.

      • Baby girl

        Lets turn u guys into pits and put u in a damn dog fight. Unbelievable that u are more worried about the dogs. I know the parents of that child who was killed…lets kill your kids with dogs and see what u think or how u feel about dogs especially pits…dumb asses

  • Enrique

    Pitbulls were once know as the “Nanny Dog” due to their loyalty and loving ways towards children. Criminals now consider them ‘bling’ and train them to fight and kill other animals. This is a crime and these criminals need to pay.

    • speakinthetruth

      another dumb fuck………..punish the owner not the breed . we need to put down the "idiots " of this world and then there would be fewer of these " laws" that put blame elsewhere . be accountable for your actions or suffer from being lazy ………….you amaze me with your ignorance …….

    • Seriously

      People are sick fools; they care more about the stupid dogs than the child being killed. Some people make me sick. A dog's life does not compare to a child's life.

      • love not hate

        At least a dog will never grow up and build bombs to drop on other people or go around and shoot up a school or torture someone to death or build death camps.

        I have seen your comments before from racists and sexists and other ilk like that. It is the same mentality. You feel superior because you don't understand anyone but yourself. You really don't care about children you just care about yourself and had a great opportunity to hate on others while legitimizing it by claiming to care about someone you really don't who got it bad. You just hate dogs but if you came out just hating dogs you would get negative response but if you claim to care about the children while still putting on hate you are seen as A-OK!

    • doglover

      Yes, an awful outcome, however, I have seen plenty of incidents where toddlers and young children pester dogs to the point of no return. I think it is irresponsible for the owner of any dog to assume that dogs and children with immature minds would "automatically" get along just because it looks cute. I have a grandchild who is 20 months old pester my well behaved dogs that they clearly protest. So I have banned the child from interacting with my pets until her mother can teach her to respect their space and to approach the dogs with kindness and when to simply leave them alone.

  • Pitbulls are made by the DEVIL

    Pitbulls are sweet they said…They don’t bite they said…WENT ARE THESE EVIL DOGS GOING TO BANNED? AND WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO LEARN TO DON’T HAVE SMALL CHILDREN AROUND DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • speakinthetruth

      some one should put you down for your ignorance and proof of in breeding . ya daddy is ya uncle too huh? get a fuckin job and stop thinkin anyone wants your opinion . been raising pits for over 35 yrs over 200 dogs not one person bit by my dogs and none of my dogs have ever been put down . mean dogs stem from mean owners . you would never have to worry about my dogs but worry about me because i will defend my dogs to the end …………………………

  • Wildchild1963

    The dogs needed to be put down due to thier aggresion NOT because they were pit bulls. Did none of yous see the story of the toddler attacked by freaking Taco Bell dogs!?! It is NOT the breed!! It is the way the are raised. My daughter got bit by a pit bull when she was little. It belonged to my boyfriend at the time. Put me against pit bulls I thought forever! But then my best friend "rescued" Honey. I tried not to like her cause she was a pit bull. It didn't work. She is the sweetest teddy bear carrying pit bull I have ever met. I walk in the door and must say hi to her (she gets her feelings hurt otherwise and pouts) once that is done she runs to her corner and gets her teddy bear. then she goes and waits for me to sit in chair where she promptly becomes a 80 lb lap dog until I leave.
    She is this way because of my friend. She is loved and very well taken care of and not abused anymore.

    • Bilbo

      ummm…being attacked by a taco bell dog (extremely racist comment btw) is a little different than A CHILD BEING MAULED TO DEATH BY A PIT BULL. all of you APBT apologists are the same. "but my little Snookums wouldn't hurt a fly…blah blah blah." "all dogs can bite…blah blah blah". "nanny dog nanny dog…blah blah blah" no sh!t all dogs can bite, but there is a difference between being attacked by a chihuahua and a pit bull. if you cant comprehend that, you have more problems than i can probably imagine. so live in ignorance if you want, but expect no sympathy when your child or loved one get their face ripped off by your little "honey". case closed.

      oh, and if the owners never taught their dog to attack small children, then i wonder where it learned it from. watching TV perhaps?? playing violent video games? oh..no one taught it to attack?? but it still did?? couldn't be the dogs fault…..durrrrr!!!!!!

      • ImaginAries

        It isn't that different (And it isn't a racist comment- she didn't imply that the dog was a certain race of person- if you're at all familiar with the "Taco Bell Dog" you'd know they're talking about chihuahuas, which one was used for advertising Taco Bell some time ago. How is this racist? You're an idiot). Any dog that shows aggression and attacks can kill a small child. Mauling is mauling, it doesn't matter what type of breed the dog is. Of course, the media would only rather hype up murders and injuries caused by bully breeds, playing into the propaganda that these are the only 'dangerous' types of dogs. I feel sorry for the poor baby that was killed, and for the parents. Losing a child is never easy, and I wouldn't wish that on anybody no matter WHAT the cause is.
        These dogs may have been provoked somehow, or were never properly trained, and perhaps putting them down was the appropriate thing to do. How about some blame for the babysitter who was clearly not doing his/her job by supervising the child that was left alone with the dogs? Regardless of if you have the most docile dog no matter the breed, you should NEVER leave a small child unsupervised with it. Dogs do not know how to communicate like people, they rely on their mouth and teeth and body language, and small children are oblivious to the warning signs.
        All the same, do not condemn an entire breed for your lack of education on them. Pitties are GREAT dogs when they have proper ownership, training, and socialization. ANY dog can attack, but leave it to the media and other breed-illiterate folk like you to hype up the dangers of a Pit or bully breed. Fear-mongering and brewing hate only makes you look less informed.

        P.S.~ Your handle is an insult to Bilbo's character. You'd do better with Wormtongue.

      • Bilbo

        actually, it is extremely racist, as she used it in a derogatory manner which insinuates that only Mexicans have those types of dogs. Taco Bell was wrong in their advertising strategy in the first place, but that still doesn't make wildchild any less of a racist.

        Let's see…how to respond to your generic rebuttals. Hmm, you failed to answer any of the questions that I posed about how a dog which was never taught to maul a small child to death somehow learns to do so. Can you explain that to me? An aggressive animal is very different from an animal that can ferociously mangle someone. And what about all the adults that have been mauled to death by pit bulls? Wouldn't they be able to see the warning signs? Two children have been mauled to death this week by pit bulls. An advocate for pit bull rehabilitation was mauled to death in Pacifica, California a year back or so. If you can honestly say that all of these animals that have attacked and killed have been abused and taught to maul people to death, then you are the most clueless person in the world, outside of Obama.

        But I digress, of course your precious pit bull will never have any of these issues and never be violent… (cough) .

        P.S. Bilbo was a vastly intelligent man who understood the dangers around him and was not oblivious to common sense. I believe my moniker is spot-on.

      • Tired of the Morons

        ummm…being attacked by a taco bell dog (extremely racist comment btw). Really, evryone knows the breed type when you say it that way. Your a an F'ing idiot. I bet your the first one in line at the racist comment line.

      • Bilbo

        oh..so that makes it ok if everyone knows it. everyone knows what a N*gger is, so that must be ok to say as well by your logic?? FAIL

    • richelleleanne1

      Every one of the owners in these stories claim their pit bulls were the sweetest most loving dog ever, nobody would have ever expected them to attack, who woulda thunk it, etc. etc., right up until the day their dog killed somebody. It's not the way they are raised, it's the breed. If you have a pit and it hasn't attacked anybody YET, count yourself lucky.

    • steph

      i have the sweetest pit bull as well, but he also doesnt like fast moving things like children. he does snip at them. keep up the ignorance bc your friends is so sweet

  • Kate Johnson

    Second child this week killed by pitbulls,I know,people say it is not the breed,but whenever you hear of stories of people being mauled,its always a pitbull,

    • sandra

      Kate, other dogs can maul a child or old person, but Pit Bulls kill. Please, don't bother trying to argue with the Pit Bull apologists, they just think they're cute wittle puppies who need a good home. Defend yourself and your family when you see one.

      • love not hate

        I should defend myself from your extreme ignorance and idiocy. You haven't met a single pitbull and know little about them and also don't know the story here because they didn't give any factual evidence to support their claims of pitbulls.

        The media will pick someone or something and use that whenever something bad happens. They don't care about facts they want sensationalism because that drives ratings. The dog could have been a shitzu or a golden retriever or not even a dog and they would still blame pitbulls because it is easier and drives ratings. Why find out all the facts when you can just post anything and idiots like you will believe it. People like to be spoon-fed so they don't have to think because apparently thinking has become a chore.

      • sandra

        I live in a city and meet them all the time. I cary a knife in the park when I walk with my kids because of PB's who's owners let them off leash and can't call them back. A child in a neighboring county had her THUMB GNAWED OFF last week by a PB.

    • Speters

      Because they report stories of labs and other family dogs attacking people even though it happens. I have had many pit bulls and if you raise them to be loving and don't abuse them then they will not hurt people its just the news grabs every chance they get to report pits killing or injurying humans and other animals because people want them banned. I am not a ghetto trash that loves killer dogs I am a high class woman that loves dogs and treat them with respect. If you abuse dogs yes they will be killers just like if parents abuse their children they will turn out with evil issues and want to shoot up schools!!!!! My pitbull was terrified of my taco bell dog.

  • NoPitbulls

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean when is the last time you heard somebody getting mauled and killed by a golden retriever, Labrador or rottweiler ..I have experience with pit bulls and one thing i can say is they will turn on you ..sorry to all the its not the breed people ..but these dogs were bred to kill ..its in their nature that's their purpose .i know too many people that have had them they start off sweet and end up biting and hurting someone in their life time …

  • Know your facts

    Actually if you check test and statistics Labs bite more people than any other dog a year. The media just chooses to spotlight pits b/c its an easy target for them. Dogs are just as at their owners are they take on the some personality traits. Just like kids the bigger question is when are we going to stop pointing fingers and making excuses and make someone pay for the consequences of their own choices. There again as well though you should not have a toddler younger than 4 around any type of hyper dog. Dogs do no like when you get in their faces its taken as a threat or challenge. Kids that age or going to go straight for the face every time. The ignorance shown of how people fall right in the news is frightening.

  • steph

    they used to be called the Nanny dog. those dogs are long gone….all the inbreeding that has gone on made the good pitbull obsolite. those good pitbulls do not exist. these dogs need to be working dogs and not kept as family dogs

  • marcy

    Who heard this and knew what kind of dog did it. who knew pit owner would say pits don’t do this. if its in the training wow who training pits to kill kids.

  • Stop breeders!

    It is ridiculous hearing some of the comments here, it reminds me of comments people made towards those of another race or sex or sexual orientation. It is the same exact thing attacking someone else because of prejudice and hate generally onset by complete ignorance.

    Not once did they actually make any factual reference to pitbulls, they simply said two pitbulls and left it at that. Generally people blame pitbulls because they are an easy dog to target because there are a few scumbags out there that train them to be aggressive and violent. Many of these cases the dogs are not pitbulls but that is sort of the generic term used when something bad happens.

    People use and abuse dogs and then blame the dogs it is disgusting but we have a history of that. We will blame anyone so long as we don't blame ourselves. We love to hate others that are different, we thrive on it because it is easier to hate than to learn and understand.

    I doubt most of you have met a single pitbull or even know much about pits other than what the media and hate groups feed you. I see these same behaviors in white nationalist/power type groups they will hate on other races or nationalities without knowing anything about them beyond what their leader or group has told them. I make these comparisons because I see you haters all the same, the same ignorance, the same blindness and the same spew.

    I love pitbulls I know several pitbulls quite well and I have been nose to nose with a few of them and I can tell you they aren't aggressive because guess what…THEY ARE RAISED IN LOVING HOMES AND NOT EXPLOITED!!!!! You teach someone violence they will grow up and be violent if you teach them love, they will grow up and not be violent.

    One final thing if we are to follow the logic of blaming pitbulls, I say we start killing teenagers because there have been so many teens that have gone into schools and shot up the place. We should also kill everyone who drives a car because they kill people all the time, in fact we should just wipe out our entire species because on a daily basis we eat, wear, kill animals and humyns for our selfish purposes. Now of course this is all if we follow the logic of all pitbulls are bad because of a few stories with little factual information and some hate machines blaming breeds instead of breeders.

  • Mojito

    I feel bad for the child and parents, unless you were there and know how those dogs were raised and the factors that contributed to this end, it's hard to say how this came to be.

  • Damion

    Dogs are not like humans they don't just go out and kill humans. They would have to have been taught aggression by a human first. Humans are the real killers. Dogs are pack animals. There is an order in the pack. The pack leader is respected regardless of how mean and abusive the leader is to the dog. This teaches the dog that aggressive behavior is normal. The dogs in turn see it as being ok to act like the human towards others lower in the pack or to different pack members if the need arises as they see it as necessary. My daughter was bit in the face by my dog. She had to have reconstructive surgery to repair the damage from the bite. The incident would never have happened if I didn't teach my dog that it was ok to be aggressive by smacking her when I she did something wrong. I as a dog owner didn't know any better at the time. My daughters injury was my fault not the dogs. Breed doesn't matter it is how you socialize with your pet that determines their temperament.

  • Booka

    That is not always the case. There have been pitbulls who were beloved family pets who have killed children in the home. A family in New Jersey for one. It took them 17 years to have a child, and at 11 months old their "beloved" five year old pitbull killed the baby right in front of them. So your comments aren't really relevant. Even a pitbull raised in love can turn on it's owners.

    • LuvAnimals

      This can happen with any dog when you bring a child into the home after the dog. You have to "introduce" the baby to the dog. Many babies have been attacked by dogs because of the parents naivity. Obviously, you are naive as well to animal behavior, which makes your comment irrelevant.

  • Facts people, facts!

    Just so everyone is clear, the video and article have no factual basis for their claims of any pitbull involvement. The story is short and doesn't say much so there is nothing you can really say here because you have nothing factual. All you have is some text and a slightly snowy house with two garages, hardly a good basis for fact.

    The earth is flat, Bigfoot is real, you eat 7 spiders a night and Elvis is still alive! Also I am selling bridges real real cheap just call Jenny @ 867-5309

  • LuvAnimals

    Of course I was not there, but this sounds like a case of dogs protecting their territory and/or not being socialized/raised with small children. This could happen with any breed of dog. I adopted a dachshund that was abused and abandoned. He has come a long way in the two years I've had him, but there are certain situations in which he still bites. I know perfectly well he could not be trusted around small children (nor could the children be trusted not to do the things that would make him bite, like push him, tug on his ears, etc…), so he is crated on the rare occasion I have a child in my house, or on a leash by my side where I can monitor the interaction carefully (because he is quite friendly and loves attention, just leary of some actions.) You need to know your dog.

    • monica salgado

      I agree, pitbulls in general snap, regardless of wat they have been taught. Nice or not the dog has always & will always be a danger to children of ANY age.Danger to owner as well. IF U LOVE UR children GROWUP, and keep pitbulls away from ur CHILDREN. Better safe than sorry.

  • lea

    would you be surprised if a untrained hunting dog went out to the field, and hunted? you shouldn't be…thats what they're BRED to do. thats what WE have bred them to do. a pit is just doing what it does naturally. this is why they exist….we created them, and bred them for hundreds of years to do exactly what they're doing. there probably are nice ones, and all the ones who have attacked their owners were nice to…until they snapped. stupid people….good grief.

    • CVF

      Any dog, however raised, has the potential to attack/kill/maim. From a hygiene point of view why on earth would you want your child in a house where there are dogs? Personally I can't stand them, and I don't even like being around people who have animals, because I've seen them pet them let them lick their hands and then either prepare or eat food. Disgusting!!

  • Rachel

    Ughhh – I hate to hear stories like this —First, any dog has the potential to bite and kill a small child. The most recent infant mauling in VA involved a jack russell terrier. I am a neonatal nurse practitioner and a dog lover. We have two pit-bulls, a boxer and a staffie. I would not trust any of them around a new infant – not because of their breed, but because none of them have been properly trained or introduced to babies. I would not trust ANY dog around an infant, and I counsel new parents at my hospital to do the same – no matter if their Fluffie is a pit-bull or a poodle. Dogs are prey animals, and a crying baby is nothing more than a moving squeak toy, UNLESS they are taught differently. The strength of the prey drive differs not only among breeds, but among each individual within a breed. Factors that need to be considered with each individual dog include: the prey drive, the prey behavior (i.e. does your dog rip apart toys or carry them around), the dog's experience with children (if he has bitten or snapped at children before – big red flag!), his fear responses (when faced with a stressful situation, does the dog crouch, tremble, snap, hide etc), and his tolerance to unusual experiences. Parents of newborns often ask if they can bring home an item that smells like their new baby. Sadly this is often the first step to "training" the dog to its new pack member. Parents then give the blanket or hat to the dog to "play" with – which absolutely sends the dog the message that anything associated with this smell is a toy. Major fail! Expectant parents need to start training their dog to boundrys and limits (i.e. the baby's room and things {crib, stroller} are off-limits, unless they are invited in by a big human) Dogs are no different than small children – they need love and limits, they need proper education and training, and they cannot expect to always behave when they are overfaced. With very rare exception, observant, patient and educated humans make good parents of all babies, no matter what their breed, or species.

  • Amy

    My prayers go out to the child, his family and the owner of these dogs. What a tragic loss. The cruel comments directed at the parents are cruel and unfounded.

  • Vettech1

    I am an Animal Health Technician who specializes in Animal Behavior. If you would do some research, Pitbulls are a breed known for their great loyalty BUT also known to quickly turn for the worse at any moment. It's in their blood and due to so many backyard breeders, the breed will only get worse. Yes, there are reports of Labs, Chihuahua's, heck even Golden Retrievers attacking and injuring children and adults BUT Pitbulls are a more common breed for this. You could have a Pit shown nothing but affection from birth on up and it could still turn on you at any moment. They are called "Bully Breeds" for a reason. They are also known as a hunting and working dog. And as an avid animal Lover BUT a mother of a 14 month old myself, you best believe I'd put these dogs down in a heart beat! Pits just don't stop after one bite, they maul and continue to rip apart their victims. So say what you will but this poor child was defenseless and didn't have to die!

    • VetTech

      I'm a Vet Tech and from what you wrote you are either lying about your profession or you didn't receive the proper education. For being a specialist in Animal Behavior you sure have your facts wrong. Most of what you have said here are lies. Pit bulls do not just turn on people, where did you come up with that? They aren't known as a hunting dog either. If you're a real Vet Tech why do you spell pit bull as one word? It's two… hmm, I would think a Vet Tech would know better than that! Liars on the internet, what a surprise! Pit bulls are actually very loyal, loving dogs. They don't just "turn" into monsters like you stated above, and they do not always maul and rip apart their victims… they CAN stop at one bite if they do happen to bite. It's all about the owners. Bad owners= bad dog. Get your facts straight before you post stupid comments like this.

  • Jason Hall

    I own a Pit Bull and let me say as a responsible pitbull owner, that was a very vulgar and cruel crime those pits rendered to the child. Second, My utmost respects goes to that child family. Those dogs should have been put down due to there aggression but just like a child learn from their parents dogs learn from their owners so i blame the babysitter. Also if you know you are babysitting someone elses child you should be responsible and put your dogs up! Everyone wanna say they dog dont bite F*** that they got teeth they bite. i have mixed emotions about this situation the dogs were just doing what they know but they shouldnt be able to be with gen. population if they are agressive and the owners of the dog should be prosecuted and the family of the victim i feel very sorry for you they should award you with millions not that that will bring your son back but its the least we could do lets start beingresponsible dog owners. !

    • Breedism is the pits

      You don't sound very responsible "those dogs should have been put down due to there aggression" One you know nothing about the dogs and you don't even know if there was dogs or what kind of dogs they were because no factual evidence has been rendered.

      You have no idea what happened to the child because again no factual evidence has been shown. The child could have been provoking the dog or hurting the dog or something else could have happened you have no idea yet you are claiming it was vulgar and cruel what the dogs did in your mind (no facts remember). If the dog was protecting themselves you couldn't say anything about vulgarity or cruelty because you obviously don't know what was going through the dogs mind and probably don't truly understand the dogs.

      You also want to just throw millions at people, for what? Why not throw those millions to taking care of dogs in shelters and helping stop breeders and dog fighting and go beyond just dogs and companion animals to stop all forms of exploitation to animals. You could also use the money to fund better education so people don't grow up ignorant or for hospitals. A baby is not worth millions, there are plenty of them out there looking to be adopted or being born to selfish parents who feel the self entitlement to breed more. If the parents should be lucky enough to get any money it should simply be to cover funeral costs. I don't see a need to go beyond that.

      If we want to be responsible lets stop ALL breeders, let's stop exploiting animals for any reason, lets stop considering animals as our property to own and let's start treating animals as we wish to be treated. Start teaching respect and compassion for all and not hate. Violence against violence is never a responsible thing.

    • love not hate

      It says pitbull type and that doesn't account for the media calling dogs that bit someone a pitbull even if they aren't. Also it doesn't account for how the dogs were raised. Any dog could top that list if some were breed for violence more than others.

      My friends have two very loving American Pitbull Terriers (one has a little beagle and possibly some other mix) who I have been nose to nose with and not worried at all and they have a cousin with a Poodle who is on the dangerous dogs list. You cannot blame the breed for something brought on by our involvement.

      Humyns breed and train dogs to be violent, however not all humyns do that so we cannot blame a breed because of a few horrible scumbag humyns. I could raise someone to be loving or violent and that doesn't mean everyone else in that breed or species is violent. Some parents raise kids who become serial killers, that doesn't mean all kids are serial killers it just means some are raising their kids wrong and that is what needs to stop. We need to be loving and kind to all and quite possibly things will be better.

      I should re-note again as I have done before that no factual evidence has been rendered by this article so you have no idea if pitbulls were even involved because they have nothing to back up their claims and as stated earlier the media will frequently use pitbull as a generic term to mean whatever dog bit someone even if the dog is clearly not a pitbull when the facts have been presented.

  • anon

    Here’s another statistic from

    38 U.S. fatal dog attacks occurred in 2012. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 600 U.S. cities, pit bulls contributed to 61% (23) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up less than 5% of the total U.S. dog population. Together, pit bulls (23) and rottweilers (3), the second most lethal dog breed, accounted for 68% of all fatal attacks in 2012.

  • Larry

    You people who are so quick to blame the owners are idiots. What selfish behavior to defend a breed that has shown time and time again to be unpredictable and deadly. Same thing over and over, a pit bull kills someone, most times kids, and right away the brain dead crowd of, "Oh it wasn't the dog's fault, it's because the owner raised them that way". How many times does the owner say that their dogs were well behaved and had never been aggressive with anyone until they attacked and killed someone. Why don't you, who are so quick to defend the damn dog get in contact with the woman who owned the dogs that ended a young life and see what she thinks of the breed now!

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