Quinn’s budget to call for education cuts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will unveil his next budget proposal in Springfield Wednesday.

The plan increases state spending, but there are also some significant cuts.

The governor is expected to call for a 3 percent funding cut for education. That will take $278 million away from day to day operations of schools and universities. Funding for early childhood and college grants will remain protected.

Quinn has said that the cuts in education, and other operations, will be necessary to help pay off pensions.

His budget proposal will not include any new taxes, fees, or programs, but it will boost funding to go toward the state’s pension deficit.

Any new revenue coming into the state will go toward pensions.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the governor also has a plan to pay down the state’s backlog of unpaid bills.

The comptroller’s office estimates those bills to total almost $10 billion. Details on how Quinn would pay that down were not released.

The governor also reportedly has plans to close what he considers corporate tax loopholes.

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  • Faye

    This is deplorable. Some high school graduates already have a hard time getting into college because of their lack of knowledge, yet there are going to be cuts to education? How is that supposed to make any sense to anybody?

  • anonymous

    In what sense does it make to take money from education, to fund somebody else’s habits? Let’s be honest we know that maybe, just maybe, some of this money will go to pensions. But I’m willing to bet that majority will be pocketed.

  • Salomon Montalvo

    If need money how about reducing pay cuts l. For government employees there’s so many employees that don’t do anything but treat people bad. Every time I go to Richard Daley center or any government facility I see somebody behing miss treated by some employee security or clerk but never fails. And I’m sick they should hire some people that really would appreciate a job. Also there is money but the higher officials are taking it by getting undeserved bonuses or raises. also Every federal and state employee should take one hour pay cut nationwide. I would give up one hour of my paycheck every week if it was necessary. But only if it was set up as a special fund and maybe go somewhere we don’t need to cut education funds. Our tollways make a lot of money. Secretary of State raise fees , don’t tell me there is money .. That’s a joke

  • kirby1414

    And how about ALL the $$$ that everyone in Springfield spends on their staff, offices, travel, etc. Why is that never CUT??? Take away everything but the essentials – -These overpaid idiots can certainly do their 'assistant' duties – – When I watch them during a vote – they are all wandering around chatting – Do we pay them to chat or to work? THEY NEED PAY AND SPENDING CUTS — immediately! THey are a bunch of overpaid, underworked jackholes!

    • Brian Millersmith

      Definitely. If – by the way – you're a student, you are living PROOF that there needs to be a change. There shouldn't be an apostrophe making the word *teacher* possessive. Plural of teacher is teachers, not teacher's. That indicates one teacher owns something.

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