Elderly Frankfort Square woman kidnapped at gunpoint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Will County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the kidnapping of a 69-year-old woman from her home in unincorporated Frankfort Square.

Investigators are looking for three men who used a dark or possibly gray colored four-door sedan to kidnap the terrified victim at gunpoint.

“It’s a shame that happened to her because she’s a sweet lady,” neighbor Gene DeLuca told WGN.

Investigators say the victim had just returned to her townhome on Chestnut Court around 10 p.m. Monday when a gunman walked up to her driveway and ordered her out of her car.  He forced her into the car driven by the gunman’s accomplice.

They drove several miles to a nearby Bank of America branch, forcing the terrified woman to give up her ATM pin code.  Will County Sheriff’s police have not said how much money the men withdrew from the ATM.

After a harrowing ride through the south suburbs that lasted a couple of hours, the men dropped off the victim near the intersection of I-57 and 167th Street in Country Club Hills.

Aside from a terrible fright the victim was physically unharmed.  She was able to find Country Club Hills police, who alerted the Will County Sheriff.

The kidnappers tried to use the victim’s credit card at a Walmart store in Crestwood.

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  • Dan Shanahan

    Just 3 DUMB PUNK THUGS But Im sure when they get caught be a slap on the wrist. Remember Obama just released 2000 inmates in Arizona because not enough Money yet he sent 250 million to the MUSLIM Brotherhood over in Egypt. Add to that over a BILLION Bucks in Tanks and Assault weapons yet he wants to ban them here in USA OBAMA is a THUG just like these 3 PUNKS!

  • Lala

    Start requiring all customers to show I'd on all purchases and fine any salesperson that doesn't follow the rules how can a male use a female credit card with no question asked. Stop presurring salespeople to make quotas in order to get raise.

  • kirby1414

    This is sad – – Frankfort is a lovely community – many people I know have moved there, because of the fear of what happened to this lady. You don't have to watch your back in Frankfort, and apparently these gangster tools know that as well…How far to people have to move – to get away from the ganster, thieving, mudering tools??? What's it going to take??? All of Cook County to move to Indiana?? This is just awful – –

  • 14th Gen American

    If you want to get away from these kinds of thugs……….resegregate America. It's obvious, people are just too kind to admit it. Just think: no more worry about walking down a dark street at night!!!! They can stay here, just not near my house or wallet.

    • kirby1414

      That thought hadn't occured to me – – It's a GOOD thought…Can you imagine walking around without being worried that someone was going to rob, assault you??? Like it used ot be – – before?!?!?!

      • Guest

        lets ask our government to segregate " Amerikkka" and while youre at it,lets ask them to STOP the drugs from pooring into the poor communities ,increasing the crime rate and hopelessly and foolishly thinkng that it won't reach the "Blue collar" communities. Not saying that its Right what they did….And the Government's need to definitely get a hold on all of the CRIME that transpires in all of the city and states of America but seperating one bad apple from a lesser bad apple is not the solution……"Keep Hope Alive!!"

  • Mr.B

    Segregate, hmm…you guys DO mean, good people with good people, and bad people with bad people, right? Seems to have a bit of a racial undertone.

    • 14th Gen American

      Yes, …..good with good – bad with bad. But there IS a race that is constantly doing crimes. So they should NOT be allowed within a "good" community boundary line. You want peace?!?! Then crack as many eggs as it takes to get it! It is a good thing I'm not in politics.

    • Peace444

      I commend you , Mr. B. You exude patience and urge the taking of a higher road.
      It's really sad and frustrating that the hillbilliots don't even try to hide their ignorance and hate anymore (they used to, at least it was "less ugly" once upon a time).
      On the upside, their ugliness comes in handy (If you can't set a good example, be a loud, hazardous warning).
      I show these comments to my children and explain: "We don't live in towns like this because we didn't want you playing with their kids and running the risk of growing into racist adults, passing the ignorance onto our grandchildren…"
      The cycle is breaking, Mr. B. The hillrods are dwindling, wait and see. :)

  • Tired of the Morons

    Chimps again, now there's a surprise. When are the rest of you going to take your ignorant youth and beat their brains out of their heads and educate them on how society works?

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